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Trousers like all other dress materials have an interesting beginning and history. The origin of trousers dates back to the upper Palaeolithic period where figurines reveal an interesting fact that people were seen wearing trousers to cover the lower part of the body. Historians and archaeologists extracted mummies from the Yang Hai cemetery which is located in the country of China and shocked to see mummies wearing trousers. They came to the conclusion that people who lived during the 13th and the 10th century BC wear seen wearing trousers below their abdomen. Even rock carvings and artworks of Persepolis carried the inscriptions of men wearing trousers. 

From this one can conclude that Mens Dress Pants are not something new to the world and are worn right from the medieval period by ancient men who lived in the forest, mountains, and valleys. Like other dress materials even pants styles have changed with every passing year and the trousers that you see in the market are completely different than what it was during ancient times. 

It is imperative to note that Mens Dress Pants that were once worn by adults to protect their body from the ill-effects of UV rays and external perils are now worn as fashion apparel. Mens Dress Pants that were worn by ancient men had only pockets and buttons and nothing more or nothing less. But the Mens Dress Pants that you see now in the retail market and online shops are stitching using glitzy materials and fabrics. There is evidence to prove that styles, patterns, designs, and colors have changed through every passing year and this trend will only continue in the future. 

Why fashion dress pants are in huge demand?

A few decades back adult men used to wear Mens Dress Pants only for official purposes and not for all types of festivals, occasions, and ceremonies. Modern men broke those dress codes and are showing interest to wear dress Mens Dress Pants for all types of functions, festivals, ceremonies, family gatherings, and formal meetings. Adult men are showing interest to buy dozens of dress pants from the market to wear them for all types of events and ceremonies that may occur during the whole year. 

There is a huge demand for Mens Dress Pants because these types of outfits accentuate the look of the wearer and bring them to the forefront. It is worth noting that the dress pants are worn along with formal suits, tuxedos, blazers, sports jackets, and overcoats. Unlike before ultramodern men prefer to wear lengthy, tight, and readymade dress pants that come from branded companies like Mantoni, Tiglio, CalvinKlein, Hardwick, and so on. Men who hold higher positions wear branded dress pants along with suits, coats, jackets, and other formal business attire.

They get that aristocratic feel and stylish outlook when they wear dress pants and suits. Interestingly, dress pants come in varieties of fabrics like wool, cotton, polyester, and polyester mix. You can wash dress pants regularly and wear it after drying it under the sun. You can find wrinkle-resistant dress pants in the market that come with durability. 
Bridegrooms consider dress pants as wedding attire and wear it with confidence during their wedding ceremonies. It is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn during summer and all the other seasons comfortably and hassle-free. You can also find casual dress pants that can be worn during parties and casual meetings. It comes in regular and slim fit styles and you can choose the ones that come close to your heart. 

How to choose the best dress pants?

When it comes to Mens Dress Pants there are myriad choices, unlike other regular outfits. Listed below are the critical factors that you have to consider seriously before buying the best dress pants. 

  • Size and style of the dress pants

If you are planning to purchase readymade Mens Dress Pants then you should take into consideration the size of the dress pants. You can find dress pants that come in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. If you are lean or come under medium body frame then you should buy small or medium and if in case your tall and stout then you have to buy XXL, 3XL, or 4XL dress pants from the market. You should also check your hip size and choose the right piece of dress pants that covers your legs and extends till the feet properly.

Office goers or men who wear varieties of formal belts regularly should buy Mens Dress Pants that come in white, blue-red, brown, and green. When it comes to Mens Dress Pants style there are plenty of options like the ones listed below.

  1. 22in wide-leg slacks
  2. Pleated dress slacks
  3. Flat-front slacks
  4. Tuxedo pants and so on.
  • The fabric material used in the pants

Manufacturers use varieties of fabrics like velvet, wool, linen, polyester, satin, corduroy, and so on and they are still introducing varieties of fabrics and popularizing their brands throughout the world. The cost price of the Mens Dress Pants varies from fabric to fabric and materials used. If you are a quality conscious customer then you have to buy costly dress pants like wool, linen, and corduroy. If in case you are living in hot and tropical zones, then you should buy cotton dress pants and wear them regularly to the office and other places. 
Cotton dress pants sell faster than other types of quality pants since they absorb sweat quickly and also dry much faster. You can dry it under the sun for a few hours and reuse it hassle-free. You will understand the benefits of cotton pants only when you start wearing them. 

  • Pattern and color 

The latest pattern that is gaining popularity in western and eastern countries are listed below.

  1. Solid dress pants
  2. Plaid dress pants
  3. Floral dress pants
  4. Houndstooth pants
  5. Paisley pants
  6. Checkered pants

Dress pants come in a multitude of impressive colors that will delight you a lot. Some of the favorite colors are listed below.

