A Guide to Common Men's Slim Fit Suit Features
Mens Slim Fit Suits
Silver Grey Slim Fit Men 2 Button Notch Lapel Double Vented Suit $199
Two Button Notch Lapel Slim Fit Men 3 Piece Vested Silver Grey Suit $199
Mens Silver Tonic Dress Suit with Contrast Black Marcella Shawl Collar $225

Mens 2 Button Silver Shawl Lapel Slim Fit Tuxedo $175
Mens Shiny Sharkskin Silver Grey ~ Gray With Black Trim Tuxedo Suits Jacket Blazer $250
Men's Silver Two Piece Slim Cut Sharkskin Suit $139

2 Button Peak Lapel Suit Dark Charcoal Gray tapered slim fitted cut $139
Men's Slim Fit Black 2-button cheap discounted Suit $109

3 piece suitThere are basically three types of suit fittings namely the classic fit, modern fit and slim fit. To look more elegant and professional, people opt for the traditional classic fit. To look trendy with much design, people go for modern suits.  But, if one wants to look sleek and stylish, slim fit is the perfect match for them. These kinds of suits can be used only by those who are slim and fit and for those who maintain their body physique. In this type, extra cloth around the waist is removed to make it pull around the rib in giving a perfect fit to the body. While choosing a slim fit suit , one should be careful about the size because if the wrong size is selected then the full stylish sleek look will be lost.

If the suit size is too short, it will make the user to feel very uncomfortable and if it is too loose then there is no meaning in buying a slim fit. Therefore, one must be keen in selecting the size of the slim suit. In this type point-to-point shoulder measurement is taken along with its tapering waist and softer shoulder pads are available to provide good comfort. Generally, other types of suit come with three buttons but slim fit comes with only two buttons and that too many people prefer using only one button. When coming to pants and trousers, pants are pleated and lined to the knees in other types it is flat fronted and features a lower rise with shorter length.

This suit comes with narrow lapel and it does not make the best choice for people with broad waist and muscular shoulders. People who look thinner always prefer for baggy suit to hide their skinny physique and so Slim fit was designed especially for them to cover their slenderness. There are many skillful tailors who are specialized in tailoring slim fit suits and they stitch the exact size of suit what you need, creating a slimmer effect on your body. If one spends a good amount of time in trying different styles with different accessories, slim fit suit can make a man look marvelous.

There is no doubt that slim fit suits can give you the classy look but if it does not suit your size, just opt it out. If you feel difficult to stretch and bend with this suit on or if you have a weird kind of feeling when you move your arms, then it is not a wise decision in choosing this kind of suit. The wool that they use in manufacturing is of very high quality which has the capability to come back to its original shape after been crushed. The accessories also play a major role in making a man look stunning. One can wear a shirt or a V-shaped t-shirt according to the kind of occasion. A cummerbund goes well with slim suit especially a red one on a white suit makes it look adorable. Ties and bows should be matched properly to the color of the shirt. Glossy polished shoes are must for a professional look. As slim suit balances between the classic and the modern, it makes man attractive and draws everyone attention towards him.

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