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Classic Fit Suit With the summer nearing it is already time to get to shopping for summer and spring suits. The usual navy and charcoal suits might not look great when you style it for casual summer events like cocktail parties. Thus to get through the celebratory seasons we suggest to add lilac men suits to your collection. This article explores everything that you need to know about lilac suits and some tips for styling them.

Lilac Zoot Suit For people who don't know lilac is a color that looks like the pale version of purple. But the color looks more relevant with pink than with purple. If you are a person who likes to try out new styles but still consider pink suits to be too flashy then we suggest you to try out the lilac men suits. Lilac looks like a mature pink and you can achieve a subtle look when compared to pink suits. The lilac men suits can give you a refreshing look that can make you look modern and relevant. When you select the dark blue suits make sure that it suits your skin tone since most light colors can make the pale skinned people look washed out. Thus make sure that the lilac men suits go well with your skin tone.

The lilac men suits are summer or spring choices since they have a light shade to them. The lilac men suits might look too flashy or eye catching when worn in the gloomy seasons of winter and fall. Thus we recommend you to style the lilac men suits for the semi formal and casual summer events like weddings and parties. If you are new to the idea of lilac men suits then here are some styling ideas that might help you in the process.

Lilac suits might not be like the usual office wears but you can wear them to special summer events related to work. For these events you can opt to go with slightly darker shades of lilac men suits. Also going with wool lilac men suits or cotton lilac men suits might help you look more formal. If it is a outdoor event like beach weddings or cocktail parties you can stick with the lighter shades of lilac men suits. Outdoor events can soon feel a little stuffy with the amount of sun pouring in and therefore it might be a better choice for you to go with lightweight lilac men suits that are made from breathable fabrics. Linen blue tweed suits and seersucker lilac men suits are some of the recommendations when you need a casual lilac suit look. Luxurious ones like silk lilac men suits and velvet lilac men suits are a rare choice since these fabrics look better in dark colors. For a cheap priced lilac suit go with synthetic ones like polyester lilac men suits and rayon lilac men suits.

For a formal look pair the bold pinstripe suit with a white dress shirt and a standard colored tie. Match the tie with the color of the shoes that you are wearing for a formal look. For example if you are going with a black tie it is best to go with black leather oxfords. If you are styling the lilac men suits for a semi formal or casual event you can pair the single breasted lilac suit with a blue dress shirt and a navy tie. This will give the outfit a tonal look that is hard to go wrong.

Lilac WIndowpane Suit For a dressy look you can pair the lilac men suits with dark colored combining garments. These garments when paired with the light shaded lilac suit will give a contrast that is eye catching. For a clean look pair the peak lapel lilac suit with a black dress shirt and a black tie. You can complete the look by adding a pair of black leather derby shoes. You can also pair the lilac men suits with dark purple combining garments but make sure that you style the contrasting look well.

Gray and lilac work well and you can use this combination both ways. For example a notch lapel lilac suit paired with a gray dress shirt and a black skinny tie is a cool look that you can wear to any semi formal events. But you can also wear the lilac dress shirt with a gray suit which is a standard combination which you can wear even to your regular office day.

Lilac Pinstripe Suit Another event for which the blue suits might be a good choice is the weddings. Nowadays most of the weddings that happen in the warmer months of summer or spring tend to happen outdoors. If you are the groom and would like to be dressed impeccably on your special day then we recommend you to give a though to lilac suits. A shawl lapel lilac suit paired with a white dress shirt with the first two buttons left open is a cool style for the groom in the beach wedding. But when you need a little more formal look go with 3 piece lilac suit paired with a white dress shirt and a black long tie. Match the tie with a black pocket square and black leather shoes. You can add a boutonniere that complements the brides dress color. You can wear the 2 piece lilac suit if you are the guest or the groomsmen unless the dress code of the event forbids the garment. If you are going with the shawl lapel lilac men suits or any other stylish look you can also try out the ones with different colored lapels.

Patterned lilac suits are also gathering a lot of fab following in the recent times. Plaid lilac men suits and windowpane lilac men suits are the ones that will give you a subtle formal look. For a rich look go with floral lilac men suits and Paisley lilac men suits. When you are styling the lilac men suits to a wedding or any event make sure that it is of the right fit. Slim fit lilac men suits and classic fit lilac men suits are the ones that are most recommended to obtain a clean cut look.