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For a complete formal look you will have to make sure that you style the suit or the tuxedo with proper combining garments. Mens dress shirt is the first element that is the most essential one to complete the look of the outfit. There are a lot of styles and types in the mens shirts and you will have to know about them to make the right pick that would suit all your need and also your taste. In this article we discuss the mens dress shirts and mens dress ties and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment.

Colorful Shirt Whether be it the formal style or the semi formal style the mens shirts become an integral part of every man’s wardrobe. Even if you are a person who is not much into suiting up you would still have an array of shirts in your wardrobe which you can wear with the blazers and the chinos. Thus knowing about the options available in the mens shirts becomes an important part when it comes to choosing the garment.

Burgundy Shirt For people who do not have a clear idea on what categorises as a dress shirt then we are obliged to explain it to you before we delve much into the details of it. A classic mens shirt comes with a button down front and also has long sleeves which comes with wrist cuffs at the end. The mens shirts are mostly available in cotton but nowadays you can find the mens shirts in every possible fabric available in the market. The mens shirts are also available in every possible colors and also in patterns. After knowing about the options available you can choose the one that would fit your style the best.

When it comes to choosing the mens shirt you should mainly focus on the fit that it comes with. A well fitted mens shirt is an important choice since you pair the shirts with formal garments like suits and blazers mostly. Thus if you go with an ill fitting shirt then it would affect the look of the outfit on the whole. Make sure that you go with the perfect fit of the shirt that will make the garment accentuate your body type. For a perfect fit it would be best to go with the custom made mens shirts or the designer mens shirts. But when you need a cheaper choice then choose to go with off the rack dress shirt choices.

The color of the mens dress shirt and ties that you choose is the most important factor since it is the first factor that will catch the eyes of the viewer. For a classic and formal look you can choose to go with the white mens dress shirt since it is the most versatile pick. You can style the white shirt with almost any colored suit and it would never look out of place. But this is the most common choice and if you want to shake things up a little then choose something subtly different like the light pink mens dress shirts and light blue mens dress shirts. The light color complements well with both dark and light colored suits and you can even wear them to the formal events or to your workplace. When you go with the dark colored shirts like the black dress shirts and the burgundy dress shirts then it gives you a rich and sophisticated look which you can style to the formal and semi formal events.

Beige Shirt Royal Shirt Pink Shirt Black Shirt
Solid dress shirts and ties are the classic styles when you need a formal style but when you want to go with an interesting look then you can try to incorporate patterns. But when you go with the patterns make sure that you style it properly so that the style will not clash with each other and give out a busy look. For example when you go with the patterned suit it would be best to go with a solid shirt and a patterned tie. But when you go with a patterned shirt then keep the suit and tie solid so that outfit looks classy and sophisticated.

Salmon Shirt As for the fabric of the shirt and ties the most popular one is to go with the cotton shirts and ties. The lightweight and Breathable garment will keep you cool throughout the day even when you style it under layers like the suits or the blazers. Poplin Cotton dress shirt could be a versatile choice for the formal events and the casual events. Also cotton being a natural fabric keeps the wearer breathable and it would be a great choice if you are a person who would sweat much.

Other than the cotton shirts you also have the option of the synthetic fabrics like the polyester shirts and ties. You can also go with the blended shirts and ties but they would not be as breathable as the pure cotton shirts and ties. But this would not be a great problem if you work in a place that is mostly air conditioned. Linen dress shirts and ties are very rare since the fabric creases easily and would not be suitable for formal use. When you are styling the outfit for a dressy event then we would recommend you to give the silk shirts and ties a try. The sheen of the fabric would offer you a rich look.

As for the pattern of the shirts and ties there are small scale ones and large scale ones and you can choose the one depending on the look that you need. Polka dot dress shirt ties and striped dress shirt ties are the ones most preferred for a formal look. When you need a bolder look go with the plaid dress shirt ties or the shadow stripe dress shirtties.