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Groom and Groomsmen Wedding Attire

Weddings are interesting and exciting events in life. Everything set for the big day, all involved to be a part of the wedding start to decide on what to wear and where to buy from. Unlike the traditional old days, where only the bride and the groom were the center of attraction, these days the bridesmaids and the groomsmen too are really conscious about the wedding attire they will be wearing for their friend’s wedding celebration.

With destination wedding and theme based weddings upcoming, everyone is focused on getting dressed as per the location and the theme of the wedding. When it comes to the bride, there are multiple options that they have to choose from. Whereas when it comes to the groom, the suit and the tuxedo are the only two outfits to play around with. Yes the groom can opt for the best style, design, pattern and color for the suit or the tuxedo that he chooses to wear. The groomsmen are even more excited and happy to get dressed for their groom friend’s big day. These days the groomsmen choose to wear same or similar outfits, to be identified and called as ‘the groomsmen’. So is the case with the bridesmaids.

If the wedding is an outdoor event with a beach theme, the groomsmen can be seen wearing attractive tuxedo shirts with short pants, just in order to adhere to the beach wedding theme. Indoor church or marriage hall weddings can be suitable for the groomsmen to be dressed in suits. In either of the cased everyone wants unique and exclusive ideas to dress up in. when it comes to the groomsmen attire, we at Suitusa offer exclusively attractive styles and pattern sin the groomsmen attires.

The classic options for groomsmen to dress:

Some of the groomsmen dress ideas at Suitusa include:

  • Getting dressed in casual white dress shirts with tan/beige colored 3/4th pants
  • Wearing suspenders, on white tuxedo shirts and matching colored pants
  • Pants and contrasting colored blazer jackets with regular neck ties
  • Regular dress shirts with matching dress pants and neck ties
  • Dress shirt with vest and tie along with matching colored dress slacks
  • Simple shorts and shirt sets
  • Dress shirts with pants and bow ties
  • Full set that includes pants, dress shirts, suspenders and neck ties.
  • Simply plain suits for men

By groom and groomsmen attires online

We at Suitusa undertake bulk orders for groomsmen attires online. We offer huge discounts on products purchased in bulk. You can brose this category at Suitusa to choose the best look of the groomsmen attires and call us to place the order. We make shopping easy, simple and convenient for you. You can also choose to buy the groom’s attire that contrastingly matches with the groomsmen attire. If you are interested in buying the groom’s suit or tuxedo separately, you will find them as well at Suitusa. You can browse the wedding collection for groom to buy tuxedos, men’s wedding suits, wedding blazers, wedding shoes and all other men’s accessories for wedding.