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Bulgarians, New Zealanders, Irelanders, French, and Ukrainians are comparatively taller than those living in other countries. Mostly men living in all parts of the world are taller than women. To name a few there are legendary sportsmen and other famous personalities like Wladimir Klitschko, Steven Adams, Grigor Dimitrov, Nikola Pekovic, Niall Horan are Big and Tall men.
It is interesting to note that Irishman and woman's average height is around 172 to 179cm. There is nothing wrong with being taller than others but the only consideration is that they should take care of their health properly. Men who are taller than 6ft are confident, bold, and active. The world is still seeing world-famous athletes, swimmers, boxers, and wrestlers who are Big and Tall. Height and weight matter a lot when it comes to popularity. Legendary stage singers and popstars like Montell Jordan, 2 Chainz, John Lithgow, Darrius Campbell, and Roger waters are Big and Tall men.
Tall men have social stigmas and they generally do not mingle much with short men or women. But you can also find adult men who are taller than six-feet and mingle with lots of short men and women. One should understand that taller men have an advantage, unlike others. They can get noticed quickly, walk faster than others, climb stairs, and do other physical activities much faster than others.
Short men can grow quickly and become tall within a short time when they eat balanced foods and fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals. They should also eat foods and drinks that are rich in Vitamin D. Short guys should enjoy sufficient peaceful sleep at night and do maximum exercises like skipping, jumping, running, and jogging.
Big and Tall men usually shy away from the world and lead a secluded life. Social stigmas and other external influences are the main causes of such types of seclusions. They can easily come out of such social stigmas when they start wearing colorful dresses like Jeans, Suits, Tuxedos, Dress pants. Unlike before Big and Tall men can find hundreds of business and casual outfits that come in varieties of sizes like 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL.

They should educate themselves and buy the best shirts and trousers that go well with their skin tone and height. Adult men who are six-feet and above will get that ultramodern and sexy look when they wear Big And Tall urban-wear dress shirts and formal pants that come with following embellishments and details.

  • Stylish French cuffs with buttons
  • Button-front closure
  • Cotton and polyester mix
  • Reverse black pleat
  • Point collar 

You can wear these types of lengthy dress shirts to weddings, proms, night clubs, and all other events. Long dress shirts come in varieties of colors like blue, black, red, satin, pink, brown, and green. You should choose a shirt that comes with a proper fitting and style. Men who have protruding tummy can hide it naturally and walk with style when they wear slim fit dress shirts and jeans.
How to select the best big and tall outfits?

Men's plus sizes are gaining popularity and guys who are taller than six feet look for stylish clothing that comes with solid embellishments, quality materials, smooth fabric, and classic buttons. Big and Tall dress materials that you see in the retail shops come in varieties of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. You have to analyze your exact requirements before buying the dress shirts or pants. If you have a boulder-like shoulder, expansive chest, V-shaped body then you have to wear the shirts and pants inside the trial room before taking the next course of action.
It is imperative to note that there are certain basic rules that you have to strictly follow when you wear shirts. The shirts that you are planning to purchase should not be too tight or too loose and the sleeves should touch the thumb fingers gently. If you have a flat stomach, then you have to choose slim fit shirts. There are plenty of collar styles and you have to choose the style according to your wishes. Moreover, there are two types of shirts like casual shirts and dress shirts. You should wear casual shirts as weekend wear and dress shirts for wedding, proms, business meeting and other official functions. 

The factors that you should take into account before buying solid dress shirts from the market are listed below.
Size and style

Size and style play a vital part when it comes to Big and Tall dress shirts. Tall and bulky men should wear lengthy dress shirts that come with a bit of space near the chest and armpit area. Narrow down your search and find the right fit that goes well with your dress pants and other accessories. There are plenty of sizes like XL, XXL, 3XL, and 5XL. Extremely stout men should select 3 or 5XL sizes.
There are varieties of shirt types that comes as a blessing for tall guys and some of the favorite choices are listed below

  • Double-weave shirts

You will look presentable and impressive when you wear green plaid checkered or printed double-weave shirts that come with 100% cotton, medium spread collar, and double-layer cotton and other immaculate features. You can complement it with black or gray pants and bring out the best from you.

  • Medium blue French cuff shirts

This is a classic fitting for Big and Tall men who have that sexy and flamboyant look. It comes with a pointed collar, white button, wrinkle-resistant fabric, and grand look. This stylish light blue business shirt goes well with black or ash color jeans and other accessories. You should unfold the sleeves and button the cuff and also wear long dark ties if you are planning to attend semi-formal meetings. Do not forget to wear that sweet smile on your long face. 

  • Daniel Ellissa Two Tone Coral French Cuff Dress Shirt 

Daniel Ellissa is a well-known brand in the country of the USA since they sell hundreds of dress materials throughout the country. You will look neat and tidy when you wear this pink colored shirt. It goes well with black, gray, beige, brown, green, and white color dress pants and jeans. 

