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Though this classic model tuxedos tails varieties were forgotten in between, they have started to gain importance and attention off late. Many celebrities are seen with tail coats of different structure and looks that goes with their personality and body structure.

A proper tuxedo tails is a coat variety with the front of the coat cut away, so that only the rear section is left, called as the tails. Fashion enthusiasts say that this sort of tuxedo tails were cut in this method to make horse riding comfortable to the wearer as most men used horses to travel in olden times. As time passed by, fashion designers began to design tailcoats of varying types as formal dress for both day and evening wear. In recent days, these tuxedo tails are mostly seen as coats worn with white ties for evening affairs. Tuxedo tails that you find listed below have different colour types, lengths and looks that allows you to choose from a wide range. We use authentic varieties of wool, rayon and silk for manufacturing these coats and have them tailored from professional tailors who do it with perfection. notch lapel tuxedos , shawl lapel, mandarin collar, black peak lapel, cut away tuxedo, 3 piece combos are some of the varieties we have in the display below.