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Dress shirts that are displayed in the shops come in various styles like a button-up, button-front, button shirts. Before going into the details of the dress shirt first one should understand the history and origin of this outfit which is popular throughout the world. Dress shirts were worn by emperors, kings, and others who ruled France during the 17th century. Unlike modern Menss Dress Shirts, the vintage outfits were lengthy clothes that extended till knees.

Interestingly, they were worn under justaucorps during the 18th century. During the mid-1800s, even girls and adult women started wearing shirts along with other outfits. The styles, patterns, and designs underwent massive changes from time and time, and the dress shirts that you see in the nearby or online shops come with a much refined and stylish look. Adult men living in western countries are normally seen wearing full-sleeves colorful dress shirts along with lengthy plain or designer ties, shoes, and formal dress pants for weddings, dinner, proms, and other formal meetings. 

Unlike traditional shirts the modern Mens Dress Shirts that are displayed in the showroom shelves come with buttoned French cuffs and slim fit style. Kids, children, adults, and senior citizens can wear dress shirts and contrast color dress pants along with other accessories and wonderfully showcase their style.

You should never underestimate fashion dress shirts since they are a versatile piece of clothing that goes well with jeans, shorts, joggers, jumpsuit, and trousers. There is a common misconception that dress shirts are formal outfits and men should not wear them during weekend parties or other casual meetings. This is completely a baseless statement that the public should not believe. 

You can wear neatly stitched or readymade Mens Dress Shirts for all types of weekend parties and cocktail gatherings. If you are attending a cocktail party or Friday casual dinner, then you should untuck your dress shirt and fold your cuffs till ankle and also wear other casual accessories that will showcase you in the limelight.

You will get that romantic look when you compliment the Mens Dress Shirts with stylish dress pants or jeans, boots or sports shoes, cotton socks, and dark-sunglasses. You will look like a male model when you groom your hair, manicure your nails and apply branded powders and cosmetics on your face and step out after wearing branded dress shirts, jeans, and luxurious accessories. 

Types of branded dress shirts

Men all over the world prefer to wear full-sleeves dress shirts that come with French cuffs and other solid embellishments. Even though tees, jeans shirts, and sweatshirts are a good choice but nothing goes well under the suit like dress shirts. Listed below are some of the fastest-selling Mens Dress shirts that stand out in quality and standard.

  • Mens Dress Shirts with long-button down collar 

These types of shirts come under the category casual outfits and men can wear long-button down collar shirts to parties and social gatherings. You can find collar-buttoned directly on the dress shirt unlike other types of dress shirts. If you are planning to attend informal business meetings then you can wear these types of shirts. You can match it with angled cuffs.


  • Shirts with short button-down collar

Unlike long-button Mens Dress Shirtsthe collars of short button-down model are bit smaller. You will get that youthful and dynamic look when you wear these types of Mens Dress shirts. Angled cuffs will go well with these types of unique shirts. 

  • Shirts with spread collar

Spread collars are angled outwards unlike pointed collar Mens Dress Shirts. Adult men who have broad and long face should wear semi-spread collar dress shirts and others who have a narrow face should wear spread collar shirts. Men who have thin-face will look elegant and smart when they wear spread collar Mens Dress Shirts. You will get maximum insight into spread collar shirts when you explore online fashion guide. 

  • Shirts with round club collar

Club collar Mens Dress Shirtsare highly popular in an English country where students wear uniforms that come with round club collar. It is somewhat short and has rounded tips. Most of the elite men in London and elsewhere wear dress shirts that come with round club collar. It originated in the 19th century and students studying in Eton college were seen wearing this versatile shirt and from that point this shirt gained popularity.

  • Shirts with mandarin or round collar 

Mandarin collar Mens Dress Shirtsoriginated in the country of China. Millions of men living in the country of China wear a Mandarin collar shirt even now. A critical disadvantage that comes with this shirt is that you cannot wear a bow or long designer ties since there is no space or provision allotted for it. But men can wear blazers and jackets under the mandarin shirt and attend dinner meetings or weeding special gatherings. You can wear round cuffs along with this shirt to get that stylish look.

  • Shirts with wingtip collar

Men who regularly wear bow ties for meetings, weddings, and all other functions will benefit a lot when they wear shirts that come with wingtip collar. You will get that impressive look when you wear white color wingtip collar dress shirts under black tuxedos or suits and complement it with a black bow tie. You should match it with French cuffs.

  • Shirts with cutaway collar

It is imperative to note that cutaway collar Mens Dress Shirtscome with reduced collar point length. You can wear these types of cutaway collar dress shirts for more formal events and get noticed quickly. You should wear large knots and a straight cuff along with this cutaway collar shirt. 

  • Shirts with straight point collar 

Straight point collar Mens Dress Shirtsare always men's favorite choice since it goes well with all types of blazers, sports coats, suits, and overcoats. Americans love straight point collar dress shirts that come in varieties of collars and prints. You should pair this shirt with medium tie-knots and the round cuff to get that positive look. 

How to select and buy the best dress shirts?

