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Mens hats are without doubt making a comeback right now and the mercury level shooting up only aids the process to fasten. Mens hats aren't anything new when it comes to menswear but for some time it took a backseat as the new trends started to roll in. But with the functional use on the side, mens hats are making a comeback as a fashion accessory and proof for this is the recent fashion shows. The runway models are nowadays mostly seen wearing a headwear of some type be it casual or formal. Although this may seem very convincing most men are not okay with the fashion and still avoid it like a plague. We agree that the headwear fashion is not easy to pull off but mind you it isn't very hard either. If you are one among the men who steer clear of the style and think that is only for a certain group of men then this article is just for you. This article is dedicated for timeless fashion of mens hats and for the tips on how you can rock the fashion without embarrassing yourself.

Now. Mens hats. As we said before mens hats aren't exactly a recent fashion and men were fond of it for centuries before deciding to the ditch the style. So before we delve into the details let us see the history of this famous accessory which fell out of its glory with time. Mens hats weren't only worn as a protection but in older times it used to signify the status of the wearer. While we in the present time mostly would have been used to baseball caps and hoods, it would have given our ancestors a proper heart attack to see us in this age. The men at that time were used to dressing up and as a compulsory accessory wore mens hats all the time. Now the hatless period is not anything new but at that period the hats had a competition unlike today. Wigs widely replaced the hats and this was during the eighteenth century. Though the hats soon claimed their rightful place and in the 19th century there came more number of mens hat styles than it was ever before. Some of theses styles are the ones we still have now.  The first known mens hat may be ones made of leaves or most probably pieces of leather. There is no definitive proof but it is only a common deduction because the main occupation of men at that time was hunting and also there weren't very good shelter at that time. The first evidence of the men wearing hats is the painting on a tomb of a man wearing a straw hat. The first great breakthrough in the history of hats is the discovery of felt. This became a turning point and there are different stories claiming that different places are the origin for the great discovery and thus none of it is definitive.

After the discovery of the felts the mens hat production started to increase and that meant more and more men wearing hats. The business flourished especially because of the fact that soon the men who wore hats were regarded as high class men and also of good status. This soon extended to a great deal and soon every men who went outdoors were required to be wearing mens hats. This was regarded to be the proper style and anyone not wearing the hats were frowned up on. Thus this was the peak of the mens hats style and this soon saw a decline with the advent of the war. The wartime with it brought the scarcity of the raw materials and so the production became slow and also the everything expensive. But after the war the style again saw the rise. The introduction of the transportation like cars and motorcycles is what majorly contributed to the demise of the mens hats. The low height of the cars and also the hassle of it to prevent it from flying off is what made the mens hats to be less worn. Also when the cars with covered tops came into use the purpose of hats to protect the wearer from sun and rain became obsolete thus making them to go out of style.

Now with having covered most of their history let us go into the important styles of mens hats that have managed to stay relevant even during the modern times. Knowing these styles and their basics will help you decide on a style that suits you and your wardrobe the best.

The first style is the most classic one which is called the bowler hat. It was invented by the Bowler Brothers in 1849 and can be characterized by the dome like crown. This became a popular style at that time when people were looking for a more close fitting, low crowned hats that couldn't be easily blown off by the wind. This style was commissioned by one of the most famous London retailer Lock & Co and the Bowler brothers even only later found that the customer was the brother of a Earl. It is said that the customer threw the hat on the ground and jumped on it to check its durability and strength. Only after seeing that the what retained its shape after all that he was convinced of the quality. This design of hat was considered to be the most famous style throughout the 1800s and even managed to remain in popularity for the first half of the 20th century. You would have seen the style extensively used in Hollywood movies. It is a pure English style mens hat and was very popular among the working class men and also before that among the upper class men like bankers and politicians. It is also said that a notorious street gang called the Plug Uglies!! used this style extensively and this was because of its sturdy design. If you need proof of the hat's sturdiness these menwere known to use this mens hat to avoid head injuries during the fight. Now if you are  planning to get this classic style then it is important that you dress properly for it. A double breasted suit and a bowler mens hat with a rugged accent would do the job.

