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French Blue Suit

French blue suits are one of the most preferred color suits for most of the men. Blue is a color which represents elegance, intelligence and authority. The color itself speaks a lot for us; French blue is a very beautiful smoky color of blue. It gives an unknown confidence to the wearer, usually when you wear a good outfit you get so much confidence out of nowhere.French blue men suits are a trending worldwide and there are a lot of men who even consider it to be most favorite color suit. Not only it is preferred by men but also French blue women's suit is also preferred by a lot of women around the world.

Single breasted French blue men suits are the most suitable and preferred by a lot of them. But in the modern days even 2 or 3 button French blue men suits are considered okay for a formal wear. Pair your French blue men suit with a white shirt and with a well polished pair of shoes, and also add the required accessories. Blue is a royal color which emits a great amount of luxury and richness from the wearer. French blue is very suitable for any skin tone; you can definitely go for this color without any hesitation.

French Dark blue suits are perfect for the formal events, as there are certain rules set for dress up for a formal event. Very bright colors should be avoided for a formal event, as we all know that black suits are the most formal suit, so something which is closer to it can be worn. Dark French blue men suits tend to look even darker under the artificial lighting and would look bright under the natural lighting. It can be worn at any time of the day and still pull off the looks. Never dress up inappropriately, if you are underdressed for an event it will be considered as disrespecting the dress code.

Paisley Blue suit When you add fine accessories to your look it helps to enhance the whole look. Accessories like neck tie, pocket square, tie pin, cufflinks, lapel pin can elevate your fashion and looks. A neck tie should choose a tie which will go well with the suit, if the suit is patterned it is safest to go with a solid contrasting tie. But if you have a very good eye for matching them you can definitely for a patterned tie as well. If the neck tie has multiple color just make sure that the remaining outfit is matching one of those many colors. There are many types of pattern in neck ties such as solid, check, paisley, dots, twill and stripes are some of the many.

A pocket square is a piece of cloth which will enhance the look of the suit coat. Always keep this in your mind while dressing up in a suit or tuxedo, the coat and your pocket square should never match each other. The pocket square must always be in a contrast color, if you are wearing a French paisley blue suit then have a solid but in contrasting color. If you are wearing a neck tie you can match your neck tie with the pocket square. A tie pin is worn to keep your tie on place, if you don't want your tie to swinging and flying from where it should stay you can consider wearing it. You just have to clip the tie with the shirt; there are a lot of designs for the tie pin so that you can add more details to your look. You just have to pick a design which will be relevant for your looks, you cannot attend a formal event with a weird looking tie pin and instead you can wear them for a casual event where formality isn't required.

Never ever try to reduce the formality when you dress up when you are invited for a formal event it is important that you should show up in a formal outfit. For a casual event or a business event you can pair up your French blue suit jacket with a casual shirt and mismatch pants. Cufflinks are small accessories but they add a lot of detail to the cuff of your shirt. Pick a very elegant and modern style of cufflinks for your looks; it will help you to maintain a classic look. You can also wear a lapel pin unless you have to wear it or it is not a necessary for your looks. Do not over do your looks because when you do that you might end up messing the whole look, so keep it subtle and elegant. A matching vest is very essential for a 3 piece French blue men suit; it helps you to add formality to your look.
Two button blue Jacket
If you want to pull off a casual look you can pair a turtleneck t-shirt with your 2 piece French blue men suit. It gives a more relaxed look than being formal andstiff. The color of the turtleneck t-shirt can be dark or light unless they match the suit well. You can finish your classic look with a pair of brown derby shoes.Brown shoes match well for the blue suits well more than the black shoes. It is best suitable for any tone, any shade of the French blue suit. A watch can beworn if you are always on the run, watches are very important to keep track of your time.

The French blue slim fit suit is the perfect choice for any type of the body as they fit closer to the body and drapes well. It gives a perfect look to the wearer and it also makes the wearer look taller and thinner than usual. The fabric of the French blue men suit is also equally important.The high quality wool French blue men suit is the most preferred among most men. The wool has great properties like absorbent, durable, breathable, insulating, natural making it a perfect type of suit. They are also perfect for any season; thus, investing on a wool French blue suit is a wise choice.