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Big and tall suits are for men who are way too tall or big in build than the ones with regular size range. Many retailers don't have any products for tall or big men as it is too specific and they don't want to stock things that move too slow in their shelves. There are special shops where you can find plus size clothing for men and women who are either tall or big by is ready to have your pockets punctured. If you are someone who wants a suit to fit you perfect and still dress according to the latest fashion, Suits USA is your place. The range in size you can find here for the price that you see here is surely something you can't afford to miss. As we are the manufactures of our suits that are displayed here, you are sure to get the best price possible.

In Suits USA you will be able to find big and tall suits for men who need fashion collections at proper size range. Let see what makes these Big and tall suits from Suits USA the best for you:

Finding the right suit that fits you like it was made for you is an unattainable dream unless you choose to spend much on the custom made suits. Often we settle for the one that looks decent on us or leave it to the tailor to make it decent for us. The problem here is that most brands make clothing for the ideal size and most of the these ideal sized involve zero size models. In reality most of us haven’t been in zero size even once in our lives and this is a problem that is being widely debated now. While most brands have started to be more size inclusive finding big tall clothing still remains to be a nightmare for some people.

Single Breasted Suit If by chance you do find the size that suits you there won’t be much varieties available and you will have to settle for the mediocre one while there are 100 more styles present in not-your-size. This makes shopping hard for big and tall people. The styling of the garments is also another thing that needs to be addressed. This unavailability of the diverse sizes most times taped the self confidence of the big and tall people making it hard to pull off the style. But in reality there are ways in which you can make the garments look flattering on you. Be it the big and tall suits or any garment for that matter you just have to find the one that works for you and then remember some tips that might help you pull it off like a star. We are here to provide you with some of these tips which might help you confidently work the look.

We will start with the big and tall suits since it is the one that most people find problem with. While the suits are sleek garments whenever you see an advertisement for suits you will either see a slim man or a athletic built man. There is no room for the big and tall sizes making it hard for people to find the ideal choice when it comes to big and tall suits. Here are some tips that might help you while you purchase and style a mens big and tall suit.

The basic thing to note while purchasing a suit is the chest size. This is because of the fact that it is the standard one and when you increase the chest size then the suit size becomes bigger on the whole. This becomes a problem for men with big bellies since the chest size is small but the middle portion should be bigger to fit. When it comes to tall men your chest size might be small but the sleeves of the suit jacket might be shorter along with the length of the suit Jacket. These are only some of the problems that big and tall men face while purchasing for suits.

Blue Suit Thus while choosing the big & tall plus size suits we would suggest you to pay attention to the shoulder fit since it is the one that is hardest to alter. This rule applies for almost any garment like big and tall blazers, big and tall trench coat and more. The suit jacket or the coat should extend only slightly above your natural shoulder bone (one or 2 inches). There shouldn’t be any wrinkles where your shoulders fit and you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. If you find these problems then the garment is small for you and you need to find a bigger size.

There are a lot of details to note while buying a suit other than the fit. But know that the fit matters the most since even a cheap suit while being well fitted can impress the viewers while a ill fitted expansive big and tall dinner Jacket would offer a sloppy look. Thus take some time to pay attention to these details and then make the perfect choice.

While purchasing the suit it is recommended for the big and tall men to go with the single breasted suits. Other than the fact that the single breasted big and tall notch lapel mens suits are more versatile the mens double breasted wool suit can make the wearer look wider and show gaps in the middle. Thus avoid going with the double breasted styles and Instead choose the standard ones like the 2 or 3 button single breasted big and tall suits.

olive Suit Navy Suit Black Suit Gray Suit

Big and tall mens suits with side vents serve you better when compared to the middle vent suits since it can gap and leave the rear portion exposed. As for the big and tall suit pants go with the cut that would make them sit on your natural waist. Usually men use belts but for a big and tall person suspenders might do a better job. It would offer you more room and would not be uncomfortable while you sit down. Also it is recommended for you to go with the mens pleated suit pants since they are comfortable to wear and offer more room for the legs.

As for the 3 piece suit look it is recommended for the big and tall men. big and tall 3 piece suit mens would be a good style since they are more formal than the 2 piece suit style and the vest can slim down the look for the wearer. You can also include patterns for the slimming down look. For example mens pinstripe vested suit is a cool style since it the stripes along with the vest can give you a slimmer and taller look. If you are ready for a bolder style then we would suggest you to go with the big and tall mens plaid pattern suit. As for the overcoats the length matters the most. It is always recommended for the big and tall people to go with the long overcoats like the big & tall cashmere topcoats and such. Even if the length is too much you can alter it by taking it to the tailor.

  • Size range is endless
  • Suits can be custom stitched for a perfect fit
  • Don't compromise over style for size.