Next in the list is one of the styles you would have mostly heard about if you even have a little interest in the mens hats department. The Fedoras and Trilbys. The both styles are somewhat similar in build with some details changing. What sets apart the Trilbys from the Fedoras is that they Trilbys have a shorter brim and also the brim is slightly curved upwards in the back. These two are one of the most famous and timeless piece in the mens hats style. They were invented around the early 1890s and remained to be a popular choice till the 1960s. After that they dropped in popularity and this was like others due to the advent of the motorcycles and cars. But what sealed the deal to their demise was when John F Kennedy took his presidency without wearing a mens hat. This made the men dropping the mens hat style and Fedoras suffered the great deal from it. In the recent times the Fedoras are making a comeback thanks to the TV shows and films which come out whose storylines are set in the 1930s when the Fedoras and Trilbys were at the peak of their existence.

As for a accurate detail Fedoras feature a wide brim, a indented crown and a band or ribbon wound around the base of the crown. Both the styles are usually made of rabbit or beaver felt and are available in soft and hard varieties. What made the Fedoras and teh Trilbys widely popular was their small build and compact design. This made them comfortable to wear even when travelling in the cars since the low crown was not the problem whole entering and exiting the vehicle. The slight upward curl was a also a good thing since it didn't obscure the driver's line of sight. Also Hollywood helped a great deal in increasing their popularity with the films featuring the mens hats most of the time. The fact is that when the Fedora started out they were preferred by women while the bowler hats were the prominent ones when it came to men. The Fedoras became. popular among the men only by the 1920s with the Trilbys following it closely.

As for Fedoras in recent times it is one of the best pick to be paired with the formal wears. They are available in varying widths and colors but it is best to stick with the classic one with a neutral color. If you are thinking of getting this style then try to invest on it properly. Good quality ones retain their shape for a long time thus giving you a elegant look and also lasts for a long time. As for wearing it with casual outfits wear it with its brim tilted up so that you get a cool look.

The boater hat is one of the with flat crown, flat brim and circular profile. These mens hats are more on the casual side when compared with Fedoras and Bowler hats. It is mostly made of straw and is the classic summertime pick . They have their origin from Italy and was known to be worn by the Venetian gondoliers. They remained popular from the 1880s till the 1940s and as like many other hat styles started dwindling in popularity after the Second World War.

This is one of the ideal pick of mens hats recent times. These mens hats are lightweight and breathable thus making them a comfortable pick at the summer times. The thick felt mens hats aren't berry suitable for summer since they tend to make the wearer sweat more and thus create a uncomfortable feeling. This is what makes the boater hat the most famous pick for the summer season and this mens hat style has managed to be popular one even in recent times in many parts of the word. Even today if you visit the beach on a sunny day you can see the people running around and chilling in these boater hats. This means that these hats are the best to be worn with casual styles like with shorts and t-shirts.

There are many more styles of mens hats like the formal ones like the Homburg hats, Porkpie hats, Derby's and also the casual ones like newsboy caps, baseball caps and the flat caps. Discovering the right style works wonders and helps you look dressed up effortlessly. The hoods and the caps that extend covering the neck also are in style but they do not properly come under the mens hat styles.

As for rightly wearing the mens hats that fits your style here are some tips that may help you. One of the main thing that helps you look great in your mens hat is coordinating the hats style with your face shape and your facial features. If you have a reversing chin then it may be best for you to go with hats with medium crown and slight pinch. But if you have chiseled features then you can go with hats with slight pinch on the crown and a deep snap. This features highlights the chiseled features of your face and makes you look good. If you have a round face the n go with stronger build of hats and a medium crown height. Larger brim also helps and therefore Fedoras and Homburg hats are a good choice.

As for the body type if you are on the larger side then you must go for hats that have a larger build so that it matches your stature. If you are short then go with hats that have higher crown or pinched crown so that it creates a tall look. Also try contrasting tone hats go for a more prominent style.