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Old School Suits

There is no doubt in the fact that there are numerous styles and fashions in suits. Suits being one of the most important garment in mans wardrobe is right to have these many styles and varities. But actually contributes to this variety is that the suits is one of the oldest known styles of mens clothing. It has waded through time and that means it has seen evolution of people with time. And thus in turn means that it had gone through the evolution with the man. The styles through the years do not just fade out and with timely intervals revive in fashion or gets recreated in the present times. Even now there is a considerable amount of fan following for the old school styles even among the younger men. We also sometimes see these old school styles suddenly becoming the trend in recent years.

So if you are a person who likes to try out these styles then there are some basic points that you will have to keep in mind to rock these old school suit styles properly. The first thing that you will have to note is the fit of the school suit. Now if you are sporting this old school styles then skinny fits will never do as like the baggy ones. The fit of your old school suit should be in a way that it complements your body shape while still being comfortable to wear. To check the fit, wear them and see whether they bunch up around the waist when the jacket is buttoned. As for the trousers, if you pockets bunch up when you walk then know that you need a bigger size. In the same way if the fit is too baggy the excess material of the old school suit tend to drape thus appearing sloppy. If the jackets size is too big then the shoulders tend to be too big then it may slouch making your head look small compared to your body. As for the pants if it is too big then it will start to flap when walking. A well fitted old school suit will be comfortable to be in. If you are wearing a three piece old school suit, the vest of the suit should also be rightly fitted to your body when buttoned up.

The next thing you will have to note for old school styles is the right length. The length of your jacket should never exceed your thumb knuckle when you let your arms down on the sides. The length also mainly depends on the torso to legs ratio. The sleeves of the jacket also should end just before your shirt sleeves only allowing it to peek out a little when bending your arm like while checking out time in your wrist watch.

As for the color for old school suit styles you will have to stick with the traditional colors like black and navy. You can also add grey in the list for less formal events. If you are thinking of patterns better to keep it subtle.