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Grey And Black Suit

Grey is a great alternative to the usual black and navy suits that adorn your wardrobe. If you are having doubts then this is the perfect time to get one of these neutral colored suits since the professional world have never been more accepting for these casual styles. While navy is still the safest option with some key details the grey can still perform equally well as like the navy does.

First of all the color is highly versatile since it has a mid tone that is between white and black. This makes it easy to pair with other colors. If you select a tone that is between the two extreme shades like the one between cement and charcoal then the grey and black suit becomes both business and pleasure appropriate and also complements most of the colors in your existing wardrobe.

If you are going for strictly professional style then it is better to get a dark grey suit. If you are in for a smart casual look then you can go for lighter shades that work especially well in summer. You can also wear them with sweaters and such for a cool look. It is safe at all times to keep the grey and black suit to solid by avoiding the stripes and checks. If you are a fan of patterns then go with classic ones like pinstripes and window panes but it is best to keep them subtle.

When pairing the suits with shirts both black and white work well with grey. If you have patterns on the grey and black suit then go with the color of the stripes or the checks and match that color to your shirt.

The next thing you will have to focus on is the fit. The light colors always look good when they are of perfect fit. The jacket should hug the shoulders and should be cut slim in the waist. If you want to layer your outfit then choose the jacket one size bigger so that it is not too tight when fitting the layers. But it is always advisable to go with overcoats than to opt for layering. Black and navy overcoats look good with grey and black suits.

As for the jacket it is better to stick with classic styles like the notch lapel, two button styles with double vents since it is a foolproof choice. The sleeves of your jacket should be long enough to cover the shirt sleeves by leaving only a half to one inch of it to show.

You can also wear this grey and black suits in separates like wearing this grey trousers with a nice shirt or a roll neck sweater for a casual style. If you have a light grey colored suit then you can wear it with a t-shirt and your favourite pair of jeans or chinos. As for the footwear dark colors work well with grey and for formal styles go for classic Oxfords but when it comes to casuals you have variety of choices like the loafers to the trainers.