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Winter is almost here and it is the best time to start your shopping. While shopping may itself be a tricky business what's more tricky is to select clothes that would work through seasons. This is especially important if you live in a place where the winter is not too harsh. If that is the case you may not want to spend a lot on very heavy clothing that would sleep in your wardrobe until the next years chilling temperatures set in. Dividing your wardrobe by season may look neat but is never practical since they would need constant maintenance because of its non usage. This may turn to be a hassle and thus it is better for both your wardrobe and pocket to select outfits that work through seasons.

When it comes to winter one obvious purchase you will have to make is the mens outer wear. When the winds turn cold it may be impossible to walk out in just suits or shirts even if they are of thick fabrics like wool. You will definitely need a mens outer wear that ward off the cold for you. There are many types of mens outer wear for you to choose from. Overcoats, jackets, vests, and even shawls come under the mens outer wear category since an outer wear is defined as any garment worn over your daily outfits to fight the cold or just for fashion purposes. Even if you have zero interest in clothings you will be definitely aware that there are n number of styles in each category thus giving you a lot of options. Now before setting out for shopping all you have to do is to know about the basic styles and the fashion trends thus making your selection easier. This article is a mens outer wear guide made just for you so that you can relax back and get to know the styles before deciding on the one that matches your style and taste.

As said before a mens outer wear is any garment that is worn over the day, evening and work attire for a period of time and it was originally worn to protect the wearer from adverse weather elements. Mens outer wear one of the oldest known garments to mankind and have been in existence even in the prehistoric times. While the term outer wear is relatively new the garments itself have been long been in history and in some areas of the world were simply used as a ceremonious wear without any major purpose.

Although there is no definitive proof the logical deduction is that the first mens outer wear garments were made out of fur skins. This was in the prehistoric times when man still opted to hunting for his food. He must have used all the remaining fur to create body wraps to ward off the cold since shelter was also not top notch at that time. As he progressed the style of mens outer wear also evolved. Most civilizations are known to wear capes and cloth wraps over their tunics. Soon this turned into a ceremonious wear and became a status symbol among the high classes.

Nowadays the mens outer wear have again turned to functional purposes but we still have that fashionable streak too though not applicable for most people. Mens outer wear now mostly consists of overcoats and jackets to a major degree. These mens outer wear are mostly made from thick materials which have good insulation properties. There is also variation in the thickness with layers coming in thick and thin ones that encourage the buyers to get a better mix and match that works through seasons. For example you can add layers with thin overcoat and can wear it through winter without getting pigeonholed to season wears. You can go with lighter outer wear as fashion wear even in warmer months of summer and spring. This way you will get the most out of your money and make your purchase cheaper than it was intended.

As for jackets some of the best styles available in the market are all versatile. The first thing you will have to consider is the weather condition at your place and the purpose for which you are purchasing this style. If you are getting the mens outer wear for formal purposes like to mostly wear with suits then overcoats might be a better choice. While you can go with jackets too, overcoats work well with formal wears than jackets. The next thing is if you live in a place where the winter gets harsh then it may be better to go with jackets that are thick and has fur incorporated into it. Now we know what you are thinking. No fur isn't an exclusive womens style and for long have been a major mens style. If you are still reluctant on going all fur then you can go with minimal usage. There are many mens outer wear that has fur incorporated into the main places like the collars, cuffs and hoods so that they keep the wearer warm from the cold winds and snow.

Parka jacket is one such style of mens outer wear which became famous around the mid 20th century. This original Inuit style was adopted by the United States army with its green camouflage color and fur lining. During the time of the Korean war, lighter models of this jacket became famous and after the end of the war like with many military styles this also became popular among the civilians. Nowadays as said before the mens outer wear brands are sticking to functionality than solely focusing upon fashion. Because of this these parkas are high on technical fabrics that are man made and are waterproof which is a good addition. As for the length of these jackets choose a style that reaches your mid thigh or knee length.

