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Halloween is one of the most fun holidays known to our mankind. The one day we can move out of our regular boring lifestyle and dress like miscreants and roam the streets freely with our loved ones without care of what others would think. Another one time where you get to dress as per your imagination is the costume parties. Now while all this may be fun to hear some men do have some contrasting views on the holiday in that matter. Some argue that dressing up for the occasion is unnecessary stress on a fun holiday. We agree that it may be true for some men who really dislike picking out the clothes with thought and thus we have created this article so that you would have some ideas on the costume for the day. For these costumes you do not have to spend a long time creating them or picking out accessories for perfecting them. It may be as easy as assembling a set from pulling out garments from your existing wardrobe even.

The first costume in the line-up is the 1920s style. This costume style makes you look distinct and brings out the retro vibe that most wouldn't think of wearing. Apart from Halloween you can also wear them to the costume parties too. This unique costume style is easy to pull off and is one of the best for last minute escapades. When it comes to suits go with three piece suits with wide lapels and high rise cuffed trousers. You can go with thick materials like tweed and wool and also incorporate patterns like stripes and plaids into them. Shirts are the best ones where you can show the costume distinction. Go with narrow striped dress shirts with matching collars. You can go with light colored ones. As for overcoats they must be long with wide lapels. When it comes to the 20s style hats are a must. Go for any vintage costume style line Fedora, Homburg, Derby, newspaper boy hats or Panama. As for additional accessories that enhance the costume style you can add collar pins, wrist watch, gloves, canes and cufflinks.

The main part of the 1920s costume style is the suits that the men wore at that time. Be it at any time of the day or for any purpose like work or parties men always wore a suit. Even men who don't have much of a use for suits like blue collar workers and teen and college men owned hand me down or mismatched suits.

The 2013 film Great Gatsby though not perfectly captures the essence of the 1920s costume style of suits to some extent. The main character of the film Jay Gatsby is a total clotheshorse and he is known to have piles of clothes thus showcasing his wealth and social status. All through the film the costumes that the characters wear are designed in such a way that they perfectly portray the social status of the said character in the film.

What sets the 1920s costume style apart is the material of the suits and it's fit. The material of the suits were lighter than they were used previously and also fit mattered more thus making it a luxurious style at present times.

Next in line is the costume of   one of the most famous film characters of all time. There is a possible chance that most of the men around the world would know about James Bond. The iconic literary and then the film character is well known all through the world. Apart being one among the elite spy squad James Bond is well known for another thing which is his impeccable choice of clothing. There are a lot of articles published daily that gives advice for men to imitate the mans wardrobe choices. The charm and the sophistication which he carries the outfit has been the main statement of his character. Now James Bond costume is a   neat pick when it comes to these costume parties but the thing is you will have to add some accessories to make people find on what character you are dressed as. This is because of the fact that James Bond dressed perfectly as a gentleman and also in a subtle way which is the first requirement of the spy who is trying to blend in to the surroundings. So when it comes to wearing the James Bond style it must be important that you carry the outfit in a confident way and style some features like slicked back hair or a pipe for enhanced appearance. Next thing is that you will also have to be comfortable in the suit since being a James Bond character means that you have to indulge in physical activities like running and fighting all in a suit. Therefore the fit of the suit matters it being not too tight or too loose.

Some of the famous costume styles when it comes to James Bond suits are basic colors like navy and grey. Because of his naval background navy blue is a color that Bond often chooses for his costume. As for the material of the costume suits they are mostly of wool or worsted type. He also in some scenes wear flashier shades of blue but mostly reserved for special occasions. Grey is another favorite of James Bond costume and this may be because of the fact that this neutral color blends in easily with the surroundings and thus making it a perfect pick for a spy. Next thing you can do when dressing as James Bond is to go with a particular style of suit from a famous scene from the movie. For example the black and white sharkskin suit that Daniel Craig wears in the Skyfall which became famous instantly for its modern look. In some scenes he is seen wearing pinstriped suits which can also be a good pick. Also the main advantage of dressing like James Bond is that you can do it effortlessly with only your office suits and may be getting a toy pistol.

