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Tony Montana White Suit

If you are a fan of old iconic movies you would for sure know about Scarface. The 1983 epic is a gangster film featuring a drug circle. The storyline of the film draws inspiration from the life of Al Capone. While the film itself was not that critically acclaimed it was a box office fit and also gained many awards for the actors in the film. The main character of the film is Tony Montana and he has become one of the legends in the Hollywood centre. Now if you are thinking of your Halloween costume at the last time Tony Montana is an ideal pick since it is easy to dress and also famous so that you would not have the awkward conversation of explaining your costume.

The first essential item that you will need to dress in the costume is a simple white suit. The main character of the film is seen wearing a number of white suits in many scenes thus showcasing his luxurious lifestyle. In the start of the film Tony enters Florida as a refugee from Cuba. Thus he starts out wearing loose fitting , short sleeved shirts due to his lack of cash. As his status starts to climb he is seen progressing to suits that too in white and cream mostly. This is intended to show off his wealth and the fact popular that you must wear your money.

The light colors like cream and white also represent the climate setting at which the film takes place since light colors look good under natural light. Apart from showcasing their wealth the costumes echoes the old gangster fashion. Thus the man is often seen wearing luxury suits and in a fashion that clearly states that he is a gangster and is not afraid to admit it.

In the scene in which he goes to visit his mother and of course flaunt his wealth he wears a white three piece suit with a black open neck shirt. The jacket is single breasted with a single button closure. It also has wide padded shoulders and notch lapels. As for the details it has long double vents l, two button cuffs and flap pockets. He has a black pocket square puffed in the breast pocket in a material that matches with his shirt material. The trousers are plain fronted with flared bottoms a reference to the style at that time.

In another scene where he meets with Sosa he wears a white suit with dark, thin pinstripes. He pairs this suit with a red shirt. The jacket is double breasted and has peak lapels. It has four white buttons in the front and three button cuffs. It has no vents and fits him properly without it being too tight. He wears a red patterned pocket square with the suit. He wears it properly with keeping it buttoned all the time except while sitting down. The trousers are flat fronted with a low rise. It is plain hemmed with slight flare and short break.