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Tuxedos are undoubtedly the best when it comes to mens formal wear. This tuxedo fashion is not a new fashion and have been in the industry for a long time. But still now be it for any black tie events or for any gathering of special importance there is no other better option than a tuxedo. This is because of the fact that the tuxedo is the best option when it comes to elegant and sophisticated look in mens fashion. Also it is one of the most foolproof options in which you can get through any event without much effort.

Now though this is one of the safest option there are only several number of men who actually own a tux in their wardrobe. We have seen men panic at the last minute seeking out for decent tux to get through the event unscathed. This is exactly we advice that every man should own a tux of their own but if you are still a student and one who very rarely uses a tux then you can go with the obvious cheaper option of renting out a tux. But we are to warn you beforehand that the rented out tux will give you a look that is miles far from the ones you look in the magazines. Also if you are the last minute type of person then renting out might not work out much. So it may be better to own one and it might not be that hard like you think. Thanks to the evolving fashion world and technology to aid shopping has never been easier. Everything is just a click away and within a snap you can get any styles that you want, be it the James Bond tuxedos, Kingsman tuxedos and many others.

Tuxedos are no new fashion to you since you will mostly probably have seen it repeatedly used in special events in your families. Even though if you are not directly acquainted ( which is near to impossible) you would have at least seen in the screen of your TV. Thanks to Hollywood the style has been romanticized to a great degree. Still in all those bling events and the award shows all your favorite celebrities go for this elegant style of outfit.

All this aside if you don't know already what makes the tuxedo from the normal suits is the details incorporated in it. The basic difference between the two is satin in the tuxedo. The tuxedos have lapels that are faced with satin or grosgrain. Also this material runs as stripes in the sides of the tuxedo pants on the outside ends. This is a famous style that has been in style for a long time. This was first introduced so that the hems of the trousers are not shown on the outside so that they create a full finish. They are still sometimes used in military garments to provide the perfect finish.

The tuxedo are considered to be more formal than the normal suits and is expected to be worn for the black tie events. They are the best for the special occasions and is considered to be inappropriate to be worn before 5 p.m. Suits aren't like that and can be worn at any time of the day. You can also wear suits as casual wear and worn without ties. But tuxedos are not like that and should always be worn with bow ties. Also the tuxedos cost more than the suits since the materials with which the tuxedos are made is of high quality and also one tuxedo can be enough for a man which is not the case with tuxedos.

Now the most important thing when it comes to tuxedos is the fit. As you are wearing the tuxedo as to be dressed up for any occasion it is important that you look impeccable in the tuxedo. This is where the rental tuxedos have a major drawback. The rental tuxedos hardly fit perfectly to your body and thus after getting the rental one you will have to take it to the tailor so that you can get it altered to your fit. Thus it may be best to get your own tux that you can keep fitted to your size in your closet thus you may not panic at the time when a tux is required.

Now coming back to the fit the most important part of the tuxedo that needs to have a perfect fit is the tuxedo jacket. Before going into the fit of the tuxedo jacket let us learn aboyt some of the basic features that make a perfect tuxedo jacket. The classic style of the tuxedo jacket model which is also the most formal is the single breasted style. The classic style of this jacket often has a single button and has a deep V neck that accentuates the torso of the wearer. If you are a very tall person then you can go with more number of buttons on the jacket so that the plunging V neck is less deep thus in turn compensating the extra inches look on you. Tuxedos can be worn as a two piece one or a three piece one. The single breasted style of tuxedo jacket is often worn unbuttoned and thus you will need to wear a vest or cummerbund with it so that it is more formal.

As for the double breasted tuxedo jacket it was only introduced in the 1930s as an informal alternative to the single breasted styles of tux jackets. These double breasted styles have to be always worn buttoned up and only is appropriate to be unbuttoned when seated. These type of tuxedo jackets have two rows of buttons.

