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With an initiation from Tie to suits, the brand of Steven Land has always been a matter of uniqueness; be it the fabric, the stitch or the detailing, everything stands out. This piece of writing will bring out some of the most interesting factors about Steven Land suits along with the history of the brand.

steven land suits

Steven Land menswear collection

Steven land tie collection is the main attraction for executive level professionals and casual fashion aficionados. With great attention to uniqueness, modernity, quality, and craftsmanship; be it ties, suits, tuxedos or blazers, Steven Land collection is a mark of sartorial excellence.


It was during 1986; Steven Landman landed the USA, hailing from Israel, he started selling neckties for his brother at the New York City flea markets. The market being a place of refuge for all colonizers, interesting people from different walks of life brought with them their own and unique cultures, backgrounds, and styles. With day-by-day interaction, Landman developed a fellow feeling and urbanized interest in knowing the desires of the general public, their likes and dislikes, irrespective of color, race, and gender. When Landman's sibling inaugurated a New York haberdashery called "Tie One," Landman became a buyer.

Even though there was a sort of development, Steven was embraced of dissatisfaction with all the merchandises and every time he takes delivery of a shipment, he had a gut feeling of making it better the next time. A year passed by, and Landman opened his own tie store in downtown Manhattan and it was named as "The tie gallery". As a matter of fact, the tie gallery paved the way to Landman turning out to be a designer. A different approach is what kept him going with ample amount of success, the difference as in, initially he designed ties from women's fabrics mainly from floral materials and jacquards. This was done on a very small scale basis and until he began marketing his designs at trade shows. Having shared a tiny space at one of his friend's display tooth, he managed to sell 18000 units the very first day. Subsequent to this sale at the trade show, Landman found his first design house during the year of 1990 and named it as 'Aniva'. During 1991, a shrewd associate of Landman recommended him to make use of his own name for the venture. Having given a thought to it, Landman anglicized his name to Steven land and from then on, his designs were tagged as Steven Land.

Later, the name Steven Land spread everywhere and he became the top most familiar haberdasheries across the globe. The design philosophy of Steven Land is very simple, what made it stand out were the freshness and the cutting-edge tactics of fashion. The Big knot tie is Steve.L's initiation and the best part about is that; it is the only tie house to be endorsed by "Swarovski" to bring into play its world-famous crystals exclusively for Steven Land. Over a period of time, amplifying success defined him and all other tie houses were copying Land's design philosophy, however, with even more progressive-thinking S.Land tie house was outsmarting others. While all tie houses were buying from mills, Steven land designs were done in-house with the co-operation of skilled designers and artists; right from color, to fabric, to design shells, everything was a matter of exclusivity. Not all fashion brands outsmart their identity, but as you wear a Steven Land tie, there is no one who can fail to identify it.

Whether you are building up your wardrobe or planning to upgrade it, your closet is never complete with Steven Land collections. Shop the entire collection now at suits. We are one of the largest Steven Land Retailers offering you a range of Land's collection including dress shirts, neckties, bow ties, dress shoes, exotic shoes, cuff links, and more.

The specialty of Steven Land's dress collection is that the company has its own in-house artists and designers who weave fabrics and then design according to the fashion needs of the customers. The extraordinarily striking and unique Steven land clothing line covers the full range of clothing that is apt for almost all types of occasions. Having said all that, S.Land's collection will definitely give every man an array of choices that will not only make him look good but also make him feel great, while also turning heads wherever he goes.

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