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The tuxedos are the garments that are considered to be the classic style for the formal events. The mens tuxedos make the wearer look sharp and debonair. The mens tuxedos are the ones that we instantly think of when hearing about any black tie event. The black tie is not a dress code as most men think it to be. This is a type of event that requires the guests attending to be in a certain type of garments which are seen as appropriate for the event. Most of the men tend to panic when seeing the phrase black tie in any invitation. Contrary to the popular belief it is not very hard to dress for these black tie events. In fact it is much easier to dress for these events than dressing for ones without dress codes. This is because of the fact that for these black tie events you do not have to exert much time thinking about the styles that you are going to wear, instead just following the rules and picking out the outfit.

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Therefore the mens tuxedos look is not a very hard feat to achieve if you get to know the basics and the styling knacks for the outfit. Before we go into the details of styling the mens tuxedos look let us look into the history of this garment in the men's fashion history. If is said that it is impossible to appreciate the mens tuxedo fully without knowing the history of this garment in the mens fashion. When you understand the original intention of the garment and the aesthetic logic of it, the garment will remain to be simple a cloth in your wardrobe. This is not only true for mens tuxedos but is for any garment that you wear.

The tuxedo style that we have now is said to had its origins in the late 19th century. It is said to have been popularized when people wore it for the first time in an Autumn ball that was held in the Tuxedo park, which is a small enclave in the southeast New York. This place was populated mostly by the rich and elite American families. The host of this ball was Pierre Lorillard and his son Griswold Lorillard. They were friends with James Potter who had the acquaintance of the then Prince of Wales. While he visited the Prince of Wales he saw him wearing a short jacket which was tailless. He had it designed to use for the causal purposes. The style then was carried to the United States and was worn to the Autumn ball of that year. Soon this short jacket style picked up in popularity. They soon became the standard style for the semi-formal evening events that took place in the New York society. While at the start this style was only accepted by the rebellious younger generation slowly it was also approved by the upperclassmen. The standard style at that time was  black mens tuxedos with two or no buttons. They were usually shawl collar mens tuxedos that were worn with  crisp white shirt and trousers.

Gray Two Cowboy Buttons Tuxedo By the early 20th century the mens tuxedos style had gained a large fan following that included all age groups of men. The black mens tuxedos were the standard wear for the formal events of that time. Also peak lapel mens tuxedos were the ones that were most common and they were paired with black accessories. Single button mens tuxedos with white shirt was the norm of the formal events at that time.

When the world war started the mens tuxedos went into a brief hiatus because of the restriction of the raw materials that were used for the garments. But after the end of the forts world war the style regained it's popularity. By the 1930s the style was at its peak of popularity with new youthful designs and innovations pouring in. This was the time when the midnight blue mens tuxedos along with  gray mens tuxedos gathered a large fan following thus making the black tuxedos take a backseat.

The midnight blue mens tuxedos rivaled the traditional black tuxedos for quite some time. The midnight blue tuxedos were known to look blacker than black under the artificial light. The formal events at that time mostly were held in the evening or any time after the sundown. Thus the midnight blue tuxedos were preferred for their rich hue and also the fact that the midnight blue tuxedos looked even better in the pictures helped a great deal. Also another advantage with the midnight blue mens tuxedos is that they looked great in daytime which was a feat that was hard to achieve by the black mens tuxedos. Black garments tend to look dull in the morning especially if they are not brand new. Thus for a brief time the midnight blue mens tuxedos dominated the market and actually outweighed the amount of traditional black wool that was produced in the mills.

When it comes to mens tuxedos there are basically two styles. The  double breasted mens tuxedoswere the ones that were most popular at that point of time and was considered to be a casual style for formal evening events. Contrary to the earlier times nowadays the double breasted mens tuxedos are considered to be more formal than the  single breasted mens tuxedos. If you are getting your first set of mens tuxedos then it may be a good choice for you to go with single breasted mens tuxedos since they are more versatile than the double breasted mens tuxedos.

The evolution of the formal mens  tuxedos continued through the 1940s and soon made it into the Hollywood. This was the time when the white mens tuxedosbecame one of the prevalent styles. A white tuxedo jacket paired with black trousers became a stylish look that men preferred to be seen in during the warmer seasons and climates. By the 1960s and the 1970s the mens tuxedos underwent some major fashion changes to the styles that were before it. This was the time when the synthetic materials entered the clothing market. Fabrics like polyester  and rayon were used to make the mens tuxedos. Mens tuxedos were soon produced in different colors other than black and white and also with various eye catching patterns.  By the end of the 1970s mens tuxedos saw some outrageous styles that offered a certain level of freedom to the strict formal wear of that time. This fashion changes included large bow ties with bright colors and some of them even included ruffles to their design.

