> Mens Khaki Linen Pants

Khaki is a good color when it comes to mens outfits. They are the best for smart casual dress codes and is now being accepted as one of the formal colors in many office and work environments. The khakis like most of the menswear famous garments have its origin from the military fashion. They actually come from the famous color of the garments that have the same name as this color. Mens Khaki linen pants have a casual swagger to it which can be a good choice for men who does not like to wear jeans. Chinos are considered to be slightly dressier than the khakis. The mens linen pants has its origin in India when in 1848 its first documented usage is seen. Soon all the English regiments that were stationed in India were commissioned to wear this mens khaki linen pants keeping in mind their comfort. The color of this mens linen pants were originally white but they almost soiled immediately in the field. So soon the color of the mens linen pants changed to dirt color so that even after dirtying it does not show much and did not require frequent cleaning. The Khaki in Hindi means dust colored which explains the color. Soon the mens khaki linen pants entered the British style and stayed here.

This dust color soon got adopted to other fabrics other than the mens khaki linen pants itself. The khaki became the major color of the British army due to its functionality and also the camouflage it offers while fighting in the field or in the trenches. They even played with the shades and even adopted shades of darker hues with a green touch so that it blends with the forest surroundings. Soon it became the defining color of the military garments and shades of it got adopted by armies in different parts of the world.

Linen is a favourite summer fabric since it is lightweight and is made of natural fabric. They were one of the oldest fabric and were first seen used in Egypt about even 4000 years ago. They are made from the fibres in the stalks of the flax plant and since it is long this makes the fibre strong and durable. Also the fabric is conductive making it cool to touch. The fabric also have good moisture absorbing properties making them evaporate moisture faster than even cotton thus making them a good fabric to be worn when you expect sweaty days.

Linen has been a casual fabric for a long time best for summer parties and weddings but recently they have been increasingly accepted as a workwear because of their practical purposes. When the linen garments be it jacket or mens khaki linen pants or the whole suit, if it is of the appropriate style then they can pass as a smart casual easily. Khaki is a good color when it comes to formal wear. Mens linen pants can be used as separates and pairing them with other shades of the same color or a different color say blue or navy is a good combination.