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Winter season is nearing and it is time that you start stocking up your wardrobe with the winter garments that will get you through the season without freezing. The type of winter garment that you want to purchase will greatly depend up on the usual intensity of the winter in the area that you live in. Now another mistake that most men often make is to start purchasing for these garments only after going well into the season. Why we say that it is a mistake is because of the fact that all the stores tend to stock up for these garments well into the start of the season and thus the people who start purchasing before the start of the season so that you can get the most options out there. While you go after the start of the season the styles are often cleared out and thus you are often left with the left out styles in the stores. So it is best to go purchasing well into the start of the season and also at the times when the stores offer great deals in the festive seasons.

When it comes to winter garments, outerwear is one of the most important ones. Outer wear are garments that you wear over your outfits so as to keep warm. While these garments when starting out were mainly designed for their insulation properties times have changed and some of these garments now come out with the only purpose of it being a fashionable wear. There are many types of outerwear that you can choose from and some of them are overcoats, topcoats and jackets. It is always best to know the styles that are available in the market and how to style them so that you can easily choose the style that fits your taste and personality the best. With all these styles you get different looks and thus this article mainly focuses on knowing all about these styles.

Overcoats are basically long coats that are worn over the outfits and like most of the outer wear they are mainly designed to keep the wearer warm from the cold and other outwardly elements. The classic overcoats are one of the most fundamental winter garments out in the market and thus if you already don't have one in your wardrobe or need a new one then it is time for you to get one before the temperatures start dropping.

Another thing that greatly aids the use of the overcoats is the versatile property of the garment. If your overcoat is of the proper thickness you can use them simply as a fashion wear even in the slightly warmer months thus not restricting them to a particular season. Thus when you select the overcoat you will have to think about the purpose of it and thus you need to select the details of the garment properly. Some of the most important characteristics that you will have to keep in mind while choosing is the fabric of the overcoat and the thickness of it.

Before we go into these deciding characteristics we need to clear the doubt that most men have. Now that we know the basics of overcoats one garment that is often confused with the overcoats is the topcoats. Both are mostly same in structure and the difference is majorly based on the small details in the two garments. The main difference that you can easily note when it comes to these two styles is the weight of the fabric. While the overcoats are majorly designed for their insulation properties and as winter garments it is not the case with the topcoats.

The topcoats are basically lightweight overcoats and are majorly used as fashion garments. These topcoats are also worn over the outfits since it is also an outer wear. The next difference is the length of the garments.

The overcoats mainly come in two different lengths - full length overcoats and the 3/4 length ones. The full length overcoats tend to extend up to the knee portion or sometimes even a few inches below the knee. The 3/4 length overcoats are shorter ones and these overcoats mainly end in the thigh portion that is few inches above the knees. Full length overcoats are the most formal style out of the two and the ones that are most preferred between the two. Now as we said before another major difference between the overcoats and the topcoats is the length. As we explained above overcoats come in two different major lengths but that is not the case with the topcoats. Topcoats mostly come in shorter versions that end at or above the knee portion and never extending below it. But the main difference is the weight of the garments and that the topcoats are the lighter ones.

Now coming back to the details the main thing that you will have to note while purchasing for the overcoats or topcoats is the fabric from which the garment is made from. For this the main thing is the purpose of the garment. If you are thinking of getting overcoats then the main function of it is insulation. Since the main purpose of these garments is to keep the wearer warm, the overcoats are often made from heavy materials like wool, fur and tweed which have great insulation properties. These materials do not let the heat pass through and thus keep the wearer warm regardless if the freezing temperatures outside. Again when purchasing for these garments then you will have to consider the place that you live in. As we said before if you live in a place where the winters tend to be mild then you can go with overcoats with less thickness. If the winter goes a little overboard then you can pair these overcoats with layers for getting the most out of it. On the contrary if you live in a place where the winters are harsh then you can go with thick overcoats. Wool is a good material and you can go with thicker overcoats. Now for a better performance you can choose the overcoats that incorporate fur into them. If you aren't comfortable with wearing full fur overcoats then you can go with overcoats that have partial incorporation of fur in the main places like cuffs, hoods and collars. These coats tend to give the most insulation at the points that you get cold the most. When it comes to topcoats the fabric of the coats are versatile. Topcoats are mostly lightweight and thus you can choose the coats with less thickness of wool or even of lightweight ones like the cotton and linen. As we mentioned before the topcoats do not greatly aid in the insulating properties and thus are used as fashion garments. Nowadays you can see a lot of young people wearing the topcoats even in the warmer months of spring and sometimes even summer. This is because of the fact that the topcoats or overcoats tend to elevate the outfit that you are wearing thus giving you a stylish look instantly. You can simply wear them over even the causal styles and look dressed up immediately.

