An exclusive guide for men on how to wear a Suit Jacket

Every man's wardrobe will have a suit jacket and here is a guide on how to wear it. We know pretty well that suits are in existence for quite a long time as formal attire. There is a great versatility when you possess a suit jacket as it goes well with many other outfits.

How to wear a suit jacket?

Choose a totally formal outfit and pair it with jeans, it won't work. In that case, you need to grab a sports jacket in dark shades and pair it with a pastel or black jeans. Wear brown shoes or loafers and enhance your look with a dress shirt. Now you can carry off a casual look with ease.

The tricky way is combining this outfit is with a blazer. Black blazers are classy and evergreen. So if you happen to carry off a suit jacket in the same way, then you will look stunning. Make sure you wear a pair of black shoes and white dress shirt with a black tie. If you like to experiment, then go for vibrant shades and you will stand out from the crowd. Stick to black jeans and always have them in your wardrobe as it goes well with all outfits. Grey suit jacket is informal and you can wear it occasionally in the evenings. You can pair it with dark blue jeans in denim or classic cream colored chinos. Grab a pair of tan brogues to complete this look. Gold suit jackets can be worn with a navy blue jean. The pocket squares can be in the navy and black or navy colored suit goes well with gold. Vivid shades are perfect for summer and you can try patterned ties to get a formal look. The black and gold suit jacket goes well with almost all pastel shaded pants; you can wear any colored pant like grey, beige. Don't choose a dark shade like navy as it becomes too flashy. Silver suit jacket can be matched with a black tie and choose shirts in formal shades.

The order of buying

  • Concentrate on buying a suitable tie to match your suit and jacket. Tie is one of the important accessories and needs utmost care while purchasing a tie set. Purchase a jacket in neutral shade or solid colors so you can match it with every other attire in your wardrobe. The shade should be versatile enough to complement with other hues.
  • Next purchase a shirt in white or blue tones, in case your wardrobe doesn't have pink, grey and other subtle colors; start purchasing them. These shades never go wrong and can be complemented with jacket easily.
  • Ties are quite expensive and it depends on the fabric in which it is manufactured. Keep in mind about the patterns of your jacket and shirt should go well with the tie. Deep blue, olive green, royal purple are few shades that every guy should posses in his wardrobe. These can coordinate with a large collection of your pastel colored shirts and simple patterned jackets.
Rules to be followed while wearing this outfit
  • Tight fitted suit
  • Take proper chest measurement, your sleeves and other parts should be fit.
  • Buttoning
    There are two types of buttoning, single and double. The single is the simplest form whereas double is you can either fasten or use it. The first button shouldn't be undone.
  • Make sure your jacket fits properly.
Choose your favorite blazer from your wardrobe and place a suit jacket next to it and look out for detailing. Look out for the following details.
  • Buttons: Blazers have contrasting buttons, whereas the suit jacket doesn't. For e.g. navy blazer will be designed with gold buttons.
  • Pocket styles differ. Patch pockets are found in blazer whereas slim pockets are designed in suit jacket.
  • Fabric is yet another important difference. Wool, cotton, linen are usually fabrics used to manufacture a suit jacket. They can be paired with chinos or jeans. The blazer should be worn with same fabric as the trouser.
  • Pattern: Patterned suits are usually worn by men with good fitness. Colored pants go well with patterned suits. Pinstripe pattern is very formal and that pattern has to be avoided when you wear a suit jacket. Choose plaid pattern when you wear this outfit.
  • Determine the width of the lapels on your jacket. The buyer should keep in mind that the tie should resemble the lapels.
  • Wear different colored jackets by coordinating with different colored pants.

Different ways of using a suit jacket

Navy blue is a shade that can be used for both formal and casual events. The buttons can be replaced with any color and your blazer is ready. If your outfit is black, you can use it as night sport jacket. Light grey is a rare shade and it can be worn in the night again. Purchase some pearl buttons and have it as handy to turn your suit jacket into a blazer. It can be used as sport coat. Upgrade your buttons and lapels. Usually you pair the jacket with denim jeans. Dark shades are preferable when you sport a jacket. It creates a fashion ensemble. Consider the weather conditions, pastel shades go well with a solid colored blazers. The next thing you must pay attention to is the fitting of the jeans. It should be tight fit. If you need to pull off this attire, you must be fit enough. The body type is very essential and suits for broad-chested people. Jeans are informal and cannot be used as a formal wear, so keep that in mind when you wear it. Add a pocket square to enhance the look of the attire.

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