  1. Black
  2. Brown
  3. Tan
  4. Green
  5. Gray 
  6. Purple 
  7. Burgundy
  8. Blue
  9. Orange 
  10. Yellow

The choices are infinite and the ones listed above are popular among young men especially teenagers. 

  • Wedding or bridegroom pants

If you are readying to tie a knot with your fiancĂ©e then you have to show extra care while buying dress pants and you should explore the wedding collection category carefully before taking the next course of action. There are two types of weddings like an indoor and outdoor wedding. If you are planning to conduct your wedding in churches, wedding halls, or auditoriums then you have to explore formal pants suits for weddings and choose pants like premium quality regular fit formal and business flat front dress pants. It comes in colors like black, charcoal, gray, navy, and white. 

If you are planning to conduct your wedding outdoors like the beach or estates, then you should explore the beach wedding collection category and buy premium dress pants without hesitation. If you are planning to buy a unique dress pant that comes with stylish embellishments and details like:

  • Super 140s wool fabric
  • Italian fabric
  • Premium quality slacks
  • 2 pleats, quarter pocket, and straight leg cut

Then turn towards the best online e-commerce dress shops and explore the reputation of the seller and reviews before taking the next measure. Gray pleated slacks unhemmed unfinished button dress pants will go well with a light gray or blue dress shirt 

How to wear stylish dress pants for occasions?

Elite, as well as ordinary men, will get that upscale look when they wear pleated dress pants, full-sleeves dress shirt, and lengthy ties along with leather shoes for wedding, proms, formal and semi-formal meetings. If you are planning to wear white dress shirts for the interview or other formal meetings, then you should pair it with black dress pants and black leather shoes. Always make it a point to wear belts that matches the shoes. 
For cocktail parties, Friday and weekend gatherings you should wear loafers along with dress pants and dress shirts and create a positive impact inside the party hall. Mens Dress Pants come in varieties of sizes, colors, patterns, and styles and you can choose the ones that give you that mental satisfaction. 

Types of dress pants that are gaining momentum throughout the world are listed below

  • Zipper dress pants
  • Pleated dress pants
  • Slash dress pants
  • Slim fit and
  • Wide leg pants

Men who are readying for evening dinner with higher officials and guests should follow proper dress codes. They should wear formal blazers, tuxedos, and suits and complement it with stylish dress pants. Americans wear black dress pants with a white dress shirt. 

For dating the men should wear pink or violet dress pants with gray color shirts and complement it with best shoes and casual belts. Women will fall in love with men who wear violet or pink dress pants and give them maximum respect. 

If you are planning to replenish your dressing wardrobes with a new set of clothing then buy dozens of violets, black, white, brown, and gray dress pants from the reputed online shops and stock them safely inside the wardrobes. 

Size matters a lot when it comes to dressing pants and they should sit exactly on your hip and hug it properly. If you are planning to wear checker dress pants, then you should complement it with a plain jean type of shirts or other plain shirts. You should never wear checker shirts along with checker dress pants. 

Never buy unbranded or inferior quality dress pants since they will lose their sheen within a short period. They may also shrink, fade, and lose their quality when worn continuously for a few weeks or months. On the other hand, branded and quality dress pants will come with a guarantee and warranty. If in case you are unhappy with the color or material, you can replace it quickly. 

How to choose the best online shops?

Dress pants are always a favorite choice for adult men especially guys who have sexy body structure, fair skin tone, and impressive face. Do not rush to the nearest shops and purchase colorful dress pants without exploring the pros and cons. There are certain critical factors that you have to assess and analyze before buying them and they are listed below.

  • Reputation and reliability

There are hundreds of online and eCommerce shops that sell wide varieties of fashion dress pants at a reduced rate. You should do maximum online research and survey and find out the sellers' reputation, credibility, morality, and popularity, and based on the derived inputs you should take the next decision. 

  • Discounts and deal

You have to find out a reputed online shop that offers a reasonable amount of discount on all the products. You can save a lot of money when you buy dress pants from the shops that offer the best discounts and coupons. 

  • Delivery methods and replacement warranty

There are plenty of branded online eCommerce shops that offer free express delivery to domestic clients and also offers a replacement warranty or guarantee to damaged products. Find these types of business houses that follow the best business and delivery standards. 

  • Reviews and testimonials

You should always explore the reviews and testimonials published on the sellers' website thoroughly and check whether there are any negative feedback or comments. If you find any such negative feedbacks, then leave that site and do further exploration work. 

The difference between suit pants and dress pants

Dress pants that you see in the retail or online shops can be worn with formal dress shirts. These types of pants have deeper pockets. Suit dress pants that come with shallow front pockets are highly formal and worn with suits or blazers. 

Is there any difference between trousers and pants?

Both trousers and pants are the same with some minor differences. The trousers have belt loops and are more formal than pants. Men, women, and kids living in England especially in London call inners and briefs as pants.