Bridegrooms who are planning to purchase colorful dress shirts for the wedding should choose the best online shops that offer the best deal for wedding collections. When it comes to Men's Dress Shirts there are myriad choices. You can choose the shirt by color, style, pattern, and fabric. The fastest-selling dress shirts come in trendy colors like pink, blue, violet, yellow, brown, cream, black, white, chocolate, red and green. There are infinite choices and you have to patiently scout the best dress shirts that go well with your skin tone and body structure. 

Tall and guys will get that immaculate look when they wear red, blue, and other trendy Mens Dress Shirtsunder suits, coats, jackets, and blazers. Tall men who are obese and overweight will get that slim and sleek look when they wear modern dress shirts that come from branded manufacturers. 

You have to wear half-sleeve dress shirts for dating, outing and partying and full-sleeves dress shirts for semi-formal and formal business meetings. You should always see that the full-sleeves extend till your thumbnail and hugs your body perfectly. You should choose shirts that can accommodate you properly and have sufficient space for easy mobility. 
What are the types of fabrics used in branded dress shirts?
Men's Dress Shirts that you find in the local or online shops come with varieties of fabrics and some of the favorite fabrics are listed below.

  • Cotton dress shirts

Cotton is by far one of the sought-after dress shirts in western countries since it absorbs sweat and moisture and dries faster than other dress materials. You will not suffer from any type of skin infection or allergies when you wear cotton shirts. If you are living in tropical countries or hot climate zones then you should buy 100% pure cotton shirts and wear them instantly. Working under hot sun will be a hassle-free task when you wear cotton colorful dress shirts. 

  • Polyester and cotton mix dress shirts

The next best option that comes after cotton shirts is polyester blended cotton shirts. Polyester and cotton mix shirts are classic outfits that will wonderfully showcase you. 
You should select a dress shirt that comes with cotton 65% and polyester 35%. 

  • Pure silk or blended silk dress shirts

Elite men can get that aristocratic look when they wear pure silk or blended silk dress shirts. These types of functional dress shirts that come with glittery features are popular among wealthier sections. Men who hold high ranks or posts will look beyond recognition when they wear checked white silk full-sleeve dress shirts along with black pants and solid ties. Silk shirts go well with modern tuxedos and suits. 

How to wear dress shirts for weddings and occasions?

Daniel Ellissa which is one of the well-established companies is coming out with stylish dress shirts that are tailored with utmost perfection. You will get that gorgeous and incredible look when you wear Daniel Ellissa Two-tone dress shirts that come in pink, gray, black, and turquoise colors. These shirts which come with the following details and embellishments can be worn for weddings, proms, formal and informal meetings. 

  • 100% cotton
  • Hanky
  • Full-sleeves
  • Cuff links
  • French cuff
  • Checker, plain and printed patterns
  • Wide varieties of colors
  • Pointed collar and
  • One-chest pocket

Choose some of the best dress pants that come in black, blue, brown, gray, and green since these outfits can go well with plenty of dress shirts. You can even wear jeans that come in light blue, black, gray, and corduroy and get that spectacular look. 
What accessories go well with dress shirts?
White and black dress shirt and white dress shirts are considered formal attire. If you are planning to wear white dress shirts for the wedding or other formal events, then you should wear the following accessories

  • Cufflinks

Cufflinks come in varieties of shapes, styles, sizes, and prices, and you can buy dozens of cufflinks from the shops and store them safely inside the dressing wardrobe. 

  • Socks

Socks are valuable accessories that go well with formal dress pants and jeans. Buy black, white, blue, green, red and gray socks from the reputed online shops and stock it inside the 

  1. You have to wear branded white, brown, or black socks for formal meetings. 
  • Shoes

Shoes form part of gentleman's gazette and you have to wear black or brown leather shoes when you wear suits or tuxedoes. You should also buy and store loafers, sports shoes and other brands that are creating ripples in the modern world. 

  • Luxury digital and other contemporary watches

Wearing varieties of watches along with suits, dress shirts, tuxedos, blazers, and jackets plays a critical role. Fashion geeks will brim with beauty when they wear Swiss watches like Rolex, Rado, and so on. 

  • Belts

Investing your hard-earned money on fashion, formal and casual belts is a good decision. Before buying the modern belts from the shops, one has to do lots of online research and find out the best formal and black belts that come with motifs, embellishments, and other stylish designs. They should also inspect all the components before taking the next course of action. 

Automatic buckle belt, reversible belt, gold belt, leather belt with snaps are some of the best belts that come with eye-catchy features. Purchase these types of branded belts and store them safely inside the dressing wardrobe. 

Dress shirts are machine washable and you can dry the shirt under the sun before wearing it for office and other places. Plenty of office goers wear cotton dress shirts for the office and create a positive impact. You have to consider the following critical factors before buying a shirt from reputed online shops.

  • Understand your day-today requirements

Adult men who wear formal dress shirts rarely should buy only a few products from reputed shops. They should physically inspect the shirt and explore the details, collar styles, and sizes before proceeding further. 

  • Explore the size chart 

Shirt sizes may differ from person to person and you should check the size chart before selecting it. Branded dress shirts come in small, medium, large and extra-large like 3XL to 5XL. If you are big and tall then buy big shirts.