Our next costume pick is of the badass hero who fights for his pet - John Wick. With one of the best cinematography and stellar performance, Keenu Reaves looks great in the suits that he fights in. While the James Bond style when imitated perfectly could cost you a fortune John Wick isn't so a pocket draining pick. When it comes to dressing in John Wick costume you might not need to do much and stick to basics to get through the day. John Wick through most of the screen time is seen wearing a black suit in different variations that is. The main thing with his costume style is the fit and it being comfortable enough to do the stunts in.

If you are going with John Wick costume style then keep your jacket single breasted with notch lapels. For better movement you can go with double side vents and higher armholes. The jacket has to have flap pockets and two button front. As for the pants keep it flat fronted when compared to pleated with no cuffs and high rise that allow free movement. The legs of the suit pants must be tapered but should not be too slim to a point that hinders the movement. John Wick goes with different costume styles of shirts in varying colors of white, black and dark grey. It may be best to include French cuffs and cufflinks. In one scene he is even seen wearing a black vest or replacing it with a black turtleneck. The key to dressing like John Wick is to go with black. Therefore keep the details and accessories like shoes, socks, belts and tie to black of the costume most probably like dressing for a funeral. Thus for dressing in a   retired assassin costume you might not need to blow your budget instead sticking to the basics.

Speaking of assassins another one of the best costume idea is none other than our favourite assassin the Hitman. The video game character soon gained an improved status of a movie character. If you are already exhausted and do not want to spend much time on thinking about or deciding on a costume then the hitman costume must be your obvious choice. You will just have to have a black and white suit with the pairing of a red tie. Now if you want to go into details of the suit then most of the time he is seen wearing a two piece black and white suit that has notch lapels. Mostly the jacket has only one button closure but it differs with the version of the game. When it comes to shirt  a plain white cotton shirt with French cuffs would do. Most of the time in both film and the game he is seen wearing a solid red tie but in the game sometimes he is seen sporting a black tie. If you further want to perfect your look you can go into details like black leather gloves, black leather shoes, a barcode tattoo, toy pistol and maybe a bald head.

Another elegant costume you can easily pull off is from again a spy movie - the Kingsman. This film is set in such a way that the elite secret service offers under the cover of equally elite tailor shop thus the suits that the men wear all through the film are impeccable in style and fashion. They are perfectly designed in a way that reflect their lifestyle and their character. There are many characters of importance in the film and for putting on a costume you will first have to decide on one character that fits your choice. When it comes to imitating the Kingsman style the main thing is to select the styles one which you will look sharp and elegant. Most of the suits the men wear in the film are double breasted with 6 X 2 arrangement of buttons. As for the fit it is always a slim fit with the jacket tapering at the waist with high armholes and soft shoulders thus giving it a modern look. As for the trousers they are of slim fit thus offering enough movement. The jackets are adorned with peak lapels and are wide to give a masculine broad shouldered look. As for the fabrics of the suit all of them are made of high class fabrics like wool, silk and mohair and their blends and sometimes they are seen rocking patterns like pinstripes, window panes, Prince of Wales check and plaids too.

Now along the line comes one.of the style legend whose styles remain relevant today even after decades - the one and only James Dean. He was the symbol of youth rebellion at the time and even after his untimely death is still remembered with fondness. Now if you are thinking of imitating his look then the main thing you will have to remember is to keep your style simple and practical. The main statement pieces of his wardrobe is his leather jacket and denim. At his time unlike the old times where dressing up showcased your social status suddenly dressing down became the trend. James Dean was a icon of his time and when imitating his style make sure to concentrate on the fit. The outfit that you wear should be fitted closely to your body just hugging your form. Some of his other popular styles are bomber jackets, knitwear and jumpers and blazers. At last another one of the cool costume idea is of the Blue Brothers. The classic look is easy to to come with and to pull off. You would only need to rummage through your wardrobe and pick out black suit and a white shirt. Now into details stuck with classic black suits with white long sleeves button down shirts and skinny black ties. You can also add a pair of sunglasses preferable Raybans as seen in the movie and following some other details like white socks, black shoes and black Fedoras would be a perfect choice to rock the look.