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Adult men feel exalted when they wear fashionable dresses like jackets, sports coats, suits, sweatshirts and so on. Like all other dress materials, even Mens Blazers that come in vivid colors and stylish materials has an interesting history. This stylish dress material which comes with stylish details and sexy embellishment originated in the country of England especially in the Lady Margaret Boat Club during the year 1825. The members working in that club wore red color striped boating blazers and popularized this clothing throughout the country. Even HMS blazers that were worn by the English Royal Navy gained instant popularity and men living in the country of England started wearing varieties of blazers from that point of time.

Es Pop stars, dancers, celebrities, and actors started wearing thick blazers during the early 1990s and popularized it throughout the world. Famous pop band namely The Beetles, The Kinks, the Blue Flames, and The Animals also popularized colorful blazers throughout London and also other parts of the country. Blazers became fashion outfits only after 1990 and women all over the world started wearing blazers for weddings, proms, parties, and other casual parties.

People all over the world consider Mens Blazers as business casuals and wear them for semi-formal business meetings and other office functions.

Difference between sports coats and blazers

Both sports coats and Mens blazer jacket are some of the popular fashion outfits throughout the world since they hug the wearer's body perfectly and add maximum warmth during winter and cold seasons. Now, these outfits have become all-season and function wear. You can see youngsters, adults, and senior citizens wearing blazers and walking on the high fashion streets.

Even though both the outfits are lookalikes still there are lots of differences between the two.  It is imperative to note that Mens Blazers are formal outfits, unlike sports coats. Fashion geeks can wear sports coats as casual as well as business attire. But they cannot wear blazers for parties, weekend gatherings, and cocktail parties. Western men especially those who live in America, Canada, and European countries consider blazers as formal attire and wear them only for casual business presentations, meetings and conferences.

Types of blazers

There are only two types of Mens Blazers styles in the world and they are single and double-breasted blazers.

Single-breasted Mens Blazers are casual outfits that can be worn for all types of festivals, occasions, casual business meetings, and weddings. These types of blazers have two, three, four even six or seven buttons on the front side.

Double-breasted Mens Blazers are formal outfits that can be worn for all types of formal business meetings and presentations. These blazers are more formal, unlike single-breasted outfits.

Fashion trends in the world of blazers

Men blazers that are sold in fashion streets come in varieties of designs, colors, and styles. The blazers that are creating positive ripples on online sites are listed below.

  • One-button
  • Two-button
  • Three-button
  • Big and tall
  • Casual
  • Casual blazers
  • Cool Mens Blazers
  • Double-breasted
  • Dress blazers

Other types of fashion blazers that come with stylish details and embellishments are listed below.

  • Fashion jacket coat slim type blazer
  • Slim-fit blazers
  • Checkered, dotted, printed and plain blazers

What types of pants I should wear with blazers?

Fashion blazers are functional and formal attire that goes well with varieties of dress pants, trousers, and jeans. Chocolate brown blazers go well with a full-sleeve jeans shirt, brown boots, blue jeans, and socks. Men can bring back the lost look when they wear varieties of colorful blazers with contrast color dress pants, trousers, and chinos. You can even go casual and get that street style look when you complement blazers with crew tees, polo-t-shirts, or other types of T-shirts. You will look smart and suave when you wear

Is blazer a summer outfit or not?

Mens Blazers are all-season outfit and you can wear this fashion clothing at any time. But you should exercise caution while choosing the material since they come in polyester, wool, tweed, and heavy materials. You should wear cotton blazers since they absorb sweat and moisture instantly and dry within a short time. You should wear woolen, polyester, and tweed blazers during winter and cold seasons.
You will get the look of a salesperson when you wear blue color striped blazer under black t-shirts along with a hat, light brown corduroy pant, and brown loafers and carry a big brown leather bag on your hand. Grey blazer is a wonderful outfit that goes well with white crew tee, blue jeans, and white sports shoes. You should wear a long tie and black leather belt along with a blazer for casual business meetings. Dark grey jackets go well with ash color dress pants or chinos, white crew t-shirt, and white sports shoes. Grey blazers are becoming fashion men's favorite choice.

Teenaged men, those who have fair skin tone, rustic look, well-groomed hair, and masculine features will become the center of attraction when they wear unbuttoned dark blue plain jackets along with printed crew tees and dark-sunglasses and ash or light blue jeans along with white or brown shoes. They will look like a business baron when they carry a black leather brief along with them.

Mens Blazers are nothing but fiesta to the sullen eyes. You can create a fashion statement and wonderfully underline your presence when you wear bright colored blazers. You will get that distinctive and modest look when you team it up with the best dress pants. 

If you are planning to buy stylish navy Mens blazers then you should confirm whether the product has the following details and embellishments.

  • 2 button style
  • Poly Rayon fabric
  • Full-sleeves with
  • Two side pockets and one chest pocket
  • Stylish lapels and stitching

You can wear these types of colorful blazers to weddings, proms, casual business meetings, semi-formal meetings, and wonderfully communicate your presence.

Can I buy blazers for big and tall guys?

An interesting factor is that blazers come in varieties of sizes, measurements, lengths, and patterns and you can find big and tall blazers that come in 3XL, 4XL, and even 6XL. Tall men will look stylish and smart when they wear light blue or violet checked shirts under blue color blazers. They have to wear dress shirts in such a way that French cuffs protrude outside the jacket.

What types of accessories go well with blazers?

You can wear plenty of stylish and fashionable accessories along with Mens Blazers and some of the best accessories are listed below.

  • Digital or analog watch 

Explore the straps, dial, case back and buckle tongue carefully and select the watch that goes well with your skin tone and the outfits that you regularly wear. Watches that you wear should not be too loose or too tight. The leather strap is the best option since you will not suffer from sweat or skin infections. When you raise your wrist or hand then guests who are standing next to you will look at your watch and judge your status.

  • Cufflinks

Cufflinks are valuable accessories since you can wear them during parties, weddings, and all other formal functions. Interestingly, branded cufflinks come in varieties of colors like blue, black, gold, silver, blue, and brown.

  • Bow and designer ties

Even though blazers are one step down than suits and tuxedos still they are formal wear. You may have to wear a bow or full-length designer ties for business meetings and all other formal gatherings. Hence, you have to buy at least a few dozens of bow and long ties and store them safely in your dressing wardrobe.

  • Ear studs, bracelets, and other metallics

 You will look like a roadside Romeo when you wear ear studs, bracelets, rings and other ornaments on your body. You should always buy branded and quality certified metallics from branded online shops and wear them on various occasions.

  • Shoes, boots, loafers and other types of footwear

It is a well-known fact that blazers are worn for formal as well as informal meetings and gatherings. You can wear a variety of leather and non-leather shoes that goes well with the belts for formal events. If you are readying for ordinary or casual parties, then you should wear loafers along with blazers.

  • Sunglasses

 Men derive maximum mental satisfaction when they wear sunglasses along with blazers. There are varieties of options like branded and unbranded sunglasses that will go well with blazers. If you want to safeguard your eyes from UV radiations then you should start wearing branded UV protected sunglasses. You can also buy unisex men sunglasses from the market and wear it immediately.

  • Belts

 You can wear varieties of leather and non-leather belts that come with stylish designs and colors and walk on the streets with utmost joy.

If you are living on cold continents then you can also wear scarfs along with blazer and dress pants and walk like a king on the road. Men can also wear a variety of caps on their heads and enjoy their outing thoroughly.

Can men wear a sweater underneath the blazer?

Sweater adds warmth to your body during cold waves. Men living in western countries wear sweaters under blazers and walk comfortably on the streets. Listed below are some of the best combinations that will showcase the wearer in the limelight.

You should wear a striped blue dress shirt under a green V-neck sweater and blazers to get that maximum warmth. You will get a sharp look when you wear brown chinos and brown shoes.

If you want to get that polished and ultramodern outlook then you should wear black jeans, red blazer and burgundy V-neck sweater along with black leather shoes and contrast dress shirts. Do not forget to wear sunglasses, tiepins, and other stylish accessories.

You can also try a crew neck sweater that comes in varieties of colors and get that celebrity look instantly.

How to choose the best online fashion dress sellers?

Hundreds of online eCommerce clothing shops sell small, medium, and big size jackets, blazers, sports coats, and suits at best prices. You have to do basic online research and survey and identify the best shops that sell blazers and all other fashion apparel at cheapest prices. Before buying fashion outfits you should explore ratings, reviews, and feedback and take decisions based on the derived inputs. Click here to get the names and addresses of online shops that sell Mens Blazers at the lowest prices.

Check whether the sellers are offering warranty, discounts, and deals for all types of products and take a decision after getting free quotes from various suppliers. If you follow this method, you can save huge money and also your precious time.

Can I wash and reuse blazers regularly?

Blazers that you see in the display windows of prominent retail or online shops are made from quality materials that can withstand rough usage and machine wash. You can machine wash the cotton blazers without adjusting the settings. If in case you are planning to machine wash polyester, wool, or tweed jackets you have to adjust the settings and wash it immediately.

You have to take extra caution when washing the white jackets since it may lose its sheen if stains or dirt settles on it. Wash white jackets gently and dry it under the hot sun for a few hours. You can also give your used jackets to experienced launderers if they suffer from severe stains, discoloration, and dust.

Women especially teenage girls like men who wear red, pink, and light-colored jackets. You can fix a date quickly with lovely girls when you wear light-colored blazers along with contrast color shirts and dress pants. You need not wear ties, shoes, and other accessories that you usually wear during formal meetings for dating. Women like men who wear casual outfits and accessories. Women whom you love or date will treat you royally and build closer-ties when you wear colorful jackets. Always buy branded and quality-certified jackets that go well with your height, weight, body structure, and skin color.