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Suit Combinations

While the mens suits are nothing new to fashion world that does not mean that dressing in the garment should be boring. There are numerous ways to make dressing up exciting and fun especially in the present fashion conscious world. You just have to spend some time in selecting out the styles that match your taste and personality. Now when it comes to selecting the styles for suits one of the most important thing that you will have to consider is the color of it. Also you will have to make sure that you have the right combinations of it in shirts, ties and suits so that it looks perfect.

One of the useful things when picking out the color combinations for the suits is the color wheel. This helps as a rough guide when it comes to pairing your ties with shirts. You can Google the color wheel and find out that the colors on the same side are of similar tones while the ones opposite are of contrasting tones. The ties should be always darker than your shirts even if they are of the same color. Similar colors look good but varying the shade is the key. For example you wear a powder blue shirt then you will have to select darker shades of tie like navy since they look distinctively different. Complementary colors should be paired carefully and bolder colors when teemed together can look intimidating. At the same time, contrasting colors like red and blue are easy to pair and work well together.

If you want to go with the safe choice then select the traditional colors for the shirts. Some of the best picks for it are lighter ones like white, powder blue and pale pink. These colors look good when paired with most colors and thus offer you more options. If you are not too thrilled with always wearing solid color shirts then you can branch out by getting patterned shirts. It is a good choice but make sure to stick with traditional patterns which are simple and grounded like small checks or pinstripes. As for the ties the best options out there are the knitted and textured versions while the patterned ones are also available. These are the best for formal looks like when using it as a office wear. If for more casual use like for parties you can go with silk ties with classic prints like thick stripes and solid tones so that you can use them as combinations with many suits. Blue suit combination is a perfect pick and shades of it are important for its varied use. If for formal purposes then go with darker shades like navy and dark blue. If for more casual use then you can go with lighter and brighter shades like royal blue, sky blue and patterned blues. When it comes to tie combinations blue work well with almost all colors and the key is to pair darker suits with lighter ties and vice versa for best look.