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British Style Suits

If you are a fan of suits then you may have known that there are different styles of it based on the nationalities. British style suits are known to be one of the best styles of suits out there and this article defines on what makes it special and unique. Each country has their own style of clothing and cut that meets their standards and is comfortable for the people in the certain place.

As for British style suits the devil is in the details. The jacket is mostly single breasted with two button front. As for the cut of the jacket it is tapered to the waist with a flared skirt. The jackets are mostly side vented and gives out a muscular, military like appearance. The armholes of the jacket are high and they always have unpadded or lightly padded shoulders. The fabric at the chest is draped with an extra inch of material at the chest and shoulder blades.

One of the most important thing we will have to discuss when we talk about British style suits is the drape. The above details are ones that collectively define British style but the basic one that screams British is the drape. So if you do not know already drape is the apex of suit silhouettes. Traditional British style suits were cut with an extra inch of cloth left in the chest area and the shoulder blades. This extra material is said to drape naturally from the shoulder without any particular stitching at the shoulders area. This is what gives the suits a muscular, military like look and thus drape is one of the most important aspect when it comes to British style suits.

Some may argue that the extra material will give the british style suit a sloppy look. But when properly tailored and only used in the chest and shoulder area it creates a muscular look which is only complemented by the tapered waist of the jacket. Also because of the extra fabric provisions it makes the jacket more comfortable because of the breathable space and also allows free movement.

Now if you are thinking on donning on a British style suit then it is a good choice since the Drape style suits most body types and accentuates the positives in the body shapes. The only time you will have to rethink is if you are a heavy set man. The extra fabric of the british style suit may further accentuate the bigger middle of the man. This type of british style suits is the best for skinny men since it can instantly give you a illusion of muscular build thus drawing attention to the silhouette. These suits also do good for the tall men since the long and muscular silhouette of the coat balances the tall mans stature. The british style suit also works if you are big all around since the build is not overly tight and keeps the wearer comfortable. While the British style suits look great on a short man you will have to consider choosing the ones that would make you look taller.