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Winter is here and thus you will have to look for clothes that save you from the cold winds. While the major focus is on clothing most men tend to forget the footwear that is required to properly complete the winter look. The usual mens shoes can be worn for the winter also but when you live in a place that has harsh winters then they might not provide you with the required amount of protection. Thus we recommend you to try something new like the mens dress boots . In this article we discuss the mens boots and some of the best ways in which you can style the accessory.

Brown Short Boot The usual mens dress shoes that you already have in your wardrobe might all be of the low cut type. While these are the usual models they do not cover much portion of your foot and this can be uncomfortable for the winter. But when it comes to mens boots they tend to have a extended shaft portion which can provide you with some amount of warmth for the legs. There are a lot of styles in the mens boots and you can choose the one that will suit your taste and need the best.

Before we go into the details the term mens boots might be new for some people. In that case mens boots are the ones that have short shaft as opposed to the traditional cowboy boots that come with up to 12 inches shafts. The upper of the mens boots cover the ankle and these boots are usually worn as an alternative to the mens shoes with the formal garments in case of bad weather conditions. These short leather boots are the ones that are most preferred by men during the winter and rainy season when the mens shoes might become impractical.

Western Boot Boot Mens boots are not a new style and have been in the history of fashion for a long time now. As for the fashion history of the mens shoes it was always a mens style which later slowly spread to womenswear too. Going back to the Victorian period men at that time did not wear shoes and mostly preferred to be seen wearing boots. Mens boots were the recommended fashion for the daytime events while the court slippers or the pumps were the ones that were preferred for the evening events. The rugged boots that came with the long shafts were used for the physical activities like horse riding and such while the mens boots were reserved to be worn with the formal garments when attending the formal and semi formal events.

When attending the formal events the patent leather mens boots were commonly used but when you need a less flashy style then the black calfskin mens shoes were preferred. After some time the mens boots were also slowly used as the formal evening wear. This was the time of the Edwardian era and the patent mens boots became a famous option for the events which did not include dancing. After some time the use of patent shoes declined even for the daytime events and the mens calfskin dress shoes and mens boots began to dominate both the daytime and evening events.

The riding boots were having the best time but when the automobiles were introduced the use started of these riding boots started to dwindle. The design of these riding boots were upgraded and the short boots became tougher so that they can withstand the harsh terrains and weather conditions. Nowadays there are two major groups of mens boots and their design differs according to their use. The formal mens boots are to be worn with the formal garments like suits and blazers for the formal daytime events. These mens formal boots are usually made of soft canvas or suede when usually come in oxford boots type. These traditional mens boots can be a little expensive and can come with the button fastened upper instead of the usual lace up style of the shoes. Most of the time these mens boots are simple in design but some come with the toe caps that feature the brogues on the seam.

Black Boots Brown Boots red Boot Burgundy Boot

The next type of the mens boots are the informal ones that are more preferred for their practicality than for their look. These informal mens boots do not have an elegant look but instead focuses on a sturdy design with double leather soles and sometimes rubber soles. The upper of these casual mens boots are made from thick leather as the rest of the boots and sometimes even tougher ones like cordovan are used. The casual leather walking boots may come with the open lacing style and the Brogueing is also found on most of these boots. While the formal mens boots mostly come in classic colors like black or dark brown these casual mens boots come in brown and variations of brown. This sturdy design of the mens casual boots were first issued to the British and the US armies during the 1800s and this design continued to be in use for the army till the second World War. These casual mens boots are now coming back in style especially among the younger generation.

While purchasing for the mens boots there are some things that you will have to note before making the choice. The first thing that you will have to note with the mens boots is the type of material that they are made from. When you want a long lasting mens boots style then you should make sure that the boots is made of high quality materials. Always go with the one that is made from high quality leather. These high quality mens boots will last longer and also will deliver an impeccable look when compared with the other cheap leather boots.

When you are looking for a pair of mens boots that you can wear for formal use then you should always choose to go with the ones that are made of highest grade leather that you can afford. The price of the mens boots will increase with the increase in the grade of the leather used to make the boots but the performance will also be impressive. Top grain mens boots are the ones that are most preferred since the leather used for the making of these boots will have a split layer and the imperfections on the surface will be buffed away to provide a smooth look. Other than this you can also try the genuine mens boots which will be made of the leather on which the artificial grain or texture will be applied. As for the full grain mens dress boots they are more rugged in design since the leather used will not be sanded down or buffed. Other than the real leather mens boots you also have the option of going with the synthetic leather mens boots. But the synthetic leather mens boots might not last long like the real leather mens boots since they are less tough. Also the synthetic leather mens boots will not breathe well making it uncomfortable for the wearer to use it all day long. Thus it might be a better choice to avoid going with the synthetic leather mens boots if you have an option.

Mezlan Boot Whichever the type of mens boots you go with in terms of the material used to make it you should make sure that you maintain it properly for it to last long. When you go with the high quality mens boots you should make sure that you clean it after every use. For this it will be a better choice to polish the mens boots and then condition it after regular intervals. By doing this the leather will be strong and last longer. Regular maintenance of the mens boots will also ensure that the boots are void of the cracks and the wrinkles that result of its regular use.

As for the style of the mens boots you should make sure that you select the style that would suit you since even the highly expensive ones while lacking in style might be a waste of space in your wardrobe. Here are some of the recommendations of the mens boots that you might consider getting while purchasing for the winter style.

Our first recommendation here is for you to give Chelsea mens boots a try. The mens Chelsea boots are sleek and minimal in design making them one of the most preferred ones when it comes to formal mens boots style. The mens Chelsea boots come with a sharp toe box and slim leather sole. These slip on mens boots style makes it possible to wear it with almost any garments starting from the suits to the jeans. You can easily wear these stylish mens boots with suits when it comes to office use and then you can style them with a blazer and jeans ensemble when you are on a date.

The next style recommendation is for you to try the cap toe mens boots. These type of formal mens boots might be a new style especially in the boots area and this means that it is a great choice to start for the men who are thinking of trying the mens boots style for the first time. When going with the mens cap toe dress boots for the first time you can choose the medium height ones which you can wear with both formal and casual garments.

The wingtip mens boots are another style to try when you are in need of the versatile footwear. Most of these wingtip mens boots come with brogues which makes them best suited for the casual and semi formal use more than the formal use. Other than this you can also try the suede brogue boots when you need a boot that is more on the casual side.

Leather Boot If you are bored of the lace up mens boots style then you can choose to go with the slip on mens boots or the ankle length mens boots. These short mens boots come with the sleek and modern design and have a more stylish look when compared with the lace up mens boots style. You can easily pair these mens short dress boots with sleek and tapered pair of trousers and at the same time you can also style them with the slim cut jeans.

The color of the mens boots is another important thing that you will have to note while purchasing for the accessory. The versatility and the nature of use of the mens boots might depend a great deal on the selection of the color of these boots. When you need a pair of formal mens boots that you can wear with almost any garment then we would recommend you to go with black mens boots or dark brown mens boots. But when you need a little more stylish look then you can choose to go with light brown mens boots or maroon mens boots. Other than these you can also go with the unconventional choices like the bone mens boots, green mens boots and camel mens boots.

When it comes to western mens dress boots most of us would imagine the para hombre and cowboy mens boots but these short mens ankle dress boots might be the next trend among the younger generation. Go with the branded ones like the Los Altos mens boots and Carrucci mens boots if you need a quality and long lasting pair of boots.