Mens Navy Wedding Tuxedo By the start of the 1980s the conservative look of the mens tuxedos was back which continued through the 1990s till the start of the 2000s. By the start of the new century people began going with dark colored and slim fit mens tuxedos that were paired with minimal accessories to maintain the formal look for the black tie events. In the recent time the mens tuxedos have made a comeback and other colors of mens tuxedos have also started dominating the market.

 Now if you are thinking of getting the mens tuxedos style there are some points that you will have to keep in mind while making the decision. If you are picking out the mens tuxedos style for any formal events like black tie event that has strict dress code rules then it is best for you to go with traditional black mens tuxedo. You can pair this with a formal white shirt and a black bow tie. As for the footwear you can go with formal black dress shoes like Oxfords or Derbies that will match the formality of the event. As for the details involved as we said before the double breasted mens tuxedos is a more formal style when compared to the single breasted mens tuxedos style.

Other than that you can go with 3 piece mens tuxedos look which is pairing the mens tuxedos with a formal shirt and a vest or cummerbund. The vest or cummerbund is worn with the mens tuxedos so that when the tuxedo jacket is buttoned the shirt fabric does not show. This  vested mens tuxedos creates an uninterrupted look for the wearer which makes him look taller and leaner. Cummerbund is also used for the same reason and it is a band of fabric that is worn around the waist at the portion where the waistband of the trousers meet the shirt.

When selecting the vest to be worn with the mens tuxedos you need to look into the details. Most of the time it is recommended to go with U shape neck mens tuxedos vest so that the shirt fabrics show at the front. Also the buttons on the vest matters a lot. If you are a short person you need to go with less number of buttons on the vest since it gives you a deep neck look which will make you look taller. For men who are tall you can go with high neck vests to be paired with the mens tuxedos. The next look is the  2 piece mens tuxedo. This is same as the 3 piece look but minus the vest or the cummerbund.

As for the bow tie it is a must when it comes to the formal events like black tie events. Go with a nice hand tied black bow tie. There are pre tied versions are bow ties available in the market but it looks painstakingly obvious. There are a lot of chances for you to look like a teen who is wearing his mens prom tuxedos. So ditch the pre tied versions and go with the hand tied ones. If you don't know how to tie it get help from someone or learn it from a YouTube video since it is not that hard a job.

Slim narrow Style Fit Single Button W/Satin Trim Tuxedo Liquid Jet Black As for the lapels on the mens tuxedos jacket there are varieties and you can choose them according to the nature of the event that you are attending. If the event that you are dressing for is a formal event like the back tie event you can go with the peak lapel mens tuxedos since it is most formal style available in the market. The next option for you is to go with  shawl collar mens tuxedos. They are less formal than the peak lapel type but is considered to be a dressier pick. Notch lapel mens tuxedos are the most casual style and is very rare to get since it is not mostly recommended.

As for the fit of the mens tuxedo it is one of the most important aspect to note. These events are important ones and therefore it is imperative that you are dressed properly to these events. Slim fit mens tuxedos is the one that is most preferred by the men at the recent times. But the main thing is to go with  the ones that you feel comfortable in.

As for the color of the mens tuxedos for formal events black mens tuxedos is the best look. But when it comes to semiformal ones like weddings and such you can go with fashionable mens tuxedos. If the wedding is a formal one then you can go with dark colored mens tuxedos like  burgundy mens tuxedos and brown mens tuxedos. But if the wedding is a casual one especially outdoor ones like beach weddings then you can even select the  groom mens tuxedos with lighter colors like  cream mens tuxedos and  ivory mens tuxedos also keep in mind to select ones like cotton mens tuxedo and  linen mens tuxedos. Other than this if you attending fun events like countryside weddings or something like that you can go with unique options like  tartan mens tuxedos and  floral mens tuxedos. Parties and award events were you don't mind being the center of attention calls for styles like  velvet mens tuxedos and  silk mens tuxedos. You should select the type of material of the mens tuxedos keeping in mind the event that you are attending.