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As the mercury level starts to drop, the worry of stocking up your wardrobe for the chilly season starts to overwhelm the mind and thus you now may be thinking of going for shopping. Now before you go on a shopping spree you will have to know some details before you make your choice. Most of the mens garments that we have now in recent times have been in use for a very long time. That means that it has evolved with the man all these years and also managed to stay in use regardless of the changes concerning the man. And all this had resulted in the evolution of garments and therefore there are a lot of styles in these winter garments also. And therefore before you go for shopping for these garments you will have to know the styles available and only after that you can make a good judgment of the one that you want one that matches your style and taste.

Mens coats is one of the most staple winter garments in the mens wardrobe and that means when shopping for those you will have to take care about choosing the style that best suits you and at the same time derives the most of the money that you spend on it.

If you not aware of it, the mens coats come under the category of outer wear and hence can be only worn over the outfits if worn properly. The mens coats can be worn at any time of the day over any outfits be it formal or casual. While they can be worn at any season they are mostly used in the winter season. This is because of the fact that the mens coats have the main purpose of protecting the wearer from the cold and winds. Because of this the mens coats are often made of thick garments like wool, fur and tweed which has the best insulation properties. These materials work the best for the winter garments since they trap the body heat inside and thus keeping the wearer warm regardless of the freezing temperatures on the outside. Now these thick garments because of this can turn out to be stuffy and suffocating when worn in the warmer months.

But unless you have been living under a rock you would have noted that the overcoat fashion has taken over the fashion world over a great degree. You would have seen a increasing number of men on the runways and red carpets donning on the overcoat styles. Also many younger people have started donning the style even during the warmer months of spring and even spring. Now if you are thinking about the stuffy and inconvenient comment that we made earlier then for these warm months you will have to get the coats with lighter thickness.

Mens coats are often confused with topcoats but there is a subtle difference to both the styles. As we said before the mens coats are made with thicker materials but the topcoats aren't like that and they are made with lighter materials like cotton and linen. The topcoats are therefore mostly used for warmer months and is not that good when it comes to winter season. If you already have an overcoat and you are fixated on the fashion of the mens coats then you could go with these topcoat fashion so that you don't have to sweat much. Another alternative to the mens coats in the warmer season is getting mens coats with lesser thickness. When getting these mens coats you can wear these overcoats with layers in winter times and simply on during the spring season. You can also go with unlined overcoats for lesser thickness. For warmer needs then you can go with lined overcoats like with quilted lining which offers more warmth.

The best advantage with mens coats is that you can don on the style and look dressed up effortlessly. When the mens coats look great when you wear it with suits or even tuxedos you look proper and makes you look great but at the same time you will still look great when you wear the mens coats with the casual clothes even when you wear them with jeans and t-shirts and this is exactly what makes the mens coats special in mens fashion.

Now coming back to the shopping the first thing you will have to note while.going for purchase of the overcoat is the fabric from which the overcoat is made. As said before the mens coats are available in different materials such such wool, fur, cotton, linen, tweed and also in blends of these materials. So for determining the fabric of the overcoat that you are purchasing you will have to consider the purpose for which you are getting the overcoat. If you are a person who likes to have an array of garments and separating them according to the events for which they are designated or by the seasons then you have a wide choice to choose from. But if you are a one for all coat type of person then you will have to think a lot before making a decision.

First of all we will talk about the one for all type mens coats. For this type it is always advisable to go with wool mens coats since it is the most versatile fabric out of all others. About 90% percent of the mens coats you see in the market will most probably be of wool fabric. What makes this fabric so desirable is the readily available characteristic and also its durability. Also the price of the fabric is reasonable unlike the luxury ones like Cashmere. Also the weaves available in wool are many and this allows for variety in the making. Since the fabric is durable and also comparatively cheap they are the best ones to get for daily wear which is the one that is most required by all generations. Also the wool may not be waterproof exactly but is capable of holding a lot of water and thus can protect you to a certain degree when it comes to unexpected showers. We still haven't progressed to a stage where we have a neat collection of mens coats separately for different occasions and for most men one or two mens coats does the job thus making the wool overcoats popular. Also the wool mens coats come in varied thickness and thus is best to be used as fashion wear too. You can get one with less thickness using it with layers in the winter and then using it as fashion wear in spring and summer.

