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When we talk about shoes most of the time people think about the calfskin leather shoes. This is because of the fact that these shoes are the ones that are easily available and they are the ones that we have in our wardrobe. But when you want to differ from the usual crowd then you have to give the mens exotic shoes a try. If you are new to the shoes world or the one who does not care to venture into details chances are high that you would have not heard about the mens exotic skin shoes. In that case read the article further since we give you all the details that will help you get an idea on what to look for when you decide to go with the mens exotic shoes option.

Black Oxford Shoe For people who don't know mens shoes are also like the usual leather shoes but they are made of leather from rare animals which makes them expensive when compared to the calfskin leather shoes. The exotic leather for these shoes include alligator leather, ostrich leather, snake skin and many more. The mens shoes will make you stand out from the crowd since they have a unique look. It has a rich look which will make it look like the accent piece of your outfit.

There are a lot of styles mens shoes and you can select the one that suits your taste best. The varieties start from the most formal ones like mens exotic oxford shoes to the casual ones like mens exotic loafers and mens exotic boots. This makes it easier for the people to choose the mens shoes since there is a choice for everyone regardless of their taste. For people who are wondering why you need to go with mens shoes when you have a perfect pair of usual leather shoes then the answer is already there. The calfskin shoes are most definitely usual and if you are in a board meeting then chances are high that most men in the room are going to be in black calfskin leather shoes. When you go wearing a alligator mens exotic black shoes for this meeting then it helps you gain the authoritative look that you would need to increase confidence.

Navy Belvedere Shoe The mens shoes are classy and sophisticated and thus will make your outfit look still more catchy. The unique bold look of the mens shoes will give you to the confident look and thus when you are in doubt or want to look dressed up for any event then you should go with the mens shoes.

The mens shoes are also comfortable to be in even if it is a new pair of shoes. The high quality mens shoes are soft and flexible to wear. Despite their softness the mens shoes are also highly durable since the shoes are mostly handmade and the extra care that goes into the production helps a great deal in the durability of the shoes. These handmade mens shoes are carefully designed and the stitches in the shoes are perfectly done. The sole and support of the mens shoes will also be made in a way so that the wearer feels comfortable while wearing the shoes. The mens shoes also wear easily but when you take care of it in a right way then they become more comfortable with age.

While getting the mens shoes you will have to make sure that you get the right one since there are a lot of fake shoes in the market. There are a few characteristics that distinguishes the mens shoes from the usual leather shoes. While the usual leather shoes like calfskin leather shoes will have a smooth consistent look this is not the case with most of the mens exotic skin shoes. These shoes will have a unique look that consists of the grainy look because of the skin of the source animal. This look of the mens shoes varies with the animal from which the leather or skin is got from.

Alligator Dress Boot For example if you are going with the mens exotic alligator shoes it uses both the scale portion and the belly skin for creating the shoes. Alligator mens shoes are the most sought after shoes when it comes to shoes style. The soft sleek portion of the alligator shoes are made from the belly skin of the alligator whole the back scaly portion is used for creating the desired aesthetic look of the shoes. There are different grades of alligator mens shoes available and the quality of the shoes changes with each grade. For example the grade 1 alligator leather shoes are the best ones you will get in the market. Thus while getting the grade 3 alligator shoes make sure that you check for the quality since it will also have a lower price. The pattern on the alligator shoes should also be checked. For example you can see that the pattern on the alligator shoes can never be perfectly identical but when you go with high quality shoes they will try to match the pattern of the two shoes to a certain degree. On the contrary the mens exotic cheap black shoes will use machine printing for the patterns and thus most of the patterns on them will be perfectly identical. Thus you will have to observe closely to make the right pick. The alligator mens shoes are also widely known as gator mens shoes. Since the alligators are rare animals the price of these shoes will be expensive.

The next popular choice in the mens shoes department is the exotic crocodile shoes. These crocodile mens shoes are less expensive when compared with the alligator exotic shoes. The crocodile flank skin shoes should be of proper contour and thus you will have to check it properly. The flank scale shapes will be round in shape but in full skins the flanks will be of different shape in different parts.

