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Pick Stitched Lapel Suits for men

Pick stitching is a term that not everyone knows about. When you are buying a new custom made suit, the question of whether to go for a pick stitched suit or not will definitely arise. Pick stitching refers to small hand done stitching on the collars of the jacket (often referred to as the lapels), the breast pocket and the pocket flaps. Pick stitching is found in all branded suits and is often a mark of high-end quality suit. High class handmade suits are generally picking stitched. It is most often the choice of the designer and wearer as to where all on the suit the pick stitching has to be done. You will many a times find pick stitching on the suit jacket and also on the vest of a three piece suit. Wearing a three piece suit without a jacket in order to flaunt the style and design of the vest is prominent among men. Hence pick stitching is also done on the vest of a suit.

Men's pick stitched lapel suits are those that have hand done pick stitching on the lapels to add a customized look. The lapels can be of the same suit jacket fabric or can be made of separate fabric like satin to add a more designer look. Dinner jackets and party blazers often come with pick stitched satin lapels.

Pick stitched lapel suits are a mark of custom made design and wearing such a suit makes you look ahead in fashion and stand out in a crowd. Pick stitching is often done on premier fabrics that require attention in terms of design and styling.

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