> Spread Collar


A typical spread collar shirt is the one that has the spread, or distance between the collar points, is wider than usual. The neckline point length is noteworthy as well. Though this kind of collar has been gaining popularity off late due to its rich history, not everyone can wear shirts with spread collar as it does not suit everyone alike. According to fashion designers, men with thin or narrow face structure are the ones who will look good with them on while men with a rounded face or fuller face might have to stay away from them. The medium spread and wide spread collars are the two important varieties of spread collar in fashion. Just like the he pocket square, hat, and custom suit, spread collars have stood the test of time and is seen as a classic model that is loved by men who crave for a different look.

Men who are interested to show themselves a bit more muscular can go for these collars, remember that men who are already big would look really large with them on. Just take a look at the collection of spread collar shirts we have here and choose the one that will change your look in a jiffy.