Now if you are looking some other fabric from wool then you can go for Cashmere. Cashmere is a luxury fabric and is more comfortable and softer when compared to wool. Cashmere is a good pick if you want to go with a fabric that you need to go with for special occasions. We already is said that Cashmere is a luxury fabric and that obviously means that the fabric is expensive. This fabric is not that durable like wool and hence can easily wear out in major places like cuffs and collars. Therefore it is important that we use these mens coats with proper care and with proper maintenance you can make the coats last for a long time. Thus Cashmere mens coats are only a good pick if you have mens coats designated for different uses and already have a coat that is for daily use.

Other from the wool and cashmere there are many other fabrics when it comes to mens coats. If you like cashmere but do not like to spend that much then you can go with wool and cashmere blends. These blended mens coats combine the best of both the fabrics and also comes at a lower price when it comes to pure coats. Other from these you can also get other fabric like tweeds and shearling which are rare and also man made ones like rayon and polyester. The problem with man made fabrics is that they are not that durable like the natural ones and also the quality is not that good.

After you select the favorable fabric the next thing you will have to note is the style of the coats. There are two basic styles when it comes to mens coats. Single breasted coats are the best when it comes to versatile use. Single breasted coats look great with both formal and casual style of outfits and thus is the one that is most preferred by the younger people. Even in most stores you can see only the single breasted styles of coats available in display. You can wear them with suits and also with jeans and t-shirts and still look equally good. The next type is the double breasted style. This type of mens coats are the most formal type of coats from the two. They are to be worn buttoned fully and it is best to be worn with only formal suits like business suits and tuxedos. It instantly gives you a air of authority and elegance which is needed for these formal settings. The difference among the two styles is that the double breasted styles are thicker than the single breasted styles and also have two rows of buttons while the single breasted mens coats only have a single row of buttons. So if you are a person who suits up on a daily basis then it may be best for you to go with double breasted coats. But if you are getting your first coat then we advise you to go with the single breasted overcoat since they are the most useful and also helps you get the most out of your existing wardrobe.

As for the length of the mens coats there are two basic styles - full length ones and 3/4 lengths. Full length mens coats usually reach the knee or sometimes extends a few inches below it. The 3/4 length is shorter and reach only the thigh. They usually come in lengths that reaches the top of the knee and sometimes a few inches above it. As there is no ideal length of coats you will have to select the one that best suits your height. Tall men should always select the full length coats while the short ones can go with the ones that properly reach the knee. Otherwise you can go with the basic style of the mens coats like for trench coats they mostly come in full length while the styles like peacoats always comes in short lengths that ends at the top of the thigh portion.

As for the size of the coat you should select the one that should fit your body type the best. If you tend to incorporate layers into the coats then go for a size bigger. For formal mens coats and ones you tend to wear for weddings you will have to go with coats that are one size bigger than your jacket. If you are a large and tall men then go for big and tall sizes like XL, 2xl, 3xl and 4xl. In our site you can get big and tall sizes that is very rare to get in most of the brands and shops while you can also get the small and medium sizes.. The thing that you will have to note when buying these big and tall sizes is the sleeve length. Make sure that the sleeve length reach upto the start of your wrist since only then if you wear these mens coats with gloves it can give you the best protection against cold.

The last thing that you will have to consider is the color of the mens coats. If you want to wear the coats with both formal and casual outfits then you can go with classic colors like navy, black and grey. If you would want to go with casual coats then you can go with lighter and brighter colors like red, green, tan, beige and many more.