  • Button-down oxford leaf green shirt

Green is a natural color that symbolizes fertility and wealth. You will carry that majestic and captivating look when you wear this shirt that comes with stylish details like a cotton material, button-down collar, long-sleeves, and branded buttons and one chest pocket. You need not iron this shirt before stepping out of your home. It goes well with black pants, jeans, and chinos. You can wear it to casual parties and meetings and flaunt with style. 

  • Daniel Ellisa bright black dress shirt two-toned 

This black dress shirt that comes from the house of Daniel Ellisa excels in all the parameters. You will look good when you wear two-toned French cuff black and white shirts for dinner and other formal meetings. You can wear this shirt under a black coat, ties, and accessories.
This machine-washable dress shirt will withstand day-to-day stress and strains with ease. 

Colors and fabric

Big and Tall dress shirts come in varieties of trendy colors like blue, black, green, pink, ivory, white and brown. Men prefer to wear black, pink, and white color since they go well with varieties of suits, jackets, overcoats, sweaters, and blazers. Most of the dress shirts are made using linen, Italy wool, cotton, and polyester materials. Men love wearing shirts that are made out of linen, cotton, and polyester.
Brand names and company reputation

Dress shirts that come from reputed sellers like Daniel Ellisa come with durability, warranty, and highest quality. Branded sellers house tons of dress shirts that come in varieties of styles and colors. You can choose the best shirts that go well with your skin tone and bodily features. 

Are there suits, tuxedos, and blazers for tall men?

If you walk through the high fashion streets you will come across suits, tuxedos, and blazers that are tailored using quality fabrics and raw materials. You should enter the best shop and visit the Big And Tallsection. You can find varieties of suits, tuxedos, and blazers that come in all types of sizes like small, medium, and large. Reputed retail shops will house 3XL, 4XL, and even 5XL suits and blazers. 
If you are not happy with the style and pattern, you can also purchase Big and Tall blazers and suits from reputed online shops. If you are new to the world of suits and blazers click here to find the best online shops that sell branded Big and Tall suits, blazers, and tuxedos.

  • Gray color pinstripe three-button suit for tall men

This lengthy gray color pinstripe three-button suit is fantastic clothing that enriches the looks of the tall men. This fastest-selling product comes with the following details.
- Side-vents
- Notched lapel
- Underarm sweat guard
- Four detailed buttons
- Two besom buttons
- Four interior pockets

You should complement it with a white pointed collar dress shirt, multicolor long tie, black leather shoes, metallics, and other stylish accessories like a hat or cap, sunglasses, and ear studs. Tall guys will look like an experienced detective when they wear gloves and bite a long cigar. You can wear boots, rain shoes, sports shoes, loafers, and leather shoes and sport a rich look.

  • Classic royal long blue fashion zoot 3-piece suits for men

This is again a mind-blowing fashion suit for Big and Tall men who have that autocratic and powerful look. This classic Italian suit that stays aloft in quality comes with smooth crepe, 4 outside pockets, Armani cut, dual pleats, split waistband, single-breasted 5 buttons style, and glossy finish is a perfect fit for a wedding, proms, and all other formal functions. Tall men will sparkle with beauty when they wear this outfit with Blue Fedora wool dress hat, royal blue cowboy boot, mens blue dress shirt, and other accessories. 

  • Two-button wool navy-blue blazer for tall men

Tall guys who are craving to get that celebrity look should start wearing this navy-blue blazer that comes with two buttons, stylish lapels, wool fabric, two pockets, and classic finish. Potbellied men who are six-feet and above will look sexy when they wear this blazer along with contrast color formal pants or trousers. You can wear this blazer to weddings, engagements, closed-door meetings, and all other business meetings. 

  • Leather jackets for bikers and racers

Leather jackets that come in blue, black, brown, and green color are some of the fastest-selling products in the country of the USA and Canada. Tall guys who love biking activities will look majestic and stylish when they wear brown color jackets that come with satin lining, young-age lamb material, stylish lapels, and two pockets. You will get that gangster look when you wear sunglasses, gloves, ornaments, and cowboy boots.

Where can I get branded and quality certified tall men jeans?

Tall men should choose branded jeans that come from reputed companies. They can choose blue, black, yellow, gray, and white jeans that come with the following styles, details, and embellishments.

  • Classic jeans 

Tall and bulky men will get that rustic and authentic look when they wear light blue jeans with gray sweaters and gray shoes. This ultramodern jean has a zipper closure, multiple pockets, and cotton material. 

  • Relaxed fit flex jeans

Tall and stylish men who are readying for dating and flirting will be on the top of the world when they wear this military blue jean along with a striped full-sleeve shirt. Brown color sports shoes will go well with blue jeans. 

Stylish vests and waistcoats for men

Tall men should wear ultramodern three-piece suits and create a positive impact in the wedding hall. They should exercise caution while choosing vests or waistcoats. Some of the best vests that go well with suits and tuxedos are listed below.

  • Ferrecci Purple microfiber 3-piece vest 

This branded vest that comes with shiny fabric, V-neck, adjustable back, fully lined, polyester fabric, and other stylish embellishments are a perfect fit for all types of occasions. 
Tall men can also wear gold and brown vest, shiny burgundy vest, pink, and other colorful vests for functions and festivals.