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Casual groomsmen attire

Do you have your friends' wedding coming up? Would you like to try something amazing and exciting that will grab the attention of the crowd? Well at any wedding, the bridesmaid and the groomsmen are the next set of people who grabs the attention of the crowd. Everyone is interested in knowing the grooms friends and the bride's friends. Everyone also notices what kind of attire they are dressed in. In order to make the attention grab worthy and interesting, groomsmen choose to get dressed in same attires and are often seen around the groom. Hence it becomes very evident for the crowd to identify the groomsmen at a wedding.

  • Casual dress shirt and pant combination -

There are various concept ideas available for the casual groomsmen attire. A young group of groomsmen could choose to get dressed in classic linen shirts of the same color with matching dress pants. The linen fabric makes the dress shirts look royal and sophisticated, at the same time renders a comfortable and casual feel to the wearer. Color combinations like white and beige, white and sand are some of the best options to go for, in a beached themed or church wedding. You can choose to keep the shirt casual without tucking it in with the dress pant. This combination looks elegant, cool and simple.

  • Casual groomsmen attire with a touch of men's accessories

On the other hand, if you are fond of wearing men's accessories like belts and cuff links, you can choose to go for the same dress shirt and matching dress pant combination, by tucking in the shirt with pant and adding a stylish leather belt that highlights the look of the groomsmen outfit. Do not forget to compliment the color of the shoe and the watch with the color of the belt. This completes and compliments the overall look of the attire.

  • The suspender look for groomsmen -

Some men might consider the dress shirt pant and belt to be very common. For them it might seem to be a general dress style for regular office days. In those cases if you are looking to grace the look with some extra ordinary features, then consider wearing the suspenders. Suspenders look great with a simple casual dresses shirt tucked in with matching dress slacks for men. You can also add the belt or cuff links as an add-on to the outfit. Suspenders are generally dark in color than the color of the shirt, in order to look visible and highlighting. While you choose to wear a shirt, pant and suspender, you can consider going for either a checkered shirt or a plain dress shirt in fine linen fabric. The choice entirely depends on the taste of the wearer. If you are considering a checkered, pinstriped or some printed style shirt, you can make the look more casual by adding a cap or hat as an add-on accessory. Anything that is done in uniformity makes it look good and different.

  • Adding a wait coat to the groomsmen outfit -

If you would like to go slightly towards a richer and royal look, then you can consider wearing a dress shirt, matching pant, a classic vest and a matching neck tie. There are a number of options that you can play with when it comes to the vest. You can experiment with the color of the vest. Choose a contrasting colored vest that goes well with the dress shirt. When it comes to the style of the vest you can either choose a single breasted vest or a double breasted style vest. Generally vest sets and groomsmen attire sets come with matching neck tie options. Hence you can complete the overall look with a simple and elegant neck tie.

  • The complete groomsmen costume -

For all the groomsmen who are looking for extremely high level complete set of groomsmen attire, you can consider going for a dress shirt, a matching dress pant, a classic design vest, a matching neck tie and an overall casual jacket. If you choose a formal set for this kind of option, it would more or less make the look of a complete three piece men's suit. Hence it is advisable to wear a classic, casual sport coat style jacket that will look different and suit the groomsmen attire as well. You can also consider wearing denim fabric jean pants instead of the regular men's dress pants.

  • Buy casual groomsmen attire online -
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