Down jacket is another unbeatable winter mens outer wear and is the one most favoured by ramblers and ravers since the nineties. The down jackets are heavy and offer incredible warmth thus making them a ideal choice for harsh winters. The jacket is made up of down feathers thus trapping your body heat inside. If you are going with this mens outer wear style then it may be better to select the ones that are cropped to the waist and in block colors so that you can easily pair them with any trousers. If you are a person who share concerns for the animal welfare then there are some mens outer wear brands that offer animal free alternatives.

Bomber jackets are a good classic choice of mens outer wear if you want something more stylish. The jackets have been in fashion for a long time but tend to take on different personalities at different times. This jacket was first designed for the pilots who were flying in open cockpits!!! at the war times so that they can remain warm while flying. This is where the jackets got its name. Go for a zipped front and sheepskin trim and for more flair add a heritage check. They are thin when compared to the above styles and hence you can add layers under the jackets but it is best to keep it light like a shirt or a knitwear. Also remember to get a fit of mens outer wear that accommodates the layering if you are leaning towards it.

As for the overcoats there are also a lot of styles to choose from. Like many other mens outer wear  garments these also have their origin from military. The major thing you will have to first decide on is the style whether you are going to get single breasted or double breasted styles. While the double breasted styles are best suited to be worn with formal styles like business suits and tuxedos, single breasted styles do not have such restrictions and are more versatile. This is why the single breasted styles are more preferred than the double breasted styles. But if you are getting these mens outer wear for especially warding off cold then you can go with double breasted styles since they are thicker than the single breasted styles.

Now if you are getting your first overcoat then it is better to go with single breasted styles since you can pair them easily with both formal and casual styles. And also the first one is best to be long one than the 3/4 length. Now if you are not too keen on getting very thick ones then you can go with a long wool coat of medium thickness. These mens outer wear are half for functional purposes and next half for fashionable purposes. These long coats are known to create dramatic silhouettes and look good with both formal and casual styles depending on the color you choose.

 If you need a more rugged warmer mens outer wear then duffle coat might be your choice. They are very warm and waterproof thus making them a obvious favourite. This is especially preferred by young men since they give out a smart casual vibe and is trending hard this seasons with the designers adding fascinating details into it. You can wear this coat with denim and embroidered knitwear if you stick with staple winter colors like black, grey, navy and camel.

Another recent addition to mens outer wear is the vests. While vests were out of style for a long time recent times have revived back the old style with many celebrities and models strutting down the runway donning the style. The vests have become a famous winter wear too. A vest is a versatile addition to your wardrobe and are starting to replace the light to mid weight jackets in many situations. Since the style is relatively new people are still not aware of the benefits of wearing a vest in chilly temperatures. Vests because of their sleeveless construction is looked down upon many people in area of providing warmth but it works better than many people realise. This is because of the fact that when your core temperature falls your body reduces blood flow to the extremities. If your core is kept insulated the blood flow is maintained thus in turn keeping you warmer. A vest with a long sleeveless shirt does just that and thus keeps you warm in cold temperatures.

There are many styles of vests to choose from with different insulation levels and different features like waterproof hoods and detachable pockets. If you want good insulation you will have to go with heavily lined and insulated vests while a light weight fleece vests may be good enough for milder temperatures. Also keep in mind the activities you are going to do with the vest on. If the activity that you indulge on is physically demanding and one which involves a lot of sweating then it may be better to go with light weight vests. This is because if the fact that vests are not like other mens outer wear that is like jackets or overcoats which you will most probably take off once you enter your workspace. The next thing you will have to note is the material of the vest. White fleece is a good choice because of its weight and breathability and they also retain more water if you are to face unexpected snow or rain. Now as for the colors it is better to stick with dark classic colors like black, brown and navy but you can also incorporate patterns into it. There are many sewing patterns when it comes to outer wear and choose the one that works best with your existing wardrobe so that you get the most out it. If for casual purposes you can go with lighter colors like grey, beige, tan and camel. These lighter colors also better accommodate patterns and textures than the darker ones. Now as for purchasing these mens outer wear is better if you have knowledge of quality stores near you or better yet online sites. Also know when the best sales are on and offers roll in like holidays like Black Fridays where you can get the most out of your money. Our online site gives out the best deals with the latest trends of mens outer wear available. We also house varied range of mens outer wear styles even in big and tall sizes which most shops and sites do not offer.