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White Linen Suit

Mens SuitsPerfect for any summer occasion, linen suits are a classic attire. Despite the fact that, these suits are a great addition to any wardrobe, a notable feature of this attire is the practicality in dealing with heat as linen breathes extremely well and feels light to wear.

Though the preferences of color vary from person to person, these suits quickly became a seasonal staple for men. Above all, the linen suits have become a symbol for wealth and status. One can make an ever-lasting impression with crisp, clean linen suits. White linen suits are a must-have in every gentleman's wardrobe.

While the characteristics of the suit are renowned, knowing how to wear linen is very important. In view of the fact that, professionals always prefer a trendy look, it is advised that you prefer navy blue or sky blue paired with a striped shirt. Even though wearing full linen suit is a good choice, considering it with a contrasting combination can bring out a classic yet contemporary look. On the other hand, if you want to exude an elegant casual look go for a brown linen suit with a white pastel green shirt with a bow tie.

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As the summer heat catches up we inadvertently turn towards linen to find some relief from the constant sweating. Be it formal clothes like suits or summer casuals like shorts and such linen is one of the best materials to get through the summer with. With the summer approaching you will also have a little more option in the colors that you choose. Lighter and brighter colors might not work too well in winter but summer is more accepting. Suits of pastel shades and brighter colors is a great look for the summer use. White linen suit is one among them and here is everything that you need to know about it and it's styling.

Before delving into the topic you will first have to understand why linen is considered to be the savior of summer. Linen is one of the oldest natural fabric known to mankind. It has many properties that make them desirable for summer use. Linen is a material that is extracted from the fibers of the flax plant. These fibers are usually got from the stems of the flax plant and thus are woven in a straight line and long in nature. This makes the linen fibers hard to break thus making them durable.

Light Weight Linen Suit 2 Button Flat Front Linen Suit Double Breasted Linen Suit Summer Linen Suit

As for the history of linen it is said to had it's origin in the ancient Mesopotamia. There were findings that the ancient mummies were buried while shrouded with linen. Even after centuries of its burial the linen clothing were found to be intact even today. The durability aspect of the linen garments can offer no better proof. The Egyptians are known to be the first ones who mass produced linen and they even traded the linen as currency. Linen also have references in Bible especially the one in new testament that states that angels wear linen. Flax plants grow well in France and Belgium since the environmental conditions are the best in these regions for the plant to grow. Other than this the plant is also grown in China, Canada and Italy. These linen fabrics are exported to different countries where it is later turned to linen garments.

Linen is similar to cotton in many aspects but in some ways is considered to be even better than cotton. Since linen is a natural fabric it has great Breathability and thus is best for summer use. Cotton also has great Breathability properties but what makes linen better is their low moisture retention time. While the cotton retains the moisture for quite some time linen tends to evaporate it fast into the atmosphere. This helps a great deal for summer since sweating is one of the major problems that we encounter in the season.

Linen has a disadvantage that most people argue against. Linen when bought new will have a slightly stiff nature and can easily crumple. This is one of the major aspects why linen suits are avoided for formal use. Thus it is best to reserve the linen suits for semi formal and casual use. Another aspect where the linen is recommended a great deal is the travelling. While you pack for your summer vacation it is best to throw in one or two linen garments since they give a comfortable look for the hot days. Linen is a naturally white fiber and thus is an ideal fabric to make white suits. linen suits are the ones that are most recommended for summer use since the white color might be too eye catching for gloomy seasons like winter and fall. But with all the natural light pouring in during the summer white looks great without standing out too much.
Weddings are a great option to style the mens linen suit to. Nowadays many weddings are held in summer and spring with most being held outdoors. Events like beach weddings and garden weddings are great places to style the mens linen suit. There are a lot of ways in which you can style the mens linen suit. If you know how to style it right mens linen suit can be a versatile garment. Depending on the event that you are attending you can style the mens linen suit with many other garments.

A linen suit is considered to be a hard style to pull off and also to style. But if you want a perfect look you can get to know the basics of styling it and the rest becomes easy from there. Mens linen suit has a understated elegance to it which makes you look like you are making a fashion statement without trying much.

As mentioned before to safely pull off the linen suit look you will need to consider the event that you are styling the mens linen suit. For example if it is a formal event then you can pair the linen suit with a proper dress shirt and tie combination. But linen suit also has the undeniably cool look which can be achieved by pairing the white linen casual suit with a tank top or a tshirt. If you are thinking of getting mens linen suit then here are some tips that can help you in the process.