As for the lapels of the tuxedo jackets as they are formal wear it is mostly best to have peak lapels or shawl collars. The peaked lapels on the tuxedo jacket has its origin from the tailcoat and is considered to be the most formal among the mentioned two styles. As for the size of this lapel it should be perfect so that it complements your body shape and shoulder width. As for the shawl collar they are considered more to be the luxurious and fashionable pick among the two. They are obviously less formal than the peak lapels and gives out a softer image than its angular counterpart. Most of the celebrity fashions of this century, have shawl collars incorporated into the tuxedos. Notch lapels on the tuxedo jackets are very rare and is only picking up rapidly in the recent times.

There are many other small details when it comes to tuxedo jackets like the type of pockets, vents and the length. All this depends on your personal preference and taste and selecting the classic option always works. As for the fabrics of the tuxedo it is similar to suits and are available in varied styles. You can select the fabrics of the tuxedo with the season in which you are using it. If you live in a place where winters are very mild and mostly is sunny then you can go with lightweight fabrics but if you live in a place with harsh winters and overall a co climate the  you can go with heavier ones like wool or tweeds.

Coming back to the fit of the tuxedo jacket you will have to ensure that it fits your body just fine and accentuates the your body shape. It may be best to try on the tuxedo jacket before deciding on the right fit. While trying it on fully button the jacket with the exception of the last button and then whether you are comfortable moving around. This is because of the fact that the tuxedo jacket should always be worn buttoned only removed while sitting down. So button the jacket and check it fits properly. After buttoning if you see the fabric pulling at the buttoning area then it means that the jacket is small for you and you will need to go one size bigger. Now if you notice that the tuxedo jacket does not taper along the waist then it means that the jacket is too loose and go for a smaller size. As for the vest of the tuxedo it should fit properly so that it just touches along your body and looks a great fit. Ins one classic tuxedo designs the vests come backless with only straps that hold it through the waist. If you are ditching the vest and going for a cummerbund then you may not need to worry about the fit. Cummerbunds are straps that goes around the waist and have their origin from the English soldiers who were stationed in India. The vests and cummerbunds are worn with the tuxedo jacket so that the shirt fabric is not shown when the jacket is buttoned at the junction of the jacket and the trousers. This creates a streamlined look that gives a elegant look to the wearer.

Apart from being used for the most formal events you can also mismatch the tuxedo jacket with casual styles like jeans. We still emphasize that the tuxedo looks the best when it is worn as a whole set but there is never anything wrong with experimenting. Now as for getting a smart casual look you can wear a tuxedo jacket along with formal trousers. You can wear this mismatched look with different colored look than the color of the tuxedo jacket. It is also the best when the tuxedo has different colored facings. Now you can get a cool look thus matching the color if the trousers with the color of the facings in the tuxedo jacket.

Another way you can induce style into the traditional wear is the shirt of the tuxedo. While the most popular   shirt style for pairing with tuxedo jacket is the dress shirt. But for a more contemporary look you can also pair the tuxedo jacket with patterned shirts or knitwear. These looks are best for casual events like parties or for summer weddings. For these styles of tuxedo jacket and shirts you may not be required to pair it strictly with a bow tie as like when worn as a whole.

Another good look for a black tuxedo jacket is to go all black. You can go with black dress pants along with a black button down shirt or a roll up sweater. When paired with a proper dress shoes the look is priceless and stylish. If you tuxedo jacket is of velvet fabric then you have more styles to choose to. You can wear the velvet tuxedo jacket   beautifully with a dress shirt and a tie for a formal elegant look but also with lightweight knitwear and chinos for a casual look.
Tuxedo jackets with jeans is still a new look and is mostly tried by fashion forward people and the ones who frequent the runways. So try out that style only if you are confident enough that you can pull it off without any hitch or doubt.

Another important factor that is to be thought of while purchasing a tuxedo jacket is the color of it. The classic color of the tuxedo jacket is black and if you are thinking of the safest option then it may be best for you to stick with black. Another color that is considered to be as formal as the black ones is the midnight blue. This shade of blue looks great under the artificial light and was once preferred more than the black ones. Now if you don't mind attracting attention the you can go with other brighter colors of tuxedo jacket. Red, green, navy and other brighter shades look great especially with the velvet tuxedos. Our online site houses many styles of tuxedos in varied fabrics and colors and all you require is to know your size. If you don't know if already have it measured and then compare it with the size chart and then order your pick. Believe me it is that easy!!!