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If you are a teenager reading this article chances are high that you are already stressing about your prom attire and is on a hunt to get the right article that tells how to dress perfectly for the night. You have come to the right place and this article is solely dedicated to help you find the right prom attire that fits you and also impresses your date. Now stressing about is normal since most men and boys are not used to think out the clothing before they wear it. This is why it is easier for girls and women to comfortably shop and pick out outfits without stressing about it. So it may be the right time to think about it and start paying some attention to your daily styles.

Now the first thing you will have to do while picking out the prom suits is to allocate the time. Last minute shopping has never been known to do any good and this is because of the fact that stress and last minute never works good together. So make sure that you go for prom suits hunting a week before the event and earlier the better. If you are lost on what to do then it may be best to ask the opinion of someone older to you or even your fashionable aware friend. Or if you are confident enough it may be best to ask the help of your date especially if you two are close. This is because of the fact that this event is one of the most remembered one in your lifetime and even though now it may be silly it can be not so silly in the future. So dressing perfectly for these events is always required since you will most probably get pictured left and right by your parents and those photographs will live for a long time. Now if you are going to fool around that night then this may live for generations of fun making so it is best to go perfectly dressed to avoid these anomalies.

Now for a little history how did this interestingly wide spread event start? The word prom is short for promenade which refers to the formal parading of the guests at any event or a party. This fun tradition can be traced back to the simple co ed banquets that were held as the graduating or send off party for the graduating classes in the American universities. This culture have been in effect since the 19th century and has evolved into what we see now. They were first held in banquet halls of some well known hotels. But after the advent of the war, due to cost cutting actions they were shifted to be held in the school gymnasiums which is the practice we have held on till today. As for the students as time evolved schools started copying the university traditions and the growing teenage culture only pushed it to go younger and younger and by the 1940s the adolescent dance fashion that we have now had fully taken hold. It gained its phenomenal importance when by 1975 the President Ford's daughter Susan helped host the prom party at none other than the White house itself.

Till date the tradition of teenagers dressing up in prom suits and dancing the night away with punches containing more than simple punches has thrived well and even have successfully spread to other parts of the globe. It may be now ironic to hear that the prom tradition was first introduced by the universities and schools to promote the student's social etiquette and manners.

Now coming back to the prom attire the first basic thing you will have to decide is to go in a prom suit or a tuxedo. If you don't know already the basic difference between the  prom suits and prom tuxedos is the satin. In a tuxedo the jacket lapels are faced with luxury materials like satin or grosgrain and the same material is seen running in stripes along the legs of the tuxedo trousers. This is what basically sets apart tuxedos and prom suits and tuxedos are considered to be more formal option when compared to prom suits. As of 2020 there are no strict rules that restrict the student to wear either prom suits or tuxedos to a prom night so the choice is yours since they are both widely accepted options unless the dress code of the event mentions strictly black tie in the dress code. If such restrictions are in place then you will have no choice that to go dressed in a black tuxedo. But if you have a choice and still if you want to go with the traditional, luxurious look it may be better for you go dressed in a nice tux. It is a old school classic style and also helps turn heads and all for right reasons. Now if you decide on a tux it may be best for you to go with the classic black one since it is one of the most foolproof choices when it comes to tuxedos. If you aren't a very formal person you can go with other dark colors like navy or midnight blue since the dark colors are the ones that work good for evening events.

