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The stunning three piece suit

SuitUSA The stunning three piece suit A three piece suit is one of the most stylish and versatile clothing a man can own. The attire is actually the matched outgrowth of the waist coat and the jacket.
Three piece suits
Classic Sharkskin 3PC 3 Button Black Tone On Tone Stripe ~ Pinstripe Mens three piece suit $139
Peak Pointed English Style Lapel Men's Tan ~ Beige Tonal Glen Plaid Vested three piece suit $175
2 Button Heather Charcoal Suit with a Vest Super 150's Italian Wool Pick Stitched Lapel Slanted Pocket $189
Tuxedo Black Pink Trim Microfiber Two Button Notch 5-Piece $585
Men's 2 Button Window Pane Glen Plaid Patterned Vested 3PC Suit Taupe $185
Men's 3 Piece Cream Luxurious Wool Feel Herring Bone Stripe 35" Jacket $139
High Fashion Men's 2 Button Black Suit $175
Men's 3 Piece Wool Feel Classic Suit– Wheat Sand Khaki Beige $175

A three piece suit is one of the most stylish and versatile clothing a man can own. The attire is actually the matched outgrowth of the waist coat and the jacket. The jacket, waist coat and trousers of the men’s three piece suit are made from same fabrics and lining. These ravishing apparels were common until World War II, later lost their prominence, but now they are back in vogue. The men’s increasing taste to dress smarter called for three piece suits. This striking outfit is one of the treasured assets to any stylish man’s wardrobe.

three piece suit

Pros of three piece suit:
The three piece suits are great for men and make them stand out in a crowd. The smooth drape of the cloth outlines men’s masculine features and renders a balanced appearance. A Three piece suit can instantly become a two piece suit through the simple expedient of leaving the waist coat undressed. It sacrifices no versatility for its elegance.

Fitting of the three piece suit:
The perfect fitting of the bench mark garment is attained through the proper measurements and proportions of the skillful master tailors. Though, the waist coat is usually hidden beneath the jacket, the fit should be appropriate. The waist band of the trousers must be completely covered by the vest. Any visible part of the dress shirt around the waist will destroy the overall sleek appearance of the suit, so make sure that the shirt is properly tucked in. It is much recommended to wear suspenders instead of belt, since belt causes bulging of waist coat that will end up in absurd look. For more elegance the top of the vest should be high enough to be visible when the jacket is buttoned. In order to restrict the constricted appearance of the chest, ample portion of neck tie must be left visible.

The well fitted waist coat features distinct waist and it should get skimmed in wearer’s body. Most of the vests are provided with adjustable strap at the back for comfortable wearing. Thus, it is a user friendly apparel that is known for its supreme fitting and distinct elegance.

How to wear three piece suits:
The formality of the outfit lies in its neck tie. Only few inches of the tie are visible, when it is worn with waist coat, so extra care should be taken while tying the knot of the tie. Make sure that your tie does not create a bulge under the front of the vest and its end not sticks to the bottom of the waist coat. Matching of the waist coat with the trousers and jacket bring high degree of formality to the attire. Suits with contrasting waist coats also render elegant appearance, if the colors are chosen appropriately.

Suit USA offers wide variety of white three piece suit and help the fashion forward men to add class and formality to their dress wardrobe. Suit USA remains as a prized asset in fashion industry and plays significant role in styling young men.

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