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It is a common knowledge that blue is the color that men are most comfortable with in terms of clothing. It is the safest choice since blue pairs well with almost all colors and give out a decent look. Navy suits have now become the uniform of the working men so much so that most men now have a lot of Navy suits with subtle detail changes that they wouldn’t even do not know to name. All this has made the blue suits boring and people are looking for a little more different style. In this article we discuss the mens teal suits and why you have to have one of these in your wardrobe.

For people who are hearing about teal for the first time it is a bluish green color and the name of it comes from a kind of bird which has the stripe of the same color on its head. This particular color is obtained when the blue color is mixed with the green base and when you want to deepen it you can add with it a splash of black or grey. This is a refreshing shade that would give you a distinct look when you want something different than the usual navy blue suits .

Teal Suit 2 Button Suit Slimfit Suit 2 Piece Suit

Mens teal suits comes in different shades and you can choose the one that would suit your need. The appeal of the teal mens suits is becoming popular since they give you a option to go with a stylish look without straying away too much from the conventional style. When compared to the pink suits and the red suits the teal mens suits do not risk the formal look of the suit and this makes it easier to adopt by most men even the ones who stick to the mellow styles.

Teal Wool Suit As mentioned before the teal mens suits come in different shades and styles thus knowing about your available options can make you pick the right choice without a doubt. If you are getting the suit for formal use say to wear as a workwear then it would be best to go with the dark teal mens suits which has the domination of blue in it. But when you need to go with a casual style then we would recommend you to go with the lighter styles of the teal mens suits that has the domination of green in its shade. This is because of the fact that the blue color is proved to be a work appropriate color while green is still seen as an unconventional one. Thus if you want to blend in with your office atmosphere go with the teal classic mens suits that come with more blue in it while the ones with more green are suited for events where you want your outfit to be classy yet eye catching.

The styling of the teal mens suits also determine the look of your outfit to a great degree. If you are styling it as a workwear then go with the standard styling options that would create a well balanced outfit and which would not attract too much attention on your outfit. But when you style the teal mens suits for the special occasions like weddings you can choose to style them in a way that makes the teal suits be the main piece of your outfit.

Double Breasted Suit Weddings are one of the events where the mens teal suits would work perfectly. If you are the groom and you are already bored with the black and navy suit tradition then mens wedding real suits might be your safe way out. It would give you the perfect detail that would make your outfit stand out from the rest of the usual suits and train all the well deserved attention on you on your special day.

For a simple and elegant look you can style the single breasted mens teal suits with a white dress shirt and a red tie. The red tie against the white background will give the pop to the outfit and to match this you can add with the outfit a pair of dark brown leather loafers. For a little more stylish and sophisticated look you can pair the teal double breasted mens suits with a white dress shirt and simply leave out the tie option. Double breasted teal mens suits being a more formal choice than the single breasted ones needs careful styling when opted for a smart casual or a casual look. To further imply the casual look of the outfit you can add with it a pair of white print low top sneakers.

If you are the guest or one of the groomsmen to the wedding then you can go with a more subdued look like pairing the peak lapel teal mens suits with a white dress shirt and a navy tie. You can complete the look by adding with it a white pocket square and a pair of black leather oxford shoes. Teal Shawl lapel mens suits give out a dressier look when compared to peak lapel teal men suits and you also have the option of going with teal mens suits that come with contrasting lapels. Notch lapel teal mens suits are the most common type that is suited when you need a simple look.

Three piece mens suits would make a perfect groom attire since they give out a subtle difference in detail which makes it look more elegant than the two piece teal mens suits. The advantage with the vested teal mens suits is that you can still look dressed up when you decide to keep aside the suit jacket for some time.

Teal suits aren’t a common sight and thus would gain some curious stares. Thus go with the perfect fit that will accentuate your body type and make your outfit look perfect. Teal Slim fit mens suits are best for tall and lean men while the teal classic fit mens suits offer more room which makes for a more comfortable fit.