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Product# SS-514 Jean Yves Dress Shoe Wing Tip Two-Tone Tuxedo for Wedding

Product# SS-146 Double Runner Tuxedo Dress Shoe for Wedding

Product# SS-784 Fashion Tuxedo for Wedding, Prom and Formal Events with Wrinkle Free Material

Product# SS-751 Dress Shoe for Wedding, Prom and Formal Events Steel

Product# SS-648 Dress Shoe for Wedding with Wrinkle Free Material Cement

Product# SS-294 Dress Shoe Prom and Formal Events brown color shade

Product# SS-78R6 Dress Boot Fashion Tuxedo for Wedding Liquid Jet Black

Product# SS-R87G Dress Boots for Formal Events with Wrinkle Free Material


A man's fashion sense is often judged by the kind of footwear he wears. Such is the importance of the footwear for men. Dress shoes are the only option that men can consider to wear while wearing a suit. But with fashion industry scaling upwards in trend, there are huge number of styles and designs in men's dress shoes too.

While buying a dress shoe for men, the most important thing that is of prime importance is the size and fit of the shoe. If the shoe is slightly tight or slightly loose, the overall look and style of the shoe will be lost. Hence it is very important that you buy the shoe that fits you right. Shopping for the right sized shoe might also be a task in itself. But at Suitusa, things are easy going when it comes to buying dress shoes for men. Whether you have a small size or a size bigger than usual, you will find it all at

Currently if you are looking at buying men's dress shoes from sizes 15, 16, 17, 18 or 19, you can browse this category of men's dress shoe. You will get to buy lot of designs and patterns in dress shoes for men in sizes 15 through 19.

Exciting collection of Men's Suits Online:

Some of the exciting collection of men's dress shoes in this category includes, two toned black and white dress shoe for men, double runner tuxedo dress shoes in black, wrinkle free dress shoes for prom nights and wedding events, completely formal brown dress shoes for men, ankle length dress boots for men etc. you can easily find your dress shoe size if it falls between 15 to 19 in this category. It is always a best option to buy dress shoes that perfectly fit you. There is discomfort in wearing oversized or undersized shoes. In order to avoid the discomfort we sell size wise shoes specifically ranging from 15, 16, 17, and 18 to 19. Our dress shoes are made from fine leather fabrics that are long lasting and stain resistant. You can also find wrinkle free leather made dress shoes that will be durable and less prone to wear and tear. The sole of the dress shoes that we sell is fully lined to render total comfort while you wear the dress shoe.

Suitusa is a leading dealer in selling retail men's clothing. You will find many other types of dress shoes for men too. We also sell cowboy boots, motorcycle boots, biker boots, exotic skin boots, sneakers and much more in men's footwear section. You will find all size options as well as color options with us. Dress shoes for men come in black, white burgundy, yellow, green, ivory and the list goes on. Ranging from the formal to the most funky we have all colored dress shoes available for men in our online store.