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Scarface White Suit

If you are a fan of classic old films chances are that you already have watched the drug epic Scarface. The film released in 1983 was a remake of the 1932 gangster film and said to have taken inspiration from the life of Al Capone and received many awards for the lead actors. In the 1932 film the main character seems to have great wardrobe choices that matches the lifestyle of the gangster. He does not hesitate to show off the wealth that he had amassed and if you are already a fan the good news is you can easily imitate the scarface style.

In the older film in a certain scene the main character visits his concerned mother to show off his wealth. In this scene Tony wears a three piece white scarfacesuit and a black open neck shirt. In Scarface Al Pacino himself wore a three piece scarfacewhite suit with black shirt and black pocket square. His scarfacewhite suit was updated according to 80s trends. The jacket had notch lapels as opposed to the dramatic peak lapels in the old film. The jacket also has wide padded shoulders and has a single button closure. The jacket also had roped sleeve heads, two button cuffs, flap pockets and long double vents. He wears a black pocket square loosely puffed in the jackets breast pocket in a material that matches his shirt. The matching vest of the scarfacewhite suit is high necked with five buttons and he wears it with top four buttons fastened. As for the pants it is plain fronted and have flared bottoms with turn ups. The belt that he wears is black with gold buckle. As for imitating this look you can go with a three piece scarfacewhite suit. Go with single breasted jackets and black silk shirt.

Next scarfacewhite suit that he wears is for his meeting with Sosa. In this scene he is seen wearing a light cream scarfacewhite suit with thin pinstripes. The scarfacewhite suit jacket he wears is double breasted with 4x1 button front. It has peak lapels and stretch up to the padded shoulders giving it a exotic vibe. The jacket has no vent and fits him perfectly when buttoned in the front. He always wears the jacket buttoned and only leaves it open while sitting down. The jacket has jetted pockets in hips and welted breast ones where he displays his pocket square. The color of the kerchief matches with the red of the shirt but has polka dots on it. In this scene Tony wears a dark red silk shirt. He wears it unbuttoned on the top and is basically a large fit. The trousers have a flat front with low rise. He wears a leather belt with brass buckle.

All through the film the designer adopts to scarfacewhite suits as a show of the characters luxurious lifestyle. Though another possible explanation is the climate at which the film is set in they still echo the perfect gangster fashions in the 80s.