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Footwear that people wear today comes in varieties of designs, styles, colors, and heels. Before going into the intrinsic details of various types of footwear styles let us first explore the interesting history of vintage footwear that was worn by ancient men. Archeological evidence and findings show that footwear that was made out of leather was worn during the Chalcolithic period which is somewhere around 5000 BCE. 

The Romans communicated their power and prowess by wearing footwear and colorful dresses. The Roman rulers considered foot and clothes as signs of power and status in society. During the middle ages, elite men demonstrated their power by wearing high-heeled shoes. Cave paintings of the 18th century clearly show that judges, prosecutors, and socially elite sections wore shoes to show their power and status. 

Chopine's shoes became highly popular during the 15th century and elite sections of the society living in Venice and most parts of Europe wore chopines and grandly communicated their presence. High-heeled shoes became highly popular after royalty such as Mary I of England and Catherine de Medici wore these types of footwear and uniquely projected their status. 

When loafers were introduced to the world?

It is imperative to note that Mens loafers that are worn by both common, as well as elite sections, are also a type of shoes. Unlike leather shoes, it comes with flat heel and without laces. It usually looks like cut shoes that are worn even now by men all over the world. The loafers that were manufactured and sold by Bass Weejun during 1936 gained worldwide popularity and it can be presumed that the Mens loafers that came from the factories of Bass Weejun 1936 were the first-ever loafer types of shoes. 

After it gained popularity local as well as international competitors came out with varieties of styles like Penny loafers and sold them throughout the world. 

What are the types of loafer style?

When it comes to Mens loafers there are varieties of styles, patterns, souls, and designs. Listed below are some of the best styles that come with fantastic fabric and style.

Espadrille Mens loafers  

It is worth understanding that Espadrille Mens Loafers originated in the country of Spain and fashion men living in this country are still wearing varieties of espadrille loafer. This casual shoe can be worn during all the seasons. If you are readying for a beachside strolling then you can wear this Mens Loafers and create a statement. 

  • Driving Mens loafers

 This ultramodern driving loafer is a slip-on that provides extra grip on the car's pedal. You can drive happily and reach your destination safely when you wear this loafer that comes with sleek and stylish looks. 

  • Men's brown dress loafers

This slip-on shoe goes well with suits, coats, jackets, blazers, and all other dress materials. It comes with perfect craftsmanship and following details and embellishments.

  1. Ostrich leather 
  2. Dual stitching 
  3. High-heels without lace
  4. Shiny brown color

You can wear it for weddings, proms, and evening parties and semi-formal functions.

  • Zota Men's loafers 

 This Italian style ZotaMens Loafersthat comes with side buckle, leather, and taupe color is branded shoes that you can wear for all types of ceremonies, functions, events, and celebration. Men will get that elite look when they wear the loafers for dating and outing. 

  • Tassel Men's loafers

 This fashionable and decorative slip-on shoe comes with knotted or frayed laces that will showcase the wearer in the limelight. Laces come with a stylish design that will leave the wearer spellbound. It is a classic matching accessory to bespoke suits. Choose the right color that goes well with most of your formal dress pants. 

  • Men's kiltie loafers

 You can find fringed leather panels that are also referred to as an extended tongue inside the shoes. Mud or foreign objects will not settle inside the shoes when you wear this stylish Mens Loafers. You will look smart and handsome when you wear this slip-on with suits and tuxedos. 

  • Men's Belgian loafers

 Belgian Mens Loaferswhich are popular in the country of Belgium is a hand-stitched slip-on. This shoe that has an interesting history was designed by Henri Bendel and he launched a Belgian shoe boutique in America and popularized this spectacular loafer. This loafer also comes with fray lace and other exotic features. 

  • Men's Horsebit loafers

 During 1953, Aldo Gucci has a new shape to the existing Mens Loafersby including horse snaffle across the vamp and popularized this horsebit shoes in the country. It goes well with all types of colorful suits, tux, jeans, and pants. 

  • Handwoven Men's basket loafers

This slip-on shoe that comes with a basket weave pattern has front leather tassel and low heel design. You can wear this loafer along with suits, jackets, blazers, and tux and wonderfully showcase your style.

Which color goes well with tuxedo and suits?

It depends upon the color of the dress materials that you choose. The listed ones are creating popular ripples on online channels. 

  • Men's Black Slip on Loafers
  • Rose Gold Men's Loafer
  • Two-Tone Loafers
  • Black Loafer
  • Blue Loafer
  • Brown Loafer
  • Gold Loafer
  • Gray Loafer
  • Green Loafer
  • Ivory Loafer

You can also find other popular and impressive colors like cream, white, beige, yellow, mezlan, cognac, red, and purple that goes well with all types of men's outfit. You should decide to buy dozens of well-constructed and stylish loafers since you may have to wear it for parties, weddings, casual gatherings and functions.

Always show your measurements and sizes to the seller so that you can confidently wear it after purchasing from him. You should educate yourself and also inspect the Mens Loafers physically before buying it. Never buy the product immediately and inspect the materials and features before taking the next critical buying decision.