There are many fabrics when it comes to mens overcoats and mens topcoat but the most popular fabric that is preferred by the people is wool. This is because of the fact that wool is easily available and also reasonably priced. Also you can get varieties of the topcoats and overcoats in the wool fabric when compared to the other fabrics. Wool is easier to process and you can get different weaves and thicknesses in them. Wool overcoats have good insulation properties and thus can keep you warm in the winter. Another thing that greatly influences the popularity of wool overcoats is that they are sturdy and can last for a long time with minimal maintenance. Cashmere is the luxury fabric that are softer and more comfortable than the wool. But this comes at a greater price and that is why the Cashmere is called a luxury fabric. But the thing with Cashmere overcoats is that these garments can easily wear out with repeated use. Therefore it is important that you know this and use them only for the special occasions and maintain them properly.

When it comes to the mens topcoats you can go with wool overcoats that are of lighter weight. If these overcoats are of proper thickness then you can use them as a fashion garment in the warm months and at the same time you can also use them as the insulating garment with layers in the slightly colder months.

The next thing that you will have to note is the style of the mens overcoats and the mens topcoats. There are main two styles - the single breasted overcoats and the double breasted overcoats. The single breasted overcoats are lighter than the double breasted styles and is the more versatile ones of the two. Young people tend to always choose the single breasted style if overcoats since you can easily pair them with both formal and casual outfits. The single breasted style of the mens overcoat can be worn for almost all events. Now coming to the double breasted style this is the one that is considered to be the more formal out of the two. These double breasted overcoats are thicker than the single breasted ones and mostly look great with the formal outfits like business suits and office outfits. These coats are often worn fully buttoned while on the contrast the single breasted styles are worn unbuttoned. It is always best to get the mens single breasted overcoats if you are getting your first overcoat. If you are a person who often suits up like on a daily basis then it is best to have a mens double breasted overcoat in your wardrobe.

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The next thing that plays a major role while purchasing for the mens overcoats or the mens topcoats is the color of it. As we said before you will have to consider the purpose of the overcoat and the time that you are going to wear the purchased garment. For example if you are purchasing the mens overcoat to be paired with formal outfits then it may be a smart choice for you to stick with the classic colors like black, charcoal and navy colored overcoats. Mens black overcoats is a good choice and the most versatile one among all. You can pair them with almost every color suit and it especially looks good with the formal suits hence it is one of the best option when it comes to suit overcoat. Mens grey overcoat is the next best option and the variety of shades available in them makes them a good choice. If you are strictly purchasing for formal outfits then you can go with darker shades like charcoal grey and such. But if you are thinking of wearing them as all purpose then you can choose from the lighter shades of grey and the ones that have textures one them.

Now when it comes to casual overcoats the choices are more compared to the formal ones. You can go with lighter color overcoats like mens tan coat, mens beige coat, mens cream coat and such options. Also you will need to consider the season for which you are purchasing. If for winter it may be best to go with mens dress overcoats in classic dark colors since the bright ones may pop out too much. But if for summer or spring you can go with brighter colors since they look great under natural light. This is why the topcoats mostly comes light and bright colors. Mens red overcoats, mens wool topcoat, mens long dress coats, mens slim fit coats, mens full length wool topcoats are some of the styles that we currently offer great deals on our online site.

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