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Tuxedo+Shirt+BowTie $189

Closer Style Jacket $350

Tuxedo Polyester Blend $99

Shawl Collar Tuxedo $179

1Button Shirt+BowTie+Vest $199

1Button Tuxedo $299

italian fabric Jacket + Pants $139

1Button Notch Tuxedo Jacket+Pants $155

White Tuxedo Dress Suits $109

Jacket Single Breasted $110

White Single-breasted $179

1button Shawl Single-breasted $229

The Ivory Classic $129

Breasted Mens Suits $149

Lapel Dinner Jackets $185

Worsted Vergin Wool $299

NEW Mens SUIT $249

Snow White Suit $139

White summer suit $295

Cream color jacket $199

Lapel Dinner Jackets $199

Tuxedo Single Breasted $149

jakcet & pants + Black Vest $185

Performance Blazer Jacket $139

Sport Coat Jacket $75

Exclusive Style suit $165


Weight Fabric Suit $295

White Men's Suit $149

White Dinner Jacket $125

Black Dinner Jacket $149

Ivory Mens Dress $125

White 1Button jacket $99

Black Dinner Jacket $139

White Dinner Jacket $99

Closer Style Jacket $49

Super Quality Tuxedo $65


White Blazer Jacket $65

White Dinner Jacket $99

Ivory Dinner Jacket $219

White Spring Blazer $155

Black Tuxedo Suit $65

Shawl Black $189

Unique Tuxedo Black $250

Shiny Sharkskin Suit $149

2Button Tuxedo Suit $199

2Button Black Tuxedo t $149

Slim Fit Jacket $199

Tuxedo ShoesBlack $75

1Button Black Tuxedo $165

1Button White Tuxedo $175

Red 2Button jacket $149

Giorgi White Jacket $199

Blue 2Button Tuxedo $149

Purple 2Button Tuxedo $159

Pink 2Button Tuxedo $595

Orange 2Button Tuxedo $495

Green 2Button Tuxedo $595

Blue 2Button Tuxedo $495

Black Shawl Tuxedo $275

Black Shawl Tuxedo $175

Gray 2Button Tuxedo $595

Tan 2Button Tuxedo $595

Lavender 2Button Tuxedo $395

Silver 2Button Tuxedo $595

Cream 2Button Tuxedo $595

Blue 2Button Tuxedo $199

Gray 2Button Tuxedo $395

Ivory 2Button Tuxedo $399

Navy 2Button Tuxedo $199

White 2Button Tuxedo $149

Lapel Ivory Cream jacket $165

Wool Peak Lapel Pure White $160

Pink 2Button Blazer $295

2Button Tuxedo Blazer $165

2Button Tuxedo Blazer $250

Slim Tuxedo Jacket Black $125

Tuxedo Black with Tan Lapel $125

Tuxedo Royal Blue Lapel $125


Dinner Jackets are great to get you a celebrity look on any occasion. Preparing for a party wear starts with dressing in coherence with your partner if you are planning to go as a pair. When invited to a dinner party, you might have to dress up match your partner so that both of you will look great together by complimenting each other. You can take some personal care and attention to the colour and theme you would like to reflect with simple stuffs like a matching bow tie to her evening gown. Apart from black and while, all other funky shade of different colours looks great for dinner jackets to give that magical look. Make sure to try out your dinner jackets timing in advance so that you have enough time to do the necessary changes like fittings or even buying another suit if the one you have is not good enough to be worn on that day. Combine good accessories to support your dinner coat and shoes, get everything that you want to make you look smart at Suit USA. The exotic leather shoe collections, accessories and suits you can find here is just enough to get you in to action.