The next thing if to get your own tuxedo or rent it. Since you are a teenager and the growth spurts won't be completely over the best option for you may be to go for rentals. But the fit is what matters the most and thus it may be best to get a off the rack tuxedo that fits you properly. But if you are thinking of your budget and still sticking to rentals then have them altered so that they fit your body shape. You don't need to show up in your date's house like you are dressed up in your granddad's tuxedo.
Now if you aren't that into formal styles then you can go with prom suits for your prom night. Prom suits are indeed a good choice since they are modern and also easy to accessorize. Also the fact that prom suits are the most versatile among the two is one added benefit. Now if you are getting your prom suit you can wear them to any other events like your college interviews and graduation which may not be the case with tuxedos. If the event is less formal then you can also go dresses in a pair of pants and a fancy blazer. The main idea is that you should feel like yourself and feel confident and comfortable while wearing the prom suits or tuxedos and thus you can go with a suit or blazer or tuxedo anything that suits you. As for prom suits there are many styles to choose from and we advice you to choose prom suits that you would feel comfortable to be in since proms sometimes can be day long events. Also there is another reason why we constantly emphasize on comfort. Proms involve a lot of dancing and going in a ill fitting suit definitely is the foundation for disaster. So try to select the prom suits wisely so that you can through the day without any possible hitches in the plan.
Now the basic thing to ensure that the prom suit which you wear is comfortable is the fit of the prom suit. There are many fits when it comes to prom suits - skinny, slim, normal being some of those. As for a teenager the best option is to go with skinny or slim fit of prom suits since they are the ones that are currently in trend. Make sure that the prom suits fits you properly without it being too tight or too loose since you do not want to look tacky. Choose the prom suits such that you are in par with the prevalent trend and fashion of the time.

The next thing that matters the most while selecting the prom suits is the color of the prom suit. If you are going for a formal subdued look then it may be best for you to go with classic colors like black and dark blue. These colors are one of the most foolproof ones for prom suits and ensure that you get through the night without any hitch. But expect to atleast see a dozen of your classmates or schoolmates dressed in the same color prom suits. If you aren't very concerned about the idea of twinning with your friends then you can go with these classic colors for prom suits without any second thought.

But if you aren't too thrilled to be walking around in the same type of prom suit like the rest of the hall then you will have to be confident enough to try out new styles and colors of prom suits. You can stray away from the safe options of prom suits and go for little out of the line colors like the light shades that offer you a subtle difference from the classic colors. The next safest option for prom suits from the classic ones is the lighter shades of blue, grey and navy. If you want to go a step further then you can go with the bright shades of more exciting colors like red, green, blue and pink for prom suits though we advise against these prom suits unless you have the required confidence to pull off these colors. If you are going with the lighter shades of the colors another option for you is to incorporate patterns and prints into these prom suits that can make you stand out in the crowd of solid prom suits and tuxedos. Fashion world have widened and as such the mindset of the people. So the main thing to keep in mind while dressing up in prom suits is to be yourself and select the prom suits that you feel comfortable and confident enough to wear.
As for the tie, the confusion is whether to decide upon a bow tie or a long tie for prom suits. Now if you are thinking of wearing a tuxedo to the event then you don't really have a choice and bow tie obviously becomes your only choice. This is the traditional accessory to accompany a tuxedo and the tux look is only complete with it. You can wear a bow tie with your normal suit too if they are formal enough. The added benefit with wearing a bow tie is that it flatters the body type because of the big white V neck that is created when the tuxedo or suit jacket is worn closed. If you are going with the bow tie option it may be best to go with the hand tied ones since the clip on looks too fake and can spoil the whole elegant look of the tuxedo making it look cheap. Tying a bow tie isnt a very hectic process and a simple YouTube video will do the magic. If you still aren't very confident then ask the help of the one who knows to tie it properly.
If you aren't a big fan of the bow ties your next obvious option is to go with the long ties for prom suits. You can never wear them tuxedos but they are a good choice to be paired with prom suits. They make your outfit look contemporary and a little less formal thus matching your fun night. If you are thinking of going with the neck ties for prom suits then go with the slim ones and also you can incorporate some light patterns into the accessory thus making it look fashionable and updated to the current trendy stylesof prom suits.

Now one of the most important doubts that boys have about prom suits is to know whether to match with their date or not. It may be better to ask your date for her opinion and then decide on it. If you are thinking of coordinating your prom suits with her's some of the best options may be to match the color of any one of your accessories like bow, tie, vest, cummerbund, pocket square or the boutonniere. Matching your whole prom suits with the color of your date's outfit is a big no no since it may look forced and also downright tacky.