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Old Style Suits

We all know that suits are a staple wear when it comes to mens garments. Suits are not anything new and have been in existence for a long time. This also means that they have survived the evolution and changes the man has gone through all these years. The suits all through these years of changes have in fact home through changes of its own but in very small measures. These variations while there are very small but the main skeletal figure of these suits have remained the same all through these years. This means the styles that were famous at old times would still remain relevant now. You can see the old styles often making a comeback especially in the recent times where the old vintage styles are taken into great interest.

All that being said these old styles are not for everyone. It may be a good choice for you if are a fan of the classic styles and are confident enough to pull it through in the constantly changing fashion world. For rocking these old styles it would be still better if you spend some time on selecting the styles. You can research some of the famous style icons who were popular for their styles at their time. Then fix on one who has a similar body type like your own or best match your personal style. Now carefully note how they carry themselves and the styles that suited them first. Also you can incorporate your own flair to these old styles without imitating it as such. It is even better to know the history of the style that you select and helps you perfect the style to a great degree.

Some of the old styles that are relevant even today and which you can rock without sweating too much are to be discussed in this article. Before going into that remember that whatever may be the style that you choose the fit of that suit matters. So try to stick with the classic fit so that you can perfect the vintage look.

Corduroy suits sometimes are typecast only for the old professors but it may be one of the best choice if you love minimalist styles. These old style suits are perfect for winter because of their insulating properties and best to be paired with black trousers and button up shirts. With these old style suits you can try out some elegant colors like burgundy, mustard and bottle green as an escape from the usual navy and greys.

Chalk stripe old style suits are sometimes confused with the pinstriped old style suits but they are different in the pattern. The chalk stripe old style suits have series of threads woven in stripes that resembles a chalk line or thin ropes. As for the difference the chalk striped are wider and thicker than the pinstripes and much more bolder. This is one of the best formal styles thus a double breasted old style old style suit with this design might do wonders for an office setting. Pick out good matching colors for the shirts and tie.