How to wear loafers perfectly with jeans and suits?

Loafers are essential staples in gentlemen's wardrobe. You have to consider various critical factors before buying a set of loafers from online shops. Westerners especially men who live in the country of the USA and Canada love wearing loafers with jeans and denim without socks. If you are planning to wear short and sexy jeans for the upcoming event then match it with solid loafers. Loafers do not go well with the baggy type of jeans and pants. 

  • Loafers with single and double-breasted jackets

Men who are attending formal meetings and conferences should wear brown or black Mens Loafers along with blue jeans, black or green double-breasted blazer, sunglasses, and a white dress shirt. You will not only get that sharp and attractive look but you will get hundreds of fan followers immediately. 

  • Loafers with shorts and joggers

If you are longing to get that semi-formal look for the summer, then you should wear jeans or cotton shorts and complement them with loafers, sunglasses and casual belt. You will get that polished and decent casual look when you wear these outfits. 

  • Loafers with chinos 

 You will get that more relaxed and upbeat look when you wear loafers with chinos. You can wear this combo for casual meetings, outing, dating, and other functions. Fashion dudes can classically underline their presence when they wear loafers with chinos and shorts. You can pair black Mens Loafers with white, brown, green, gray, and blue chinos and flaunt with utmost style. 

If you are planning to wear sweaters, T-shirts, crew shirts and other informal shirts then you
should decide to wear loafers. 

What type of materials used while making loafers?

Manufacturers of loafer slip-on shoes use varieties of animal skins during processing. Some of the animal skins that are used for making loafers are listed below

  • Alligator skin men's loafers
  • Crocodile men's loafers
  • Leather men's loafers
  • Ostrich men's loafers
  • Sharkskin men's loafers
  • Zelli men's loafers

Sharkskin loafers are highly popular everywhere since it comes with genuine shark and calf leather. It also has a traction-molded rubber sole for better grip and mobility. 

Where can I find big and tall men's loafers?

There are reputed online footwear shops that sell big and tall men's loafers at best prices. Click here to get the names and addresses of some of the best online footwear shops that sell big and tall loafers at best prices, Tall guys should confirm whether the product comes with following features

- Stitched detailing
- Suede upper
- Rubber sole
Six-footers should choose the shoe size section and choose the sub-category namely big and tall or click the large size. 

Can men wear loafers throughout the year?

Loafers that you see in the footwear shops can be worn throughout the year since it goes well with formal as well as not-so-formal dresses. Even though you can wear loafers throughout the year still there are certain factors that you should consider. Choose the styles according to the prevailing temperatures and seasons. During a hot and humid summer, it is better to wear summer loafers since they come with airy features. You can find sexy and impressively crafted loafers for all the four seasons. You should not wear loafers for closed-door meetings or high-level meetings since it falls under the category of casual shoes. 

Are loafer timeless pieces and critical wardrobe accessories?

Men and women who are aiming to get that street style look should decide to wear black or green colored loafers and socks. Both male and female models are seen wearing trendy loafers during catwalk and other fashion shows. From this study, one can conclude that loafers are timeless footwear. It finds an important place in the year 2020 since millions of men will start wearing colorful and trendy loafers for various functions, celebrations, and festivals and create a huge positive impact. Loafers that are in demand have minimum lace and come with an incredible finish. 

How to select the best online footwear shops?

You have to do plenty of online research and survey and find out some of the best online footwear shops that follow best business and service standards. Click here to get complete info about the online shops in the country of the USA that offers best discounts, deal and personalized services to all types of customers.
Shoppers should also explore the reviews, ratings, feedback, and testimonials before filtering the best footwear shops. Reputed sellers will also offer free express delivery to local clients and build the best rapport. 

What are the factors to consider before buying the loafers?

Listed below are the critical factors that you should consider before buying best loafers

  • Understand your needs and purposes

Adult men who wear formal suits, coats, blazers, tux, and jackets regularly and focus seriously on formal dress codes should stay away from loafers since they fall under the casual footwear category. People do not wear socks when they wear short jeans and chinos. But if they are readying for semi-formal meetings or business review meetings then they should wear branded socks. 

  • Assess and analyze the quality of the brands

You should always assess and analyze the international quality certifications, awards, and recognition of the sellers before taking the next step.

  • Loafers cost price

 Unlike before branded and colorful loafers come at the cheapest prices. You can also enjoy bulk discounts, replacement warranty, and other deals when you choose the best shops.

  • Use price-comparison chart and aggregator site

 If you are a responsible and cost-conscious customer then you should explore the price comparison chart and also aggregator website before taking the next measure. 

You have to maintain the loafers properly since they may face irreparable loss when they suffer from damages and destruction. Clean and polish the loafers regularly and wear them after thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior parts. You should also keep the highly-priced loafers in proper storage space. 

Carefully and diligently analyze the sizes, designs, patterns, brand, and colors before buying the best loafers. You can also wear loafers along with a tailored outfit, readymade suits, and trendy jeans. You will look like a smart gentleman the moment you wear stylish dress shirts, corduroy jeans, and quality loafers.