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English Style Suit

When it comes to suits it is an universal mens fashion garments and it is only right that it has many variations in its style in different regions. Now when we say variations we do not say that the whole structure of the suit differs as per the country. While the basic skeletal structure remains the same the people include some changes to it so that it fits their own taste and personality. Thus the suits have some style variations when it comes to the countries in which it is used. One such style of suits is the English style suits.

English style suits obviously has its origin in Britain and there is even a street which is believed to be the birthplace of the traditional British suit. The street is named after Lady Dorothy Savile and is said to exist from the 1700s. At that time this street was the well known residence of the political class and military people. Thus the merchants sensed the perfect opportunity and started selling all the luxurious goods near the street. At that time luxurious goods majorly involved high quality garments and intricately designed ornaments. Now all these garments were designed and tailored by greatest tailors of that time and one among them is the father of the now known English style suit. He was called Henry Poole and he was a well known tailor who had his workshop in Savile Row.

In the late 19th century Henry was ordered to create a tailless smoking jacket that is made of the same fabric as the tailcoat by the Prince of Wales himself. This design soon changed the face of what was till then considered the formal wear by the traditional high class. This style is what have carried through the time with persisting characteristics and now is known as the English suits style.

Now as for the English style suit cut there are some obvious details you can easily recognize. The jacket of the suit is highly structured which has thick shoulders featuring thick shoulder pads. The drape of the fabric is stiff thus giving you a very structured look as opposed to the lighter fabrics which accentuates the curves. This is because of the fact that the design at that time were mostly focused on the military officers and the nobles and hence structured jacket was the obvious choice at that time.

As for the fit the jacket is tailored so that it fits the body closely with sleeves ending closed and also has the provision of higher armhole. The cloth is mostly heavy in nature be it single or double breasted styles and usually comes with two vents.

The pants of the English style suits usually employ a generous amount of fabric. The feature a high waist with up to three pleats in design. This is because of the fact that these were originally designed for the elite and wealthy people and therefore abundance and extra are some of the obvious characteristics of the design concerned with it.