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Al Capone Suit

Al Capone must be the most famous gangster of all time. The man is not only known for his psychopathic tendencies but is also equally popular for his fashion choices. Though the man is from a whole century altogether his styles are still celebrated even now. He has many shows and films following his personality and lifestyle thus making him a fascinating figure in history. So what was this famous style that shines the spotlight on this famous long gone gangster. This article covers just that and more.

The man was born in 1899 in New York and was one among the nine children in his family. His parents were Italian immigrants and were hard working ones. While being a promising student he still got expelled from the school since he was not too thrilled with the rules. Then he joined some local gangs and then rose with struggle to power at the age of 26.

Now coming back to the style of this gangster he was a very heavy set man and was reasonably tall like he was made to into intimidate people. He even had the nickname called Scarface since he had three scars on his cheek. In spite of all this the suits that he dressed in were very elegant and perfectly gentlemanly. Being one of the most famous gangster of his time, he was always known to go with the finest and most expensive things whichever he laid eyes on. Even today when anyone mentions Al Capone the signature look that crosses the mind is he in dark three piece suits with fedora hat and cigar in his mouth. He favoured pinstripe or chalk striped suits and was often said to imported the finest silk and blended fabrics from Italy.

If you are thinking of imitating his style then the best way is to stick with double breasted Al Capone suits. All these Al Capone suits were three piece ones and also had wide lapels and the trousers were full cut to incorporate his form. He was mostly known to stick with dark colors like charcoal and navy but when he was in Florida he was also known to switch to summer colors like tan, beige and cream.

As for the details of the jacket, they usually had flap pockets and he was also known to be a great fan of pocket squares. As for the hats he always wore Fedoras in light colors and sometimes also was seen wearing Panama hats with his dark colored Al Capone suits.

As for the shirts he mostly wore white shirts with long point collars and tie space. He was also known to love bling items like diamond rings and shiny things thus always wore cufflinks with his shirts. As for the ties were mostly of silk fabrics and also incorporated some sort of patterns like polka dots, stripes, weaves or any micro patterns. They were mostly in contrasting colors like dark grey, blue or red. As for the overcoats he always wore heavy wool ones.