The lizard exotic skin shoes are lesser known type of mens shoes. If you are a person who likes the slender look of the shoes and consider the alligator skin to be bold then you can start out slow with the lizard skin exotic shoes. The mens exotic lizard shoes will give you a sleek look that is conservative and close to the usual leather shoes. Another great advantage with these shoes is that they are lower in price when compared to the alligator shoes and crocodile shoes. So if you want a pair of mens shoes but in a affordable cost then you can go with lizard exotic skin shoes.

Snakeskin exotic shoes are another choice when you need a sleek look rather than the bulky ones like crocodile exotic shoes or alligator exotic shoes. But the difference of snake skin exotic shoes when compared with lizard exotic shoes is that the former tend to come in eye catching patterns while the latter ones are subtle. Thus the mens exotic snake skin shoes are for the ones who love to stand out from the crowd and don't mind doing it in style.

Other than these there are also choices like elephant leather mens shoes, ostrich mens exotic shoes and many others. There is even anteater exotic skin shoes and each have it's unique properties. For example the elephant leather shoes are incredibly durable while the anteater exotic shoes feature a diamond shape pattern that is different from the scaly ones of alligator shoes and crocodile skin shoes. Exotic Camel mens shoes are rare and thus it will be hard to get your hands on one. The camel exotic shoes are scratch resistant and give the shoes a little bit of texture. The resistance of the camel skin to extreme climatic conditions will help a great deal with the making of the shoes out of its leather. These camel exotic shoes mostly come in tan, desert orange and caramel colors. If you like a shiny pair of shoes then you should try out the eel mens shoes Brandy Mens Shoes After you choose the right type of mens shoes for your taste make sure you style them right. It might be an overdo when you style the mens shoes for your regular day at office. These exotic shoes tend to garner attention and thus it might be a better choice to style them for special occasions like board meetings and important dinner events. While there is nothing wrong with wearing the mens shoes as daily wear note that these shoes are delicate and can wear out easily when compared with the usual leather shoes. Thus you will have to handle it carefully and choose wisely the events for which you are going to wear the exotic skin shoes. For example if you are attending an important business presentation and want to look confident and authoritative then you can choose to wear the mens shoes with your business suit. Other than this the exotic shoes tend to perform well for the dressy atmospheres like award events and dinner events. For a business dinner event or a wedding you can easily pair the high quality mens shoes with formal garments like tuxedos or suits.

As for some styling ideas of the mens shoes here are some that we think will be best to try out. For a dinner event where you are required to show dressed up you can choose to go with the formal mens shoes. If it is a formal one like black tie events a pair of black Oxford mens shoes paired with a black tuxedo would be a perfect choice. For a little more classy look you can also try out the whole cut mens shoes.

Derby mens shoes are less formal than the Oxford mens shoes but are considered to be a stylish choice. For a little more detailed look you can choose to go with brogues. This hole detailing in the shoes is the one that was originally introduced to drain water from the shoes but later was converted to be an aesthetic detail. Other than this you can also go with mens exotic monk strap shoes. These shoes will not have the usual lacing design of the oxfords and the derbys but will have one or two straps in that place. They are also considered to be a formal design and thus if you are bored with the laced shoes then give monk strap exotic shoes a try.

Green Crocodile Shoes Now when it comes to casual use mens dress loafers are the best choice. You can wear them with both formal and casual clothing and thus can be a versatile addition to your collection. Mens boots are another style that is most preferred by men who take fashion seriously. There are different types in mens boots and you can choose the one that would aid your style.

The quality of the mens shoes is the one that you should keep in mind while selecting the shoes. Since the price involved is relatively high make sure that you get the shoes that are worth the money you pay for it. Check for the quality of the leather and the strength of the stitches on the shoes. The lining on the mens shoes also can indicate the quality. The mens shoes with high quality full lining will perform better than the half lined low quality shoes.

If you are still in doubt then you can simply go with the branded mens shoes or the designer mens shoes. Some of the well known ones are the exotic mezlan mens shoesand the exotic Belvedere mens shoes. These brands are well known for the quality and the innovative designs of the mens exotic shoes that they offer.