For a formal look you can pair the single breasted white linen suit with a light blue dress shirt and Navy skinny tie. For a little more dressy look you can pair the white linen double breasted suit with a white dress shirt and a black skinny tie. When you are intimidated by the all white look then you can ground the outfit by pairing it with black velvet loafers. The double breasted linen suit with matching black buttons on it can give you a nice look when paired with a black tie and black pocket square. If you are the groom and you are going with the beach wedding then this attire is one of the best choices to go with.

White Single Breasted Jacket Other than this another look that is wedding groom worthy is the white linen three piece suit. A three piece linen suit paired with a light pick dress shirt and black velvet tie gives you a formal look that makes you look elegant. When it comes to beach weddings the weather can get hot as the event progresses. If you are starting to sweat you can lose the jacket but with the vested linen suit in place the look still remains formal. The two piece linen suit is a much more relaxed look and you can style it if you are the guest to the summer weddings.

Another thing with styling white linen suit for summer weddings as a guest is that you should check whether the dress code in the invitation accommodates it. Some grooms tend to go with linen suit and for these events they mention in the invitation that guests avoid wearing it. When you get an invitation with these types of dress codes make sure that you follow it without straying away too much so as to not steal the thunder from the couple on their special day.

Other than the weddings other events that you can style the linen suits are the summer parties and cocktail events. A linen suit paired with a light blue dress shirt with the first few buttons open is a good laid back look for these type of events. You can complete the look by pairing the outfit with brown patent leather loafers. Pastel pink and blue dress shirts look great when paired with the white linen suit and you can use it to tour advantage.

For a still more casual look you can pair the linen suit with a casual printed shirt. For example a peak lapel linen suit paired with a cream casual shirt and gold colored loafers is a great look for the Friday night at an expensive club. You can add some spice to the outfit by pairing the white linen suit with patterned shirts. A notch lapel linen suit paired with a mustard colored striped tank top is a perfect casual style. You can add a slim belt and a pair of white and brown low top sneakers to complete the look.

Some still argue about the wrinkles on the linen suit but considering it to be a natural aspect of linen clothing is one great way to embrace the style. Linen is stiff while newly bought but with wash get soft and give out a lived in look. For a casual day around the city you can pair the double breasted men white linen suit with a white tshirt and leather sandals. But if you are styling the suit for formal use it is best to iron it properly before wearing it. A white linen shawl lapel suit paired with a white dress shirt and light brown leather loafers is a great look for any formal event that requires you to dress up.

Linen Double Breasted Blazer Other than the light colored dress shirts like white, pink and blue you can go with dark colored shirts that provide a nice contrast to the mens linen suit. A mens linen suit paired with the burgundy dress shirt and burgundy velvet loafers is a great look to start with. A single breasted linen suit paired with a red dress shirt and light brown tassel loafers is a refined look. For a still more dressy look you can pair the mens linen suit with a black dress shirt and Navy fringe leather loafers. You can add accessories like a white wool hat and gold watch. A linen suit paired with a olive green dress shirt and brown leather driving shoes is a great look for a versatile wardrobe. When you go with the dark colored dress shirt it is recommended for you to go with silk shirts or satin shirts. The material when paired with dark colors will give you a rich and dressy look that will contrast well with linen suit.

While going with the double breasted mens suit it may be a good choice to go with the ones that come with different colored buttons since they give you a distinguished look that makes the double breasted style apparent to the viewer.

For example a linen suit with gray buttons paired with a matching gray dress shirt is a nice tonal look. You can complete the look with a pair of dark brown Oxford shoes.

If you are intimidated by the all white look you can opt to go with separates. A linen suit jacket paired with a white dress shirt, Navy jeans and burgundy striped tie us a sleek and sophisticated outfit. Other than this you can pair the linen suit jacket with a white v neck tshirt and Navy jeans. You can complete the look with a pair of blue canvas derby shoes. You just have to make sure that they are of right fit.

Another important thing that you will have to note when purchasing the suit is getting the right fit. The lighter colored garments especially the suits tend to attract much attention since they are not very common. Thus it is important that you need to go with perfectly fitted linen suits that accentuates your body type. It is always recommended to go with a slimmer fit if you are in doubt. A white linen skinny fit suit paired with a beige crew neck tshirt and white leather low top sneakers is a great tonal look. For a little more formal style you can pair the white linen slim fit suit with a black dress shirt and black velvet tassel loafers. If you want a roomy style then you can go with white linen classic fit suit since they have a little more bigger cut when compared to the slim fit and skinny fit suits.

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