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There are a lot of things to keep in mind while dressing up for a event or simply to your office. But one which most men take it for granted is their shoes. While the suit that you wear and all other things gather attention mens shoes are often left in the dark. But the shocking truth is that when you meet a stranger for the first time the main three things that greatly aid your first impression is your hair, your handshake and your shoes. Shocker. Now there are many important events where you will need to impress a stranger you have never met before in your lifetime. Be it for a job interview or a date night, the person you meet will check out your shoes at least once voluntarily or involuntarily. Many men do not know anything more than Oxfords and we have seen some go with the same old style for decades. Now you like it not there are a lot of styles to choose from when it comes to mens shoes. All you have to do is to get to know the styles and trends and then choose the one that suits your personality and style.

Now as we said before there are n number of styles when it comes to mens shoes. A fashionista might be truly torn between selecting one style of mens shoes to save their wallet and then scour the shop fully to adorn their wardrobe. The latest designs and styles of mens shoes have improved a lot and have gathered a lot of younger generation attention. Now this article is for you to save you from all that dilemma and suggest some basic styles of mens shoes that you can add to your wardrobe which can save you at  any occasions.

The first in the list is the golden child of the mens shoes collection. The Oxfords. Having a perfect shoe collection has different meanings to different persons since each and every one's taste tends to differ. Some may think that having the collection of mens shoes according to the seasons is good while some may base their selection on the occasions that they tend to attend often. Whichever be the case your first pick should be always to own a pair of black leather Oxfords since in one way or other you are going to wear suits at some point. When we say Oxfords we refer to closed lace mens shoes in which the piece of leather through which the laces passes called the quarter is stitched under the from part of the shoe. Why we say that Oxfords must be your first pick is that they are one of the oldest classic designs of mens shoes and is a foolproof choice which you can use at any situations that involves a suit. The lacing system of these mens shoes gives it a snug fit and clean finish thus making it the best choice when it comes to formal mens shoes. As for the styling of these mens shoes they look great with any suits but best to be paired with grey or black formal trousers. The main thing you will have to note when buying this style is whether the toe shape of the shoe is right. If it is too pointy it can make you look comic and if too round you may end up looking like a school boy. So make sure that the mens shoes has a proper almond toe shape. There are both shiny and matte type. It is best to always go with the shiny one that has a proper sheen to it but if you prefer subtle ones then you can go with matte.

The next style of mens shoes which can do your fashion some good is the Brogue. Brouging is an timeless shoemaking technique that has withstood all tests of time and still remains famous among shoemakers. These brogue mens shoes mostly come with perforations which is now a fashionable addition. But in older times this shoe was designed for people working in farms and hence the perforations were put in place so that the wearer may not need to worry about the water hogging his shoes while working in the field. As we said before brouging is a shoemaking style and hence it can be any style of mens shoes. The rule with brogues is that the increasing number of holes means more casual the mens shoes. While you can go with the most formal events on Oxfords you can opt for brogues for a middle of the road look. Going with brown leather brogues may be a wise choice since they pair well with almost any outfit. This is originally a classic British look and when shopping for it look for a round toe on a chunky sole if you want it to be paired with casual clothes but if for formal purposes it may be better to go with almond shaped toe on a leather sole. It is always better to with leather mens shoes since they look great with wear. While lighter colors like tan may look good, darker shades may be a more versatile pick.

Now the next style of mens shoes is the most versatile option of all that is listed and still to be listed. Loafers though when introduced received mixed opinions, in recent times have managed to conquer the hearts of many men regardless of the age factor. This style is about a century old and was first inspired by traditional slip on mens shoes in Norway and Native American moccasins. This style of mens shoes soon spread all along the world thanks to travelling Americans. This style is also known to be the basis of the Weejuns by G.H. Bass. There are many types in these styles and while it started out as a casual style soon saw many changes and now have gained a formal status too. Penny loafers are the most famous of the kind with its diamond shaped cut and the design have remained unchanged all these years. The name is said to be from the story of Ivy League students who religiously followed this style and the rumor that they would have a penny on the mens shoes build which at that time was enough to make a phone call. Tassel loafers are more of smart casual choice. If you wouldn't mind to splurge a little you can go with Gucci's horse bit versions. As for the material of the loafers, leather is the option you will have to choose if you intend to wear these for formal events but otherwise soft suede is a better option since it is the one that goes with everything. Suede loafer is a classic look and you can pair them with anything. For summer look you can go with these loafers without socks. If for a smart casual style of mens shoes then go with suede penny loafers in a dark color. The main benefit with loafers is that you can wear these mens shoes with anything be it casual or formal given that you style it right.

The next style of mens shoes is one that most men love to talk about. The white leather low top is a timeless style and has been recently typified by the Adidas. Though the style was first introduced in the 1960s it gained it's now structure only in 1978. But it was only by the 21st century it gathered reasonable amount of fan following. The sporty style is now worn by every man regardless of the age and is one of the styles which is the most versatile. They can be worn with anything from shorts to chinos and now every brand have their own style.of these sporty look. As said before you can wear them with anything but try avoiding to pair it with raw denim. As for suits make sure that the mens shoes are as pristine as possible. As for casual and smart casual looks there is nothing better. Be it with flannel trousers or with chinos the low top sneakers look too good.

Now we have almost covered all the necessary pair of mens shoes for your dressy days. The next style of mens shoes you will have to add in your wardrobe is the running shoes. Nowadays the running shoes are all bland and not that good to wing it out in weekends. If you are a person who reserves the running shoes religiously only for running then you can go with it. But if you like to mix and match it with casual styles then go with retro trainers. These runners are colorful unlike the recent styles and bold. Many retro styles are still easily available and some recent brands have also started producing these timeless styles. As for retro styles the main thing you will have to note is the comfort. Then it is best to stick with simple designs since they are the best to be paired with dressed down office look and relaxed weekend vibe. They look good when paired with black or indigo denims and a classic t-shirt. As for the color go with white with some contrasting ones like blue or red.

Now that we have covered all the essential styles of mens shoes the next two pairs are guilty fashion ones. All men should have atleast one pair of boots that is a classic style that has adorned the feet of all walks of people be it farmers, soldiers or cowboys. The sturdy fashion have always captured the hearts of men especially the younger ones. Haven't we all at one time dreamt of dressing like Woody for the Toy story riding the pony into the horizon? The lace up boots look incredibly good on any men who has a decent choice of clothing. Also choosing a good one concentrating on details like welting and stitching seams means that the pair will last a lifetime. The one thing that you will have to note when you buy these styles is that they are soft otherwise it might be very painful to wear especially if you involve a lifestyle where you need to be standing all day. As for the outfit choose a rugged theme that works well with the boots. While you can go with wide designs, going for slimmer soles designs means that you can also wear them with suits if the trousers leg is narrow and cut at the ankle.

The next type of boots is the one that will help you even if you aren't a great fan of boots. Chelsea boots are a timeless piece and is one of the most versatile style of mens shoes. These boots were designed by the royal shoemaker of Queen Victoria's court and rose to popularity in the 1960s. When choosing this style go for leather or suede ones and a quality craftsmanship. The elastic of the boots at the ankle should be strong since it will be very difficult to repair if it goes. These boots work well with both jeans and tailored pants given that the trousers are slim fitting. If you are going to wear it with formal suits then make sure the color of the suits complements your suit and go for a slimmer sole.

When shopping for leather mens shoes the major point you will have to note is the quality of the leather. A pair of quality leather mens shoes is a good investment that can even last for decades. And the next thing you should note is the comfort and fit of the shoe. If you aren't convinced with the comfort of your shoe then take some time to figure out the right size and don't shy away from hunting for it. Spending hundreds on a ill fitting shoe is a waste of both time and money. As for the heel on your shoe go with the size that is comfortable for you to wear. If you are one who spends much time standing or on your feet then it might be better to go with smaller heels like within 1 to one and half inch. If you are a short guy who would love a boost then there is nothing wrong in going with high heeled ones.