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No decent mens outfit is complete without appropriate mens accessories. We know what you might be thinking. No it is not a small part and yes it garners a lot of attention. If you want to make a good impression on a stranger you only have a few seconds before they get an idea on your type. Now that few seconds are not enough for even a decent hello let alone an introductory speech. What saves you at these times is your choice of outfit. So whether be it an interview or a date night it doesn't hurt to dress top notch.

As for mens accessories devil is in the details. So if you are reluctant to try on or simply lazy to pick out some mens accessories then get your act together and purchase some styles that suit your need and taste. Yes, there are a lot of styles in mens accessories and it can get confusing to decide on one or few which might be a good investment. If you are one among the confused, then you have come to the right place. When it comes to mens accessories it is an timeless style and chances are that the ones you consider stylish now will still be considered stylish by your grandchildren. Therefore in this article we suggest some of these timeless styles so that we can make your job easier. All you have to do is sit back browse through the styles and select the one that suits you in all aspects.

The first thing in our list of essential mens accessories is the one that no gentlemen should go without - watches especially if you are wearing a suit. Watches play an important role in giving a man perfect style makeover though it is one of the mens accessories that get easily ignored. The watch on your not only helps you tell the time but also gives you a solid impression. This is especially important if you are dressing for important events like business meetings or interviews since it gives out a responsible vibe. There are a lot of styles in watches like automatic watches, mechanical ones, analog watches and digital styles. While the automatic and mechanical styles is out of style at the moment, digital watches is best to be left with teenagers. Analog watches are the famous ones at this time and there are still varities in it. Choose one that looks good on you and with your outfit.

As for the style of watches it is always best to stick with the classic choices. For formal dress ups like for with suits or tuxedos, you may need to stick with basics that is the stainless steel watches. There are two famous types one being the stainless steel ones and the other being the gold watches. While gold watches could give you a luxurious look and a posh feel, the stainless steel ones are the no nonsense cousins that gives you a chic, stylish look. The material of these watches have their origin in gun making and are known to be incredibly durable. They can last for a lifetime and even can be passed through generations of maintained properly. Another added benefit with the stainless steel ones is that they are versatile. The watch can look equally good with suits as it is with a t-shirt and jeans combo. Even into the future when the technology will be improved there is no doubt that a man will look at his wrists to tell the time since it has become a style factor at present times. If for casual styles you can go with digital watches and other styles. Another alternative to stainless steel watches is the leather strap watches which look equally good with the formal outfits. If you do not like the metallic type and would stick with a slight rugged look then you can go with the leather ones. These mens accessories are also versatile and you can pair them with suits and also casual wears. The main point with leather watches is that you will have to concentrate on the quality of the leather while purchasing it and after buying you should maintain it properly since unlike stainless steel leather can wear out.

Belts are a necessary mens accessories especially for many working men. The basic purpose of these mens accessories is to keep your pants up but sometimes it is just used as a fashion statement. A good leather belt can do more than just holding your pants up. You will have to choose the belt carefully so that it complements your outfit without it standing out too much. For example, if you are a tall person then you will need a belt that divides your torso so that it breaks the streamlined look thus in turn making you look less tall. Now if you are short guy then you will have to go with a belt that blends with the outfit that you are wearing giving you a uninterrupted look from top to bottom. This helps you look a  tad bit taller than you originally are. When it comes to the color of the belt go with classic brown or black where the shine of the leather is not too bright or too dull. It will be better if the leather of your belt match with the leather of your shoes. While purchasing try to go with good quality one even if the price is a tad high than your intended budget since this thing is will be holstering your trousers for many years to come. Also cheap leather tends to wear out or peel off soon especially if it involves sweat. As for the buckles in the belt go for unprocessed metallic ones that do not stand out too much.

