How to wear a vest and dress shirt in bold shades?

Vests are worn by men for different occasions; it is quite versatile and it can be paired with suit or pair of jeans and tees. Let's see how to wear this attire.

How to wear a vest?

For those who are bored of jackets and other clothing.
  • Try out a snug fit type of this attire along with a tight-fit shirt leaving the last button unfastened; pair it with jeans or chinos.
  • Pair it up with a suit and pant.
  • Micro-herringbone patterned vest and jacket will give an alluring look.
  • For slim men, long line type is ideal.

This outfit is available in various types; there are 3 kinds of vests.

Dress: is worn with jeans and shirt. It can be utilized along with a sport coat and complement your look with a flaunting pair of shoes.
Casual: These are available in different varieties of fabric material. Pair it up with a jacket, keep it simple and don't mess the look with too many clothes.
Sweater: Gives an uber cool look and it is an alternative to sweaters. Prefer a light fabric and choose dark hues. They can be matched with jeans, suit.

How this outfit can be worn in summer?

Long line type of this attire goes well in summer and you still maintain the style. You also have an option to try it with tight fitted tees. Choose light colored pants and vest like grey or white and complete the look with a pair of loafers. Pair it up with shorts will make a perfect combo during this season.


Accessories make your look complete. Men can wear a pair of black sunglasses; hat and wear a wrist watch when you wear this attire.

Green is quite a tricky color and you need to find clothes in appropriate shades to complement green. Actually it is one of the most under rated color; so it's time to discover the versatility of the color. Men can bring out their own signature style through this shade and you can stand apart from the crowd pulling off an appealing look.

Go green! Olive and mint shades are dominating this year fall season.

Different ways to complement an olive green vest

  • You can wear the vest over a plaid or striped shirt and pair it up with booties
  • It goes well when worn with a leather jacket
  • You can feel warm when you wear it over a sweater.
  • It can be a casual wear by pairing it with a simple tee and pair of jeans or sneakers.
  • Olive shades look chic when you match it with denim clothes.
  • Olive green vest goes well with a suit.

Green has become a trending color and there are ways to carry off it in style. Let us discuss how to pull off this color with ease.

Basics of dress shirt

Men can wear this attire along with a suit or pair of jeans; mint green symbolizes vigor and courage. The color is a combination of green and turquoise. This is a new emerging color and you find accessories to match with your attire in the same color quite easily. Mint green is a lovely color which can be worn for any occasion. You can wear it for an evening walk or when you want to stand out in the crowd in a gathering or a party, opt for this shade to become centre of attraction. It is a button-up shirt designed with a collar, long sleeves, and wrist cuffs. The material is usually cotton fabric.

How to complement the mint green color?

  • It can be matched with pastel colors like beige, white. If you like to choose to complement it with bold colors, go for navy shades.
  • Pair it up with neon colored accessories like orange, yellow to give a balanced look.
  • White pants will look great with a sweater of this shade along with a white trench coat or jacket will be pleasing.
  • You can wear the same color to give an exciting finish.
  • Pastel mint colored jeans and shorts are trending and you can complement it with a solid colored tee. Complete your look with a mint colored accessory like watch, or choose metallic accessories
  • To pull off a retro style, mint green is an apt choice.
  • Black is a solid addition with mint green in spring and summer seasons.
  • It goes well with a pair of jeans or shorts and a solid shade cotton tee.
  • Go for a Grey or navy or khaki colored suits that can be matched with a mint colored tie which can be printed or bow type.
  • Choose a tee of this shade and wear a sweater in dark green.
  • This hue looks fabulous when you pair it up with lavender
  • This color is commonly worn for beach outing
  • Mint colored shorts are in trend, they are commonly worn with a white linen shirt.

How should men wear a Mint green dress shirt?

It is such a vibrant color and you have different options to complement this outfit.
  • It goes well with a brown, blue or gray suitand a tie.
  • This shade goes well with brown velvet blazer and pair of navy jeans.
  • To pull off a really dapper look, gentlemen can choose beige colored blazer, white chinos and accessorize with brown bracelet.
  • For a professional look, choose a polka dotted tie and grey blazer.
  • Choose a black vertical suit with a red colored tie.
  • Three piece suits with a polka dotted tie can be worn along with this outfit


  • Bowties, cufflinks and tie fasteners are commonly purchased along with this attire.
  • A slightly dark mint colored shoes will pull off a rich look when you pair with navy blue jeans

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