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MEN'S 3 PIECE SUIT While it's not a compulsion to keep changing your dressing style often, it is good to see some changes in your wardrobe. Fashion industry but always have a choice to revamp your looks at least a few times a year to look radiant as always. Wearing a proper three pieces suit is all about attitude, individuality of a posh urban style of the wearer.

The collection of 3 piece suit we have has a variety of choices for everyone requirement and taste. Be it a, double breasted vest, lapelled vest or a vest with low neckline lapel we have it all. Color and materials you could find at suits USA are just endless to choose from. Everyone will have a kind of 3 piece suit that will make them look at their best. A three-piece suit is something that can give you an accessory you can wear in combination with other pieces of your wardrobe; they are so flexible and interesting.

Here is why you've got to own a 3 piece suit from Suits USA:

  • 100% authentic high quality fabric
  • Fantastic customizable trousers and draperies
  • Huge range of colors that adds to the choice
  • Sleek stitching for a perfect gentlemanly look

3 Piece & Vested Suits

Vested Slim Suit Looking dapper without much effort is not impossible. A suit can make you look awesome with minimal effort and add with it a vest to make it even more stylish. The vested suits give a man easy elegance and thus it is important to have at least one three piece suit in your wardrobe. We mostly choose the two piece suits since they are easy to put together and we are used to it. But mens vested suits are making a comeback now and thus make sure that you try it out now. Today we will discuss more on the vested suits and how you can style them in different ways.

The vests had been an essential part of the suit in the past but it greatly changed after the world war. People since then had been wearing vests as irrefutable style since they needed the layered clothing to fight the cold and also they considered it to be essential to complete the look of the suit fully. But the government produced the limit of fabric which made the people drop out the inessential garments. The vests were the layered style and people decided that they could do without it. This is how the single breasted suit style became popular. Even when the ban of the fabrics was lifted, most people stuck with the single breasted style since they considered it to be more convenient.

But with time, the vested suit style has been in and out of style. Recently people seem to be quite taken with the style and thus it would be the right time to give it a try. This time the vest is not being used as a protection against the cold but instead as a fashion statement. We now have advanced heating and cooling systems which can help us keep warm even without the layering. But the 3 piece suit style has an appeal that makes it look superior when compared with the 2 piece suit style.

Vested Slim Suit If you have been looking for an outfit that you can wear for the special occasions and you think that the usual 2 piece suit style is boring then you should choose the vest and suit combo. The three piece vested suit is more powerful and offers an unique look that makes the wearer stand out in the crowd.

Convinced about trying out the vested suit style? If you are a beginner, you might need some instructions or ideas on how to get started with the style. In that case, we are the perfect place to look for examples since we have gathered some great three piece suit looks of the Hollywood celebrities for your reference. We hope that this will help you find the look that you are trying to choose.

Josh Duhamel
If you are looking for a simple and cool look that could work for the semi formal events then you could go with the vest suit black and white style that Josh Duhamel chose to wear for the NBA awards event. The man looked awesome in the black vest suit that he wore with a white dress shirt and he left out the tie. This gave the outfit a rugged feel that matched the well built physique of the wearer. He added with the outfit a white pocket square and a pair of dark brown wholecut shoes.

For a cooler look that could add your outfit to the trendy list, you could pair the grey affordable vested suit with a black turtleneck and a grey scarf. For extra protection against the cold, include a dark brown overcoat to the ensemble. Finish off the outfit with a pair of black socks and black leather loafers.

Mens Slim Fit Vested Suit Mens Slim Fit Vested Suit Mens Slim Fit Vested Suit Mens Slim Fit Vested Suit

Post Malone
If you are done with the solid suits and are looking for something different and more youthful then try choosing the attire that Post Malone wore for the VMA awards event. For the event the singer was seen wearing a burgundy striped vested suit which he paired with a black and white polka dot shirt. If you want to duplicate the look as such then you will need a ponytail, black nail paint along with a VMA award in one hand and a beer glass in another hand. He perfectly rounded off the look with the addition of black leather shoes to the ensemble.

Striped suits are the most preferred style when it comes to patterned suits for men. But if you consider it to be boring then you can choose the plaid vested suits. There are different options to explore and you could find the perfect style when you look carefully.

Idris Elba
This man not only looks good effortlessly but also dresses good. For a promotional event that he attended the man was spotted wearing a light grey vested suit along with a white dress shirt and a black tie. Usually we would choose the black dress shoes to round off this look but Idris thought otherwise. The actor was seen wearing a light grey suede dress shoes to complement the ensemble.

Vested Slim Suit This type of look would work for the special occasions where you are required to be dressed formally. For example, if you are attending a formal party them you could go with the vest suit Bow tie variation of the same ensemble.

Ryan Reynolds
The Deadpool starrer looks good in everything he wears but particularly looked awesome in the navy blue vest suit that he wore for an afterparty. The man paired the navy three piece vested suit with a white dress shirt and a navy plain tie. He rightly completed the look with a pair of dark brown leather dress shoes and black rimmed clear glasses.

If you are looking for the wedding vested suits then this would be an easy style to replicate. The navy blue suit can be replaced with something more interesting like the electric blue vested suit or the burgundy vested suit.