Another one of the important mens accessories that men forget to pay proper attention to is the ties. Most of us connect the ties with formal styles but a slight slip in the fabric or style scan make it look casual. If you are going with tuxedos then make sure that you wear your bow tie appropriately. It is always best to go with hand tied ones since the clip on ones look fake. Now if you aren't a great fan of bow ties ( though for tuxedos it is you only option) your next option is the long ties. If for office wears stick with formal colored ones in wool fabrics. The shiny ones in silk and satin should be saved for casual events like parties and weddings. The texture and narrowness of the tie is an important thing to note while buying it. You can wear these mens accessories loosened at the top for a cool fashionista look. Young people are sometimes even seen striped ties with smart casual outfits and pair it with casual boots instead of formal ones.

Wallets are important mens accessories that helps you show off your maturity level. Even in recent times where paying for anything only involves a swipe on your phone you can see all men carrying a wallet. It is a stylish accessory that also fulfils the practical purposes. For a stylish formal piece you can choose a leather wallet that is a quality look. This with its contours of its content and aged to perfection gives out a proper look. For a more personal style you can go with the brands that offer you to emboss your initials into the leather. This is a nice choice since leather tends to last for a long time and embossing your initials on it gives it a good custom made feel to it. Spending a proper amount on it is good since this accessory is one that you will be using often and therefore it is important that you choose one which can give you confidence every time you hand out something from it.

Mens accessories that seems to have a great fan following on its own regardless of the age groups is the eyewear. While the sunglasses save you from the heat at its peak they have also become one of the main fashion mens accessories among men thanks to the celebrities who decided to wear it religiously. When they are wearing it for additional purposes like hiding the identity in public the one that you choose should concentrate on the factors of comfort and   eye protection. A pair of good sunglasses could save your eyes from the sun while at the same time making   you look charming and cool. As for the selection of the glasses keep in mind to select your first pair to be simple and light in weight since these are the ones that are most versatile. For better practicality go for ones with UV protection. Avoid wearing heavy ones with glossy lenses. If you are going for a more casual or stylish look you can go with variations like tortoiseshell frames and brighter colors on frames and lenses. But we would recommend to keep the colored lenses look reserved for summer outfits.
While the above mentioned mens accessories are the essential ones there are some mens accessories that are not necessary but woul be good if you included them into your outfit. Tie clips and cufflinks are two such mens accessories that would flair to your outfit. While they are not mandatory for formal or casual events it would give you a perfect gentlemanly look if incorporated into the outfit. As for the color make sure that it matches the metal in the buckle of your belt.
Now at the topic of mens accessories that most men steer away - the jewelleries. They were first worn so that they would represent the social status of the wearer based on the precious metal or stone on the jewellery. Nowadays jewelleries are more of a fashion wear than a status indicator. The three main categories in mens jewelleries are bracelets, rings and necklaces. These mens accessories can be worn simultaneously or separately based on the taste of the wearer. Bracelets are the most preferred one among the three when it comes in men. They improve the outfit's style significantly and are available in various styles. As for a classic pick it would be best to go with a solid metal one or chain bracelets since they can be versatile unlike beaded ones. Necklaces on men are mens accessories that have become common in recent times. A solid chain is a good pick of mens accessories and greatly enhances your outfit. Necklaces are a good choice of mens accessories for giving out gifts for men. Rings are the least favored one among the three mens accessories and only very few rocked the style. But in recent times young people have started adopting the trend of wearing rings even multiple ones at the same time.
Some other famous options of mens accessories are hats, bags, gloves and shoes. Shoes is a whole different topic on mens accessories and to cut it short make sure that you choose one that goes with the outfit that you are wearing. For example if for formal events then dress shoes must be the choice. For casual wears there are many options like loafers, sneakers and trainers.
As for gloves it is best to get it in leather or wool. For a versatile wear go with darker colors like black or dark brown. Leather gloves can go with both formal and casual styles while the woolen ones are only good with casuals. If you are going with bags which is a rare pick then  remember that the main purpose of these mens accessories is to hold your items. Get a good leather one that has a good holding place. Stick with a briefcase for formal meetings.

As now we have covered all the major mens accessories the only thing left is for you to shop. The major benefit with these accessories is that you don't have to worry about the fit. So get to a online store or a shop near your where the mens accessories are on sale and splurge out on the various fashion items. Don't go with the easy choice of mens accessories on displays and take time to select one that would match   and enhance your outfits.