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Mens Gray Linen Pants

With the hot weather approaching all the wool clothes in your wardrobe may start to feel stuffy. Actually there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing. But with the scorching temperatures it is harder to remain cool without sweating through the day like a pig. Now if you do not be careful while choosing the fabric for summer then it makes your body hotter and making it harder to get through the day. Therefore it is better to choose the fabric that has better breathability. Heavier fabrics like wool and cashmere have little pockets by nature which trap air and thus keeping the wearer warm. Now for summer you should choose a fabric that has good conduction properties that allows free movement of air.

Now linen is a fabric which perfectly satisfies all these criteria and thus is one of the best summer fabric. Also make sure to wear lighter colors since the darker shades tend to absorb heat more thus making the wearer still more hotter. Now if you want to keep yourself cool then it is better to exchange some of your woollen garments with some of the linen equivalents. Get the basics like shirts and pants in these fabrics so that you can get through the summer without getting grilled.

Now one of the major concerns with summer is wondering what to wear to office. The formal wear mostly are in wool and this does not work greatly like it worked in winter or fall. Now many may argue against linen as a work wear since it has a reputation of crumpling easily. But this creasing is a part of linen and gives it a lived in look which can never look shabby. Also most of the organisations now allow its employees to prioritize comfort over the dress codes. As long as you wear your outfit with a decent look it passes.

Now for work wear grey is a great color if you are already bored of the usual black and navy. Grey has a added benefit of working well with blue which is like the basic of work wear. Mens grey Linen pants are a good option to tackle the summer and grey in this makes it passable as a office wear. Now you can try on lighter shades of grey since they look still look formal which is a hard feat for other colors lighter shades.

For a proper office look try on a darker shade of mens grey linen pants with a light blue button down shirt and a dark blue suit jacket and complete the look with a pair of brown leather Oxford shoes. For a more casual party look pair the mens grey linen pants with a white crew neck t-shirt and a pair of black leather sneakers. You can also try on shirts with patterns and prints for a more relaxed look. For a summer wedding look don on mens grey linen pants with a white long sleeve shirt and a grey blazer with appropriate accessories.