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Suit Color Combo

Suits are one of the staple wear when it comes to mens garments. Be it for any formal events or office wear it is one of the foolproof wear in mens fashion. Therefore it is important to know how to choose the right colors and also combine them properly thus making your wardrobe useful. This is required because you would not want to wear same color of clothes thus making it boring and routine to dress.

Mens suits mostly as said before are used for formal events and as a office wear for corporate companies. Thus it is important to select the color of the suits so that they match their purpose. You can choose suits in colors of vibrant and exuberant shades for rotating them but you cannot use them as office wear. These colors may be best to be used for slightly casual settings like weddings and cocktail parties. Thus it may be best to build your wardrobe accordingly and also in a way that it is versatile to wear to all types of occasions.

For mens suits there are only three main categories - blue, gray and brown and in addition the shades of these colors. When it comes to formal wears like for business meetings and strict weddings it may be best to go with black suits. For these events it may be best to go with classic suit combinations like black and white. For most formal ones it may be best to go with black bow ties but otherwise you can go with neck ties. If you would like to go slightly casual in your dressing then black on black suit combo might work beautifully. Black suits with other exotic colors like burgundy, maroon, red and cream may be good choices but you can increase the luxurious feel with materials with sheen like satin or silk shirts.

As for the suits color combo that are purchased for office use then the best color is blue. There are many shades of blue which look good on suits thus making it a versatile pick. Also blue pairs beautifully with many colors thus making it a good pick when you want it work it with your existing wardrobe. As per your purpose for the suit you can select the shade that works for you. If for only formal purpose like for office use then it may be best to go with darker shades of blue. Navy is a good pick. As the purpose of the suit gets more casual the shades of blue can get lighter. There are some brighter shades of blue that looks elegant under natural light like royal blue and thus making it one of the best for weddings.

Grey is the next big color when it comes to office wear. They look good with most colors especially combining with blue thus making it a good choice for formal wears. Brown and shades of it are not that popular and still now mostly used for casual uses while the darker shades sometimes for formal use but still rarely.