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4 Button Tuxedos

When you style any garment, focusing on the details on it makes your look more refined. Tuxedos are formal garments and therefore it is important that you consider the details on it to look impeccable. One such detail that matters the most is the number of buttons on the suit. It may seem to be a small detail but influences the overall look to a great degree. In this article we are going to discuss about 4 button tuxedos and the styling tips for it.

Mens-Four-Button-Black In recent times, you would have noted the 2 button and single button tuxedos being mostly used. This is because of the fact that the 2 button and single button tuxedos complement almost every body type. It is best to go with 3 button and 4 button tuxedos when you are very tall. When you have extra inches to spare the single button and 2 button tuxedos do not look proper on the wearer. When you go with more number of buttons the jacket creates a high neck for the wearer. The high neck of the 4 button tuxedos will create a balanced look for the wearer.

As for the fabric of the button tuxedos you can go with wool button tuxedos if you want formal garments. If you want the garments for casual use you can go with linen button tuxedos and cotton button tuxedos. These premium quality button tuxedos will make you look great and comfortable. If the cost of these natural fabric garments is not within your budget you can go with synthetic ones like rayon button tuxedos.

double-breasted-tuxedos As for the fit of the tuxedos you should always go with the slimmer fit. If you are a tall and lean person you can go with skinny fit button tuxedos. Another one of the fit that is popular among the younger generation is the slim fit button tuxedos. People who want a roomy fit you should go with regular fit button tuxedos. A well fitted 4 button tuxedo will look great regardless of its cost.

Most people tend to go with single breasted button tuxedos. This is a good choice since it is a versatile garment. But if you want a formal look you can go with Double breasted 4 button tuxedos. Since there are a lot of buttons it naturally looks good on a double breasted tuxedo.

When you are wearing tuxedos with more than one button you should follow some rules. The last button of your four button tuxedos jacket should always be kept unfastened. This allows for the freedom of movement near the hips and leg portions. This also allows your tuxedo jacket to fit properly without the wrinkles created by the tight fit. When you go with 3 piece 4 button tuxedos the same rule goes for the vest. But with the vests you cannot remove the top buttons but for jackets you can unfasten the top buttons while you sit.