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Zoot Suit for KidsThe history of origin of zoot suits is pretty unclear. They date back to several decades. And exact details of when it was originally developed can never be precisely found. However, we can say that zoot suits were very famous during the 1940’s. These suits have a vast and weird history where it brings both fashion world and political world together. Thus thanks to its reputation, as it is considered to be prestigious to own one or even wear one. It is an example of early sub-cultural style and thus indeed an example of dressing style. The style was later acquired in the late 1990’s by V&A textiles and dress department as a distinctive dress which also represents critical moment in the history of race relations. In the early 1940’s it was welcomed pretty well in the urban areas of North America. It was quickly adapted and became strongly associated with working class black people and Hispanic and Filipino men. And those ages were pretty difficult times in terms of Mafia and racism that existed amidst the social omens.

This suit typically consists of a long handed jacket with wide lapels, padded shoulders and high waist, wide legged, tight cuffed pegged trousers worn with a flat crowned wide brimmed hat. The men typically had thick duck-tail hair style, thick soled pointed shoes and a long watch chain buckled to their coat going inside their coat side pockets. People who wore these suits also carried them around with some level of attitude which immediately became a social topic and many novels and movies adapted them and projected the dangerous times. Much worse it was the same time, when World War II was fought.

Zoot suitsThe replica adopted by V&A was based on the famous zoot suit worn by Cab Calloway in the high profile 20th century fox film “Stormy Weather”. The self confidence and assertiveness shown by people who wore these suits, most of them who were from poverty struck regions or underwent racial discrimination, kindled the fire amidst the hearts of many. Such is the spellbound notion it carries along. It makes you look classy, elegant, stylish and respectable. There is no doubt regarding the awesomeness you would carry around whilst wearing this suit and people would simply stay awestruck.

These suits are strongly connected with the name Harold C. Fox, a Chicago clothier and big-band trumpeter, Louis Lettes, a Memphis tailor, and Nathan Elkus, a Detroit retailer. They gained popularity in the Harlem Jazz culture during the late 1930’s where they were initially named as drapes. The riots in Los Angeles during World War II was specially named after the suit and commonly known as Zoot suit riots. The essence and the importance of owning such a suit is certainly indescribable. But nonetheless, it is considered to be very precious. These suits are especially available in SuitUSA. This site is a very reputable site and there is no question about the quality of suits they have been selling for years now. They have various designs